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  1. oh just simply typing animation when your avi is typing, you know.
  2. Is there a simplified script for typing animation and typing sound? Thank you in advance!
  3. From my own exeprience, it has to do with your 'keyword box.' If you write something unrelated to your product, LL will remove your product as soon as possible under the title of spamming.
  4. Oh yeahhh, I totally agree with your list. It's like customers turn to the review system as their ultimate customer right to put down the sellers. I can think of one solution to prevent this "unjustified one-star review," which affects the shop in a negative way. <The gist> A customer won't be able to upload the raw-version of the review unless the seller approves of it first. The notification of a customer's review sends to the seller for approval, but instead of just an approval, it's a simplified menu with a simple question that the seller can click: "Have the customer asked for help?" [ Yes ] [ No ] Once the seller selects one of the options, the review uploads on the MP but with the seller's selection of the approval. So the review with the seller's [No] approval would be posted with an icon that symbolizes 'unauthorized complaint.' So that other customers would notice this review was written without the appropriation. I know it can sound a little too much of a hassle in customer's shoes but, as much as they suffer being customers, the sellers suffer as well.... SL coulda done something about this problem....
  5. Well, here is a little something in that consideration. I was in some beach full of naked people, and basically I was there to take some pictures of my avi for the sake of the landscape in that sim (beautiful sim btw).... and for the fact I was playing with the climate and lights around my avi, I was wearing facelight (moderate intensity). I was standing at the shore away from a bunch of people standing, and this guy started yelling at me (local chat). "OH GOD PLEASE, I HATE FACELIGHT!!!!" So, for the first couple of minutes, I didnt notice the chat. "HEY DUDE, CAN YOU GET THAT **bleep** OFF!! IT MAKES MY COMPUTER LAG FKN MUCH!" So I finally noticed his roar and I asked him does this really bother him because my computer isnt lagging at all. If i was i would, and I said I will turn it off soon, just give me 2 minutes cos I just had 3 shots left. But Oh No, god no, he was going nuts on me like he's going down with the ship or something. He said he hates people with facelight because it mainly causes lag, and his setting was on Ultra so he doesnt need those 'unnecessary lights around him.' But that's his story and we all share this one big world, Second Life, and eventually I turned it off as I accelerated the process and I apologised to him and left the scene, even though he was very rude to me. My point is that I do understand that you wouldnt tolerate all the unnecessary visuals clashing with your logics, but making derogatory remarks in someone else's shop who possibly has been working their heads off to maintain the shop is just an immature attitude. You coulda asked the seller about the lights and opened a discussion about it hopefully end with a solution to fix the visuals on your computer. I seriously think we all should respect other people's work, at least we can try to see the other side of technology, esp as far as SL is concerned... and let me tell you that angry customers are one thing that sellers have to deal with, but insulting customers are just....come on
  6. Deja Letov wrote: Well no matter what you post, people responding are going to respond in whatever matter they want. it's the way of life in the forums unfortunately. And I didn't say you had derogatory remarks about customers...I said derogatory things in your profile. Look it up online: "Derogatory - offensive, uncomplimentary". Based on what was in your profile, some people would call that derogatory. Yeah again with English lesson lmao it's so funny to me that most of the people here assume the others are dumb. Ok well, I'll just laugh it off because you have my partial agreement about what you just said, but at the same time I don't really feel like going tippy toe about how people might think of me based on something I happened to write on my profile that isn't really serious or derogatory as you put it. Why is that derogatory if someone's quote has nothing to do with you to begin with, or anybody. Then why do you even listen to heavy metal or hard rock in the first place when all they yell about is hate. Hope you don't get confused between being offensive and being juvenile. If someone looks at a merchant's profile and spots phrases like 'destroy life' or 'life in pain' etc, and decides not to deal with the merchant's shop based on the profile, that's his own judgmental point of view. What if the shop's concept was latex or hardcore apparatus or adult contents? That might be the owner's general interests being hardcore whether it's SL or RL. I'd accept it as a part of the artist, not a suit who's being offensive that insinuates his/her potential manner toward their customers. So many people say, "SL is just SL, separate from RL," and they go shockbunny when they encounter somebody's so-called derogatory profile. Why is that. I don't feel like there's no rule how to keep a shop in SL. Some creators would wanna be called 'Creators,' or 'merchants' or 'shop owners' etc, but I know alot of the others would prefer to be called 'Artists,' even though it's such tough noogies for people to appreciate the ideas behind the virtual goods. What I'm saying is first impression is not the major business in SL, because it's really not worth it.
