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  1. So my stuff will be returned? I thought it wouldn't be returned and I'd have to send LL a ticket. Oh well, I appreciate all the replies I moved today so no worries now. Thank you all for the help!
  2. Thank you for your help, I appreciate it.
  3. Thank you so much. It is a private region. Do you happen to know how long it takes LL to take the land offline if someone has not paid? A month, 2 months?
  4. So I have been renting land for about a year from a nice lady on her sim. My problem is, she has not been online since Dec, 12th. I have continued to pay rent and have sent her many IMs but no reply from her. Even when not online, she would get her IMs in her email and log in or get back to me ASAP. I'm not sure what has happened to her. I'm concerned about her but also I'd like to know if her tier is not being paid will the land be taken away at some point and if so will my stuff get returned or what happens? Do they hold the items? Will LL give me a notice or not because I'm not owner? I have no way of knowing if the tier is being paid but I'm still paying rent incase she suddenly appears. Any info would be helpful. I hope that I've made sense. Thanks in advance.
  5. Same issue and the clock error. Weird.
  6. Found someone, thank you all who IMed me, I appreciate it
  7. Hello, I am looking for someone who does cool profile pics or even a facebook header. I have no idea how I want it to look but I am open to anything. Please IM in world with your rates if you are interested. My SL name is Fairuzab Resident. Thank you!
  8. Hello, my husband and I have a few zooby babies of all stages. We are looking for other parents who would like to set up some play dates. We have lots of toys at our home or we could go to yours or even the park. If you are interested please IM fairuzab Resident in world! Thank you
  9. Hi, can anyone tell me if their community has a grocery store in it? The kind where you can actually put things in a cart or basket and then pay for them with town money or lindens. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi, I am looking for a family rp community that is not huge and has a few families with zooby babies, maybe even have a day care but not necessary. Thanks in advance.
  11. I'm an adult female avi looking for parents or a single parent. I have zooby kids that I'd love to have grandparents for, to visit them or have them visit us. I have my own home and I'm self sufficient. I've never had an SL family except for the zooby babies so I'm not really sure what to expect. It doesn't have to be an every day thing, can be a few times a week or so. I don't mind siblings or other family members. I'm on SLT and on mostly mornings and some afternoons. Message me in SL if you are interested or would like to know more about me. Thanks for reading!
  12. Hello I am posting for a friend of mine who is very new to SL. I hope this is posted in the right place. I just came back from a long break and I have been trying to help him with his eyelashes but no matter what we do they stay white. We have tried different eyes, skins, shapes and nothing changed them. If anyone could help or suggest something to try, we would really appreciate it. Thank you!
  13. Yes, maybe I did misunderstand haha sorry about that!
  14. Hi Phil, I notice the same handful of trolls that bully people on the forums and I rarely come here. I'm sure their E-peens are large and hard since this thread is all about them and it's 25 pages! lol But yeah I know people in world that will not post here because they will be attacked for various reasons and that's not right. It's sad that people feel the need to put others down on a public forum. How hard is it to treat others with kindness and respect?
  15. Summer Tison wrote: Alicia Sautereau wrote: Summer Tison wrote: Alicia Sautereau wrote: Summer Tison wrote: Viscar wrote: I never know what women mean when they say "I want a nice guy". Does nice mean a guy who doesn't just go looking for sex? "nice" is not very specific. I may be wrong but I think what most women want is is strong, confident, decent, caring, and romantic man. A lot of guys think that their "nice". But those guys shouldn't confuse lack of confidence, self-esteem, and insecurity as being "nice". Oops...I'm babbling You're partly right, but you missed out funny and intelligent too..and not too heavy on the romance, it can feel suffocating (or maybe that's just my take on it). Nice, funny and intelligent in one sentance usually adds anonymity&cheater aswell I was trying to educate a man in what a woman wants..That's why I omitted to add anonymity and cheating to the list :smileywink: Keep on posting then as I`m still clueless aswell I could post it over and over, it's just a pipe dream. Nobody can be everything, but I'd settle for funny, smart and trustworthy. Actually what am I saying? I don't want a man, sometimes I think I do, then I sober up. :matte-motes-wink-tongue: I have to disagree, it's not just a pipe dream. If you find the right person they can be everything, there is no reason to settle.
  16. Let me know if you see Jon Snow or Jaime Lannister!
  17. How long is she visiting for? You don't have time to take her at all? No other family members or a close trusted friend can take her? Is it very far from where you live?
  18. Faliha wrote: I think it was a mistake to write here, could someone please close the thread? It's not a mistake to write here. Some people are just asshats and they like to force their opinions on others. Just ignore them and enjoy your SL.
  19. Why not offer to take her shopping or send her some gifts?
  20. lol, it's your SL so do what you want!
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