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  1. Yeah. I've been having the same issue since about 3-4 days ago. I opened a ticket n LL explained that the issue appears to be common at this point. I hope they'll fix the problem as soon as possible. I noticed one thing though. When Marketplace suddenly fails to show your L$ balance on the top bar, that's where you can expect payment failure. I noticed this twice n it corresponds with the same payment receiving issue. Also in the other thread someone mentioned the constant disconnection inworld n I think it's kinda related as well.
  2. Ok, first of all, I've posted a similar thread a while ago. It was mostly my question about the nature of traffic count. This week I've been hopping around shops to find myself a nice jacket, n I noticed almost alllll shops have bots. They vary in terms of characteristics of their roles as well. Roughly speaking, here: - Greeting bot : who automatically IMs you to say hi welcome to the shop. - Group inviting bot : who automatically invites you to their groups. - Idling bot : who walks about the land bumping into n haphazardly pushing ppl around. - Asisstant bot : who constantly asks you if you need help when you walk past. - Rambling bot : who randomly babbles in local. e.i) "Great day isnt it!!" "Omgaa that's a cute outfit! Where did you get it?" - Monitor bot : who doesn't react but alot of inexplicable scripts going on. So, they are real avatars to begin with. They are sporadically located in each store to randomly pose in every 5 seconds, or they just stand frozen in one spot behind the counter or in the glass. Their profiles are so fake that there's no doubt in my mind they're born with a job. And I know they contribute a massive amount of traffic to the business. People say it's illegal to bring up such schemes to attract more customers, but it seems like almost every store---mostly the well known ones---uses this tactic. Moreover some of them have the empty rental boothes for others, obviously relying on the traffic itself. As a matter of fact, I've rented a small booth in a sim before where used to be explosively popular---traffic wise---and I found out that it was work of the bots. So if we dig a little deeper into this matter n if I'm so bold to suggest, isn't it kind of....wrong? even though it's semi-agreeable it's not that bad? Because it's misleading. I mean, traffic doesn't even matter when it comes to profit. Marketplace is the market where customers go shopping anyway. So why does traffic have to be a big deal or a tool to mislead others to rent their places or come to them? That's what I'd like to know.
  3. I understand your frustration. Forums can be aggravating oh yeah. I've ranted in a forum that backfired with many negative replies and judgments, but it doesn't mean they try to target me for bullying. You gotta understand ppl won't take your side all the time. Some ppl can be very insensitive, blurt things out, make you feel like a bad guy but that's forum, just a place to rant to each other or help each other for stuff. Try not to take it too personally bro. Let alone take it to your inworld.
  4. Gadget Portal wrote: You know what's even worse than that? When I IM someone, and they claim they didn't get it because their IMs cap, use notecards. That's probably one of the dumber things people say in SL... Particularly merchants. Turn on IM to email, and your IMs will never cap. Ever. You'll be able to read every single one. If you don't do this simple thing, you're probably a terrible merchant and should close your store, delete SL off your computer, then set your computer on fire and never go near the Internet again. I agree with you. Almost every merchant I deal with has this lil sentence on their profiles, 'IMs get capped. Send me a NC. Or don't complain I don't reply you' n it really annoys the **** outta me. Because I know IMs don't get capped that much unless you crash at the logging in or get a hundred of incoming IMs all at once. Or YEAH USE YOUR EMAIL. IT WORKS FANTASTICALLY ! lol Once this merchant blew up on me cos I IM-ed her instead of sending her a NC about the product I purchased. I was very polite, too. She said she has no time for IMs, n send me this NC that had all the standarized questions about her products that had nothing to do with my question. I requested her attention for 5 mins because she made this product n I needed help. She didnt reply me. I blew my 500 L for something that I couldnt even use.