  7. Yeah, too bad i can't close this down. I've never used Forums before so I thought people'd be a lot more understanding in terms of topics, but yeaa some good tips I appreciate that. It was allll right and I better pay attention to my own group to exchange inner dilemmas than present it to public. I just saw some topics about christianity on forums and now I get the picture why this is called forums.
  8. Yeahhh it was a bad idea opening up something that people avoid talking about in public like this. And somehow this whole thread summed up that it's my fault and I'm a horrible person who has no heart for people lol Actually some of the tips I've got here were very helpful. I tried to clean things up for customers convenience and it's getting better now. I talk to people more and search for the right way to do this. Not to mention, I have more friends to talk about the skills. I know I can be very forward about the things that people don't wanna challenge at the risk of damaging their business by chance, but just cos my principles are expressed as blunt as a bat, it doesn't mean I'm immature about serious things. Thanks for the reply, and hope your business goes toppy as well !
  9. Once again, if you read the whole thread, I was trying to ask people why they keep trying to outsmart about English, not the subject itself. I came here to discuss some sensitive matters and somehow I ended up talking about profiles. My original intention of the thread was how to cope with a particular customer who is impatient to cooperate with the marchant because of his/her language barrier. Alot of people gave me helpful tips how to do this right, and profile was one of them that I was adviced on. What I was puzzled about was why people had to snarl about the poster's way of posting the thread. Just because I made some sensitive point about how some cusomters were from somewhere I don't speak their languages of? All i wanted to talk about was the management skills. And what some people had to do was portraying the negative side of my post when it was really a naive approach to discuss about the subject. Derogatory remarks about customers??? I don't know a single merchant who would do such a thing.
  10. So from what I understand about the discussion you had with your friends how you can "feel" one's personality from this Forums where people don't give others a chance to be nice when it comes to a sensitive subject, Okay, so, I think it's one way to decide whom you wanna buy from because a shop owner's personality comes before your shopping spree, and frankly I think it's very shallow as in surface licking. For the known records in my own personal experience, I've seen many nice shop owners who appeared on Forums and turned out so so horrible with their customer service. I have that experience afew times and now I can't judge someone's wholeness based on one forum thread that was meant to be a shout for help or positive association to better solutions, but turned out to be a nerd on the spot. I'm a very honest guy and I don't do fake stuff just to please others, because it's important for me to stay frank about everything. My profile is a part of who I am and it's really nobody's business what I express on there whether or not I have a shop. If they have a problem with my products, they'd contact me about it, not about my profile. You make it sound like I wrote a bomb threat on there or something loll but I can't avoid the fact that I'm a funny person and I have my days to poke around unnecessary ideas. And what you're saying is I have to be aware of my face in SL just to sell a product to an angry person who happens to live across the ocean and attacks me out of nowhere? I believe in package, too. But I'm a believer in one-to-one relationship. If they feel like judging someone based on a thread on Forums that went awry because of one hypersentivie person made more sense to public because he/she had more admired posts in the past and has more friends to support them? I would never do such a thing. I'd just think it's just a public thing and I could be wrong about that person. I'd definitely give people a chance to be themselves no matter what they wrote on their profiles and how artiful their pictures were. I'm just a guy who refuses to remain a robonic servant to other people's needs, but wanting to be more friendly and conversational so they can enjoy being a customer and probably I'd say bye with an additional gift to make them feel important. Not because they're customers, because I could be in their position as a cusomter one day and I just simply love dealing with them. My general concern is that most of people test the water too much even when it's just fun shopping around, they'd have to look at the owners profiles and say ohh he must be a pissoff cos what he wrote, how he presented himself, he must be horrible and wow look at how stupid he sounds in Forum maybe he could be some kinda illiterate and I'd better tell all my friends his shop's okay but his personality sucks. And have you ever personally certified that person's persona to confirm that issue, no. Most of the time, nope. I don't have to explain to people here how I've been a faithful business venture around here for 2-3 months because It's a growing business and I was concerned about some reocurring issues that I had no one to talk about with. So that's why I came here to start up the subject and all I get is English lesson and how to do the business exactly the way some others do. I don't know it's up to you to judge someone by a cover, in this case forum lol.. but that's kinda superficial way to test the water because I know that people can be alot nicer in person especially when you have a heart to help and an ear to listen. and I'll definitely not say 'Sorry the sale's final, no exchange' when someone's upset about his/her purchse. I'd rather ask them to come over and tell me what the problem is possibly I'll do the best I can to replace the satisfaction, ya know.
