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  1. "I think that all right-thinking people in this country are sick and tired of being told that ordinary decent people are fed up in this country with being sick and tired. I'm certainly not. But I'm sick and tired of being told that I am." Sorry........ couldn't resist
  2. Rhonda Huntress wrote: Ranyart wrote: Although mature doesn't always equate to age... If someone says there is a Bulbasore just outside of the video conference room and I leave my dentures at my desk while I race the millennials upstairs to catch it ... does that make me immature? Not at all! Unless you lock them in the room before heading upstairs....... and besides, I didn't get this old by making a habit of telling ANY woman she's wrong.
  3. While I agree for the most part with the other posts I do find that I often have more in common with other mature people in sl. Although mature doesn't always equate to age... . As for meeting others it depends a good deal on the places you visit. Classic Rock , Jazz or Formal venues for example, will tend to have more mature people than say a Techno or Hip Hop club when visiting music venues. The same goes for other sims. Chances are if you find some places that you really like you will meet others that have common interests regardless of age. I would suggest some places but my tastes may be different than yours. One suggestion if you haven't done so already is to type in search some topics that interest you then teleport to a few that show in search. Some sims are fairly empty at certain times and days so you might consider revisiting them at another time if you like the looks and/or the feel of a place.
  4. Tari, I you expressed my point of view more eloquently than I did. Or at least where I was coming from at the thought of finding a way to mention it. Please don't get me wrong people, I light up when I see her avi...... shoes and all. Methinks we'll be doing a lot of beach and water activities. .......... grins
  5. Lol... yep, I KNOW I'm keeping my mouth shut. It's interesting that although I tried to be careful on my wording and kept saying how beautiful she is to me that several have interpeted it as "it is weighing on my mind" or wondering why I partnered in the first place. It shows that even when trying to be careful and considerate of anothers feelings things can be misunderstood or interpeted differently. Even by someone as intelligent as some of you responders here..... grins I just have always hated those freebie shoes. I don't dwell on it, but every now and then when I can move my starstruck eyes from hers I notice them and had thought I might find a way to mention it. But I didn't get to live this long by making too many stupid comments to a lady ( no matter how well intentioned ) so my thought was to ask for some input. And again, many thanks to you that did. And Summer, I appreciate the advise...... duly noted, lol
  6. Thanks for the input so far. And yes, even though I posted to ask for input it is not really a big deal to me. As I said what is behind the avi is one of the most beautiful things in the world to me. But also I can't help the fact that there are times when as a man I may have a different view than a woman, so views from a feminine perspective can be helpful as it has been here. Strongly leaning toward just keeping my mouth shut. And dwelling on just how lucky I am to have her favor..... Really appreciate the feedback. Thank you
  7. I kind of feel a little shallow to be even asking for input on this but I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions for ways to bring up the subject of avatar appearance with someone who is close to you. I adore my sl mate and the best looking avi in sl is nothing without someone of character behind it. But I do like attention to detail and though she has been in sl over 6 months she wears those freebie shoes with the distorted feet and an avi that I think is also a freebie and doesn't do her justice. But something like one's avi is such a personal choice that I don't ever want to take a chance of offending her or have her think she is anything but number one in my eyes. And I honestly don't know it her choice is the one she felt the most connection with or simply the least unattractive one in a pile of free skins. It's not a great big deal. And the visual is not super important, but I can't deny that it would be nice to see her avi looking a little closer to the wonderful woman she really is. I bought her a very nice gown and then suggested we need to get her new shoes to go with it but she just changed to another pair of those horrible freebie ones. So far the subtle approach isn't working.... grins. We talk freely about everything and a more understanding person I have yet to meet. I'm sure I'm being overly cautious about this but would appreciate any feedback on ways to bring up the subject.
  8. Although I do have friends of different ages, I have to agree that it is nice to meet others with an age somewhat closer to mine. And if one is looking for someone to share common interests with they are more likely to find that with a person closer to their age than someone 20 or more years younger. In the case of the OP, being as intelligent and pleasant as she is I have no doubt she could hold her own with anyone or anyplace she went. I suspect it is more a matter of comfort
  9. In the interest of fair play I have to say my experience was not at all like the one the last post describes. I am not a member there but have visited about 5 times now and each time was made to feel welcome.
  10. I think that all Orlalee was getting at was she was looking for a companion where cyber sex was not the foundation of the relationship. You know.....in my view she may be on to something.
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