  5. I have a similar experience. This person intentionally approached me with his alt after creating this whole new personality. He acted as if he's a victim of the harsh of SL communities, n often spoke of quitting SL. Afew days later, this woman approached me while I was hanging out at my favourite place. She IM-ed me to intrigue my interests as if she knew them prior to our first encounter n I got this instant gut feeling that they are the same person. So I confronted him n her at the same time in IMs, n they were both quiet cos I reacted so fast. Later on he caved n said he did it to get to know me better, apparently he wanted to get to know me as a woman as well...saying I acted so distant with him when he was trying so hard to be my "bestfriend." I typed in 'lol' this face cos I didnt know what to say to him anymore. Somehow it upset him so much that he logged off suddenly with the other account. He never came back nor the other female account.
  6. Is it a known bug where a newly listed item suddenly disappears? I had this problem twice already. As soon as I hit 'Update' the new list appears and quickly disappears within 5 mins. That's not all. The item still exists in Top Selling products and listings search. So basically I see it but I can't add it on the related items. This is so not cool.
  7. How come bots are against TOS? Because almost every sim I know has bots laying around. The fake accounts that the owners set out for traffic at least 3-4. Not just some stores but also adult sims. It's tiring to see them.
  8. I know it's a silly question, but what does high traffic do on search? I pay 30L weekly to be on search and what does my traffic count have to do with anything except being popular? Does it mean I'd show up on top of search or does it really mean anything to begin with? Does my traffic have to be over certain numbers to indicate something significant? Once my traffic was about 2000. I searched my own shop and nothing really changed as before where my traffic was under 500, so I was like what? My friend who is also a merchant has 10 bots bouncing around in his shop, and his traffic is magnificant. He said he does that to attract more customers. So I don't really understand how that works internally. Because there are so many high traffic inworld shops but by their own bots. Even if so many people come to check out the place due to the high traffic count, I dont think that necessarily means more money for merchants. I dont know.. Am I being a noob about this or is it something I have to learn in time.
  9. LL is a company that deals with alot of the legitimate lawful concerns. It'll be silly of them to risk their business by allowing the increasing amount of population who are aka scammers to take the money as much as they want. I know paypal is butthurt due to the high exchange rate (most of the times I feel it's unfair) but at least your identity and credit credibility are publicly verified to LL to continute the business along the way. It's beneficial for both in a long run in spite of the known problems for us. I know so many people in SL scam their money off from innocent ppl. I've been a victim when I was a newbie as well. I always wondered how come LL would allow them to go home with their wrongully earned money. I know for a fact, there is another popular 3D virtual game that took drastic changes to eliminiate inactive verifiers on shop. They don't allow just anybody to create products and upload them unless you're a good candidate for their own systemetic premium payments via paypal or credit card so they know your payment method is transparent. People were raging against their changes for months, the forum was exploding with anguish and betrayal but it gradually died down because it wouldn't be all bad concerning there are scammers and victims. Most likely the biggest victim will be the company if they let things happen by sitting oddly by. I see LL is following the footsteps of that company, and I'm pretty sure this has been in their consideration for quite some time. I saw it coming believe or not. LL will take any course of action to avoid lawsuits or violation so this kinda makes sense to me. It's still unfair but I believe it's good for them and we merchants must try understanding what and why they're doing this, for LL is still a good source of business. It's not our place to teach them how to do the job. They'll do anything to make profits in the safest way in their favour anyway. And I'm trying to compromise with the new TOS. It's not that LL is disinterested in doing business with you methink but feel like they'd rather see your committment in the business with them. Paypal would do and people who own paypal would less likely do suspecious transactions. It's easy for them to retract if there's any problems or reports by others. It's all about the credibility now.
  10. That's what I don't understand here. All my objects are clear. If it's modifiable, it's modifiable. It shows as modifiable in contents tab. You just said it's a live object. Nothing is hidden so why there are differences on the listing? I've never seen anything like that before unfortunately. I've seen the link. It's got no permission. And would people buy such a product with no indication of permissions really. I get what you're trying to say Sassy. We can't reply on DD entirely because obviously permissions lie to you. But like I said, DD opens this option for people to see what the product is all about. I was just talking about it, because I like seeing things in contents before I make my purchase, so I assume others might find it helpful as well whether or not it's decieving sometimes. Permission talk was an example how things are so open on DD freed from boxes. Just a simple example.