  11. Yeah I hear you. I really agree with you that a post would attract all kinds of opinions and expressions, but it's just weird that people see one thing in common in all the replies I see and I guess that's the main culture in Forum world, seriousness and people who wear ties and shiny shoes and speak perfectly.
  12. Well It was about customer service but it was really about the general discussion about interaction with the customers, and how some personal problems evoke from dealing with them so they didn't move my post to there.
  13. Yeah Paula, I feel you. I have this problem since forever...because mostly they are newbies without proper knowledge how to wear stuff. Language barrier is just brutal sometimes.... often times they just push the aggression up against you. That's gottto be a pain in the neck.
  14. Let me ask you a question Luc. Why are you so fixated with the subject of dealing with Non-English speakers? Did I say I treat them differently because of the language barrier? If I had some kinda prejudice against them, how would you describe my eager to help them in a more efficient way or handling method? Please answer those questions... because I'm about to pass out from this thread cos people are so narrow minded about just one subject of this English thing. This is just really stupid in my book. If i saw a post like this, i would straightahead go for the main reason why this person wrote this post, not correcting his grammar or how imperfect he is. I wouldn't judge a bit but hey that's me. I'm only a newcomer to this whole dynamics and you should know better since you seem to have a good sense of this place. I admit I was being casual with my post, and now I'm being punished for being casual? Just because I was being casual with my text, it presents my whole personality and how I treat my customers??? This is ridiculous. You should be aware of your bluntness may give some people like me a wrong impression you're being judgmental and trying to poke the wrong part of the leg. That's all.
  15. Yeah this is a serious issue so I may talk like a business man now. What you're saying is all correct. And as a matter of fact I do not talk like a streeter when it comes to customer service. How many times do I have to explain I was being casual about the post itself? I don't really have an inkling about how other shop owners handle their business mainly because I'm very focused on my own work and creation and handling people, so I just wanted to get the idea what kinda feedbacks I could get from this forum. But yeah, as you can see, what all the people were talking about is English and how important grammar is when it was just a casual thread I opened just for the shop owners who may or may not have the similar experience with some people they had dealt with. And I deleted this post (well removed the text itself) because this had become a battle who's better in English and who isn't. And some personal attack when it shouldn't be that way. I learned in the hard way that people are very mean in general haha. I've never experienced forum dynamics before, so I really didn't know how to deal with all those remarks and comments about the personal matters directed to the thread when the subject is really about other things.
  16. Thanks alot ! I'll look into the link now.
  17. Not argument perhaps but its weird to me that you look at my personal profile n present it to public n say you wrote oh fuk this fuk that, thats gonna affect yer customers. Sure I agree wit you if thats the case. But customers would contact the shop owners no matter not, cos of the products, not based on how the shop owner wrote his profile. Thats just a really ridiculous thing to say. My post is about HOW THEY DONT COOPERATE ME COS THEY HAVE NO PATIENCE TO LISTEN TO ME IN THE FIRST PLACE. Not me, not the owner, not the shop keeper who has no patience. This is like repeating myself over n over n this is so strange !!! lol Yer first few posts were very helpful I appreciated very much. I even copied n pasted em on my memo so I can look at it again, n then idk now I need to change my profile n how i think out loud or how to behave n how to speak properly like a public speaker just becos I have a shop? Im a friendly person no matter how strange my profile might look to some ppl, most of the time ppl dont even look at it. If they did they woulda stumbled upon my feed to look at the pictures. Now I understand this forum is just a personal exposure n set out for flaws becos ppl wanna look at the negative than positive. But I'll really end it up at this point n im sorry if i sounded harsh but take a look at all those ridiculous replies. on top of that now ppl sniff at my profile n say ok Im doing it wrong becos some shyt I wrote, n its gonna affect my personality. well not really.
  18. Okay, first of all, If my profile is obnoxious look at, I'll defo change it back. But i have a social community in SL wit my own groups n friends n I cant just adjust my profile n say 'Good customer service 24/7 Talk to me when you have a problem' like im at the kiosk waiting for ppl to come say hey you suck ! lol My store is for boys. Its very clear to public who my audience is. alot of girls would come n wear those n say, they look manly wit the hair, so thats one complaint I cant do anything about. Ok I'm not gonna start up another argument wit you becos this is becoming like a personal attack for no legit reason. You just wanted to aggravate me for yer own justification. Thats how i get it. I'll delete this post. Thanks for the feedback.
