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  1. Nooo Its not hate talk, trust me. I dont hate em. If i ever did, i woulda never bothered to post this threat, let alone try helpin em out for hours. Im just asking for the coping skills how to handle those kinda situations. My english sucks tree but I try to be accurate when they dont understand english so the problem is the threat they start up with. its really really strange that they do that for no reason.
  2. They I know Melita, the English language itself varies according to all different regions n countries so sometimes I do have problem communicating with other English speakers as well. But like, the insults n threat are there, becos they think they can just threat the owners to get wot they want. Actually I never report those ppl becos I try to talk to em for hours n the problem usually eases down for bit, so I really dont insult back or shout hate words back cos thats not who I am. And I totally agree wit you that this online environment gives you a sense of anonymity that eventually causes a harmful behaviour among others so its very upsetting to deal wit it almost daily bases.... even when I try to set out simple stuff like group gifts ppl still complain n accuse for defect when they are in perfect condition. So I really dont know wot their problem is...
  3. Thank you so much for yer suggestion. I think I really should starting the information kiosk for ppl becos for the obvious reasons. I'll defo look into that.
  4. Yeah this is wot Im talking about ! haha my scriptting is this. integer price1 = 100; integer price2 = 200; integer price3 = 300; integer price4 = 400; default { state_entry() { llSetPayPrice(PAY_HIDE, [PAY_HIDE ,PAY_HIDE, PAY_HIDE, PAY_HIDE]); llSetPayPrice(PAY_HIDE, [150,PAY_HIDE,PAY_HIDE,PAY_HIDE]); llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_DEBIT); key id = llDetectedKey(0); } run_time_permissions(integer perm) { if(perm & PERMISSION_DEBIT) state cash; } } state cash { state_entry() { llSetPayPrice(price1, [price1, price2, price3, price4]); } money(key id, integer amount) { if(amount == price1) { llInstantMessage(id, "Thank You for Buy Our.:.[*JiHyunChel*].:. Cloth "); string item = "test111"; llGiveInventory(id, item); } else if(amount ==price2) { llInstantMessage(id, "Thank You for Buy Our.:.[*JiHyunChel*].:. Cloth "); string item = "test222"; llGiveInventory(id, item); } else if(amount ==price3) { llInstantMessage(id, "Thank You for Buy Our.:.[*JiHyunChel*].:. Cloth "); string item = "test333"; llGiveInventory(id, item); } else if(amount ==price4) { llInstantMessage(id, "Thank You for Buy Our.:.[*JiHyunChel*].:. Cloth "); string item = "test444"; llGiveInventory(id, item); } else { llGiveMoney(id, amount); llInstantMessage(id, "You paid "+(string)amount+", Which is the Wrong Price, The Price Are: L$"+(string)price1+", L$"+(string)price2+", L$"+(string)price3+", L$"+(string)price4+"Please Check Your Money and Try it again."); } } }
  5. Yesterday my mate helped me out get a hold of a clickable script that allows me to put an object on sale for 4 separate objects in the menu, which is pretty common vendor for inworld shop. However, I'd like to have them by separate names, not by price. Anyone can help me for this, id be muchly appreciated for this. Thank you !!
  6. Like the number goes up as floating text whenever someone clicks it. Please hellpppppp ~
  7. Wellll it doesn't give me the notification i wonder if it really works.. hmm
  8. Hi. Yes, just as the title of this post I'd like to share. Just a simple way to keep track of my customers' interests. If you share I'll be very appreciated.
  9. It's not just you. Ever since the latest maintenance my graphic went back to old school as well. (Mac, Lion) I had no problem before the maintenance n now my graphis is all gritted and rough-edged and the images inworld as well as my avatar texture wouldn't clear up. I think it's not something I did becos I did absolutely nothing to change this setting. I've toggled with a few graphical options after this problem. Still old school. I think SL has switched something off or are still working on something... idk.... this is horrible. just horrible
  10. I appreciate all your valuable attention to my topic. Before I got into creation, I used to laugh off about this issues with my friend who is already a well known creator on the MP. He has been copybotted big time n it affected his courage to go on the creation for the fact that he wouldn't be praise for his work as much due to the botters. He was very upset n it was to my concern. I got into the business, I couldn't help but start noticing things such as some very noticeable designs from some well known designer are being sold for ridiculously cheap prices, n they were obviously from the other designers. The buyers as the comments indicated were all happy to get it on discount, n as a beginner creator myself got very upset that LL overlooks obvious copyrights issues unless its seriously reported. I know they're very busy tending other aspect of the program other than watching over the tedious dramas over the MP, but since they advertise the virtual values for the real currency then they can't just give the MP light treatment since it's a growing business worldwide. I'm not saying I'd like to overreact for narrow chances for extreme copybotting, but witnessing it for myself has been a huge letdown for the fact that the virtual value would just stay virtual, no more than an illusional wealth that can be stolen at one's evil will becos in the end, it is a virtual item, n it's no big deal. My opinions, the MP is purely based on aesthetics, visuals, n on top of it all, one's bright ideas to illuminate the viewers' senses to elaborate their virtual experiences. I'm very happy to be the provider in a very small part of the industry, but then the risk, almost threat of copybot seems to be the inevitable once one's business grows larger to have larger audience, n no one would want to pay the full fare but look for a way to cheap off others' scammed goods. Blacklist is requested by me also, it's becos there must be stronger enforcement policies to protect creators as much as stronger copybotting programs are being created to attack the creators. If not, i can't lie but admit creating here feels like I'm living in a terminal illness that I'm waiting for my longevity would cut me off anytime it wants me to go. I just wish that LL would release some staff to watch over the MP to make such big deals out of immature copycats n prove the creators n also buyers that they actually value the virtual goods as they promote to attract more ppl.
  11. I know I don't know whole lot about merchandising on the marketplace as a growing creator. And recently, I've caught a guy who somehow managed to duplicate the no Perm items of mine n used them n proudly displayed as his profile pictures. I was so shocked n I know this is ridiculous, n I even made a bold gesture to stop him from copying my products including others (his posts indicate of constant begging of other creators to unban him from their stores again. He might be very young). So my concern is that... is this wots gonna happen in the means of creation in SL? Say virtual products arent considered as invention of ideas as oppose to the real world art work that actually pays the price of hardwork? I know alot of good creators who take care of their imaginations into tangible virtual goods to share the joy with the fellow viewers n I was very happy about SL n how it's giving me an opportunity to share it with ppl. But I guess (as I discussed this wit my creator mates) there's no way we can stop immature viewers to respect other ppls' work cos in the end, they dont really care for one's achievement within creation in virtual world. n wots gonna happen if one day some guy duplicates the entire shop of yers n claim the ownership of the line? idk if it'll ever gonna happen since it requires such handywork but just witnessing a snippet of the theft my concern goes over the surface. it'll be very nice if we could have the blacklist directly on the Marketplace, so we could single out some of the residents who intend to leech off other ppls' possible freebies to their likings. Wot do ya think of it guys? So I'd like to hear other experienced creators' opinions about their experience on those kinda things...n I'd like to listen to their advise on preventing those goobers from stealing stuff to my surprise. Thank you guys.
  12. I was hovering around inworld, n I saw this land has a big vendor promoting 'Creation Duplicator' for 199 Lindens. I searched the very item on the marketplace n it's being sold without any complaint from the other creators (or it's possible LL hasn't gotten to their reports yet). I'm upset becos I can't trust LL marketplace or find it convenient in a long run as a creator witnessing people are able to copy other creators' hardwork n take credit of it against the law. Does LL really look at the serious reports? They must get tons of reports on daily basis but whats more serious than license fraud???
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