  11. I've never seen this "dress" product throughout my entire MP experience. If I was aware of this I woulda mentioned it though. I said DD is more convenient for the fact that people can look what's inside. If a seller hides his/her product in this "Dress" package, what does convenient DD have to do with anything.
  12. I used to have a massive "My favorites" for my future shopping spree but after the xstreet migration, 60% of the contents lead me to blank shops. Even one of my favorite sellers is taking a break from SL because the migration caused her a great pain.
  13. The thing is I started SL when DD was a newer option. I got used to the system and I'm quite comfortable with DD. It doesn't confuse me as much as far as how it works. But those oldbies in SL who are loyal customers through those many years might think differently when it comes to shopping. So I just wanted to know which way people would prefer. For me as a customer, boxes are fine, too. But there are frequent surprises that I didn't expect. For instance, the description said 5 alpha layers and it's labelled with DD but the content is a box. So no way to see if there are 5 layers. Sometimes it doesn't and the seller wouldn't even answer. Such minor issues like this wouldn't bother me in a great way, but since I'm used to DD, it aggravates me the 5th time it happens. I know people don't check contents as much because I still get people who complain about no-mod even though contents tab indicate their permissions directly.
  14. Actually No. I mentioned the contents concerning the actual package-free products with permissions---considering DD is box free--- and someone suddenly brought up a new twist about pseudo-permissions that come with packaging, which is related but off my topic.
  15. I was asking about DD lol and somehow ended up talking about script permissions which I'm fully aware of. I just misunderstood the previous reply. I was mentioning how DD allows us to see the contents, not the boxes/packages and their own permissions. I was talking about the actual products inside the boxes or folders. My question was very simple. I just wanted to know why people still prefer boxes rather than folders. But thank you for your honest opinions.
  16. Oh that I know. I just didn't see why it's related when I was only mentioning items display in contents and their permissions. Thought they weres talking about something else I wasn't aware of.
  17. Why would you put a no-mod script in the item when you can just uncheck modify? Colour change script or resizers don't affect the permission that complex unless it's about something else.
  18. I'm quite surprised about that as well. I've had a few suggestions about boxing items ages ago, but back then Xstreet was the dominent source of the MP. After the migration more people came to me for boxing my items for them. I asked them why, and they felt kinda edgy not seeing boxes in the inventory just in case they lose them. But you see, when I had some items boxed, some people IM-ed me to use DD to send folders instead. So..
  19. Well, I don't know about the whole spectrum of scripting but I'm talking about the permissions that you check before you publish them on the MP and their visibility in Contents. The very idea of displaying what's inside.
  20. Sorry to open the thread with the ultimatum, but I honestly think DD is more convenient for the fact that we can take a peek at the contents and their permissions, no unpleasant surprises in what we buy. In my own point of view, it's much faster.. folders delivered right in your inventory ready to use right there. But some people still demand boxes. So I explain the bright side of the DD system, but....?? they still complain they'd prefer boxes even after they made purchases on the MP. So I give them boxes.....!! Yeah but I still don't understand why some people would still wanna deal with packages. Is this a matter of organizing their inventory? Do I have to leave an additional option for box people?? I'm confused. What do you guys think??
  21. I hope not. I'm having a lil trouble adjusting myself with the banners flashing in my eyes on the MP. Sometimes the banners are too bright and flashy that I can't focus on the products grrr. Uploading new products was noticeably laggy today, too. It wasn't like that to me before so.. hope its not due to the banners or anything.
  22. Firstly ask him to provide you the transaction record of his purchase. If he can't you'll have to apologise him for inconvenience. Some customers would try to scam creators every once now and then thinking creators wouldn't keep the record. You'll run into several more in the future so reporting every single one of them just wouldn't solve the problem. It's way eaiser to be strict about your products than get into patty arguments and waste your time.
  23. I'm surprised they didn't remove your post. They've removed my post before cos I mentioned something about their service.
  24. They take 1L from your 10 L sales, too.
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