  19. yup again wit my own English lesson....grrrr I speak okay, cos I speak properly when it comes to foreigners. I dont just attack em wit my drunk slangs n wotnot, I just talk this way cos I dont care to look smart to others. Im just me n being friendly. n this is getting ridiculous like Im at a trial giving out my pretext how im not a dumbass or smthing lol..... All i wanted to say is SOME CUSTOMERS ARE RUDE !
  20. oh yeaaa I really agree wit you about drawing a firm line between me n the customers. As a matter of fact, I do not have it yet. I just talk to em like friends n I believe thats where my problem evoked cos some ppl'd wanna abuse the fact that this owner is casual, not so goodie goodie, ya'knowww I wanna have a good memory in SL n create good stuff to share wit others in a fair way, but its getting out of control since you cant filter yer customers from all over the world. all I can do is being polite, patient n doing the best i can to satisfy em. Being a shop keeper I feel like Ive become a begger for forgiveness...lol becos I have to apologise over n over for the malfunctioning products when they are in ready-to-sell good condition. So I had to blame the fact that they dont speak my language n just fire at me cos they are almight customers n worth all 50 Lindens for the service. So I just replace em for free n tell em dont get mad, cos its a part of the shopping process cos ppl arent as perfect as they'd expect. I'll take yer advise n do some hardwork to re-build a stronger persona to handle those noogies grrr... I never thought that this is quite a job but it has become a part of my life that I enjoy but suffer at the same time.
  21. well I can tell you this straightahead. When I talk to my customers who dont speak english, I simplify my sentence just in case they might be using translator to understand me. I dont speak perfect english myself n im horrible at it when im drunk, but Im not a dumbass who are inconsiderate about those issues. I go word by word for their best understanding n frankly this is ridiculous that you point out my english skills becos this is not a contest that you win n you speak better than me. I believe this is becoming like Youtube phenomenon where ppl dont look at the vids but spell check others becos they are pretty good at english. My post was about coping skills wit the particular customers who happen to speak foreign language that I dont understand. I use translator in their language n try to make sense to em. If yer so good at english, woy cant you read the title, cos thats the topic of this post, not how horrible my grammar is. You think ereone went to Harvard or somthin lol.... cmon.. At least I dont pretend Im smart or austin power like when Im not even there. I just love ppl n helping em n communicating wit em so I made this post to SWAP SKILLS TO HANDLE THE PROBLEMS N CREATE A HAPPY PLACE IN SL. I might be an illiterate but have a good manner n a good sense of humour, n uhhh often times, even if you do speak perfect english, you could never control their temper or report-threat cos its really not about English. Its about charisma handling the fellow buyers n thats the point of my post to trigger others to respond to this stupid subject. Since I posted this, ppl look at my profile n point out my picture..lollll.. n I'll never start up a personal story on here ever again. This is kinda ridiculous n very unprofessonal.
  22. Thank you so much for yer reply Paula. It means alot to me. This is defo not the place for confrontational subjects lol.... I just realized it now. I feel like a noob. I just wanted to gets some intellectual n positive feedbacks on how to take care of those tough noogies situations wit non english speakers n so on n on, but mostly I got some kinda English lessons n ppl just say ok dont buy here ! uh oh he talks about english when hes not even the perfect one!! I think ppl get real touchy about language issues n if i care so much of it, would i talk this way like Im talkin to a friend? I'll just delete this post as soon as I can becos I think theres no point of presenting new prejudice among others, cos most of the users in SL are customers, not shop owners so they wouldnt really understand this type of dilemma as a shop keeper, n how excruciating it is to deal wit ppls diverse needs at once. Thanks again for paying attention to this post.
  23. Thank you for yer tip Echo, but my real life profile isnt the issue here. n its kind of a joke that I play on some ppl. I dont swear to other ppl, trust me. I never say F word in my own casual conversation wit others becos Im not that kinda guy who just try to be tough on others. Im really friendly n patient since all my friends are from asia n europe, I kno how to sit down n talk em through the situation cos its SL for gods sake, i believe we can talk it out no matter wot. My threat was started from the idea of customers abuse the owner from scratch. They just come off n say (for example as IM started) "Im report you cos you products work not, i dont cant use it no fix it pls. I report you linden lab, fix this or i report i come" So I Tp the person to see wot the problem is, usually they wouldnt come at the first few times, Idk wots up wit em, n when they do, the product on em is slightly rotated (this happened alot). So i give em tips how to rotate it back, n if they cant do it anymore, I'll replace the product so they can just wear the new one back. you kno wot i mean??? Then they still talk shyt to me like I report you!! ok so.... I'd eventually say 'Look, don't get upset. I'll help you. Calm down and listen to me please." n so on.
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