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  1. Inbetween the last two recent maintenance sessions, some of your transaction records may appear to be missing. If you don't check your transaction one by one everyday you won't be able to tell the difference but I just found out I have 1 missing so far. It happened inworld by a customer, the purchase went through, he's got the item, but the record is missing. No way to tell if he stole it or actually bought it if you didn't check it personally. I don't understand this bug n I'm confused now.
  2. Ok.... This is pretty bad lol..... I submitted a ticket just now. There's nothing I can do about it except for sending them tickets. I really hope they'd patch this up as soon as possible and give us refunds for all the failed deliveries. That'd be something I'd consider good deeds. I'd complain about this issue but after last year's big marketplace crashdown, I'm just happy that this issue is relatively small. Phew. I noticed several merchants have taken down their MP stores today as the issue emerged. Sweet move.
  3. I thought 'failed delivery' meant no transaction occurred between the customer and the seller on MP whatsoever. If I'm wrong, I'm literally boned because I'm seeing a list of failed delivery every hour. I have no control over it. What the heck is going on?
  4. I see two opposite groups of customers in my sales experience. For instance, last year I had so many customers who were mesh aficianados. Everything must be in mesh and that's what they were looking for in every store. They were awfully specific what they wanted only in mesh. This year though, I find more customers who are demanding on creativity, because they have seen it all and they are sick of mass produced mesh works with different textures. And they are happy to stumble upon unique stores who wouldnt make what others make. I'm pretty sure recycled meshworks make more money than the artists in SL. But the pro creativity customers are definitely increasing and it's noticeable. Customers are smart and bored and they are ready to see something new. Providing new ideas is artists' job only if the fast profit is not a goal.
  5. It's always merchants' fault no matter how hard they work for customers right. Just admit it n let it goooooo. You can do it.
  6. I truly feel that Im on death row waiting for LL to cut my throat like it was so coming. I can imagine one day a new TOS would pop out as I log saying, they've decided to stop Lindex period thank you very much. Press Agree below to log in. Ive been so careful not to violate their precious TOS to stay here as honest as I can be, n as we all are, I'm also being punished for it. Just because I'm just a bank to their company. Are they kidding me? I honestly think its their fault allowing copybot viewers to begin with. They opened that gate to make contents infringement tolerable, n when things get outta their hands, they start abusing the merchants to be compensated for the damages. I can see why they're doing that. Of course they dont care just several growing merchants throw in the towel n leave to be a layresident without an effort to contribute art to SL. Of course they'll still collect dimes from their real estate. But they should know this will make a splash among merchants.
  7. So basically speaking LL is telling merchants to stop creating. Too bad because I really enjoy SL for the fact that I can run my own little business. Now everything I make, hand-drawn wotever is, is in their property. No wonder so many merchants stopped putting effort in their business n becoming bitter n bitter toward LL as it should be the opposite. Instead of reinforcing the permission system or getting rid of fkn copybotting viewers, they decided to punish the sources of SL market flow. They should protect or at least try to provide merchants a better environment for designing, not poking around their TOS n piss merchants off by surprise. Im so pissed off. I can understand there are some dishonest merchants who give LL bigchunk of headaches relating copyrights n what not, but what about the rest of the community who are loving n caring for SL within their creation? What about them? Do they even care that merchants keep SL interesting? So really, they dont even give a spit about merchants huh. We dont have any protection at all. This is just awesome.
  8. I've had that twice, but mine were listed. You can't do anything but re-add the items to your list. It's one of the MP mishaps.
  9. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Lastly, even if this had be a legitimate merchant, they are not responsible for replacing items you lose. Some merchants will others won't. There is no requirement to do so. There is no requirement of course, but good merchants would do so.
  10. By official I meant by the verified information of a merchant n their business. Most of the merchants who are successfully carrying on their business in SL either pay for premium or by credit cards. LL can retrieve their information to verify legal issues they sure can. That is why I mentioned that virgual game, IMVU. They ask merchants to pay VIP fees to keep their shops. They are very picky about distinguishing merchants from plain residents even if ppl complain about VIP fees. I think they are wise for doing that. They watch over the shop 24/7, if there's anything inappropriate they remove the items immediately, they allow merchants to create badges to hand out to customers, the list goes on. n most importantly, they do it legally. Whatever happens stays in their virtual world. You file a ticket for trouble, they take care of it in their office. They dont discourage ppl by the talk of the US government for suggesting new ideas to the game, they dont just allow anybody to create items unless they're paying for VIP n they take copybotted items down immediately. Of course I believe there are so much legal issues that they have to be aware of, but they're doing a good job keeping it virtual, meaning there is no such big deal as SL seems to make even just for a small suggestion. When I mention SL is a game, ppl say no it's not just a game. Then I say it's a business place, then ppl say no it's a game. Then I suggest something to stay in virtual, the US government has to get involved n the talk of wages.
  11. So basically what you're saying is the US government has to get involved for granting a SL merchant a watermark to indicate his business is official in sl virtual world so buyers can tell if he/she is not fraud? But ok, i'll search for the original thread. Thanks for the input though.
  12. That's why I searched the merchant inworld first before I made the purchase. I had to look at the product for several days. The profile spoke to me somehow. The picture was also ripped-off, the description was very well done. It even said Copyrighted. 5 people gave 5 stars.
  13. Well first of all, I'm semi new generation in SL. I've only been around a year n some more. I can't get over the fact that LL is a great place to market but also a playground for excruciating fraud. Maybe somebody has to keep bringing stuff up every few months to make a point. Nothing is set. LL can change who knows?? They do change their TOS out of nowhere, why can't they hear us rant. I believe it's a very good idea whether it's a buyer aware or not. Things can change if they come up with a system. Just like they came up with DD. Anyone can create n sell, I get it. That's why I suggested the idea. LL could take fees for registering badges, etc.
  14. (( Hopefully LL will read this post. )) On Feb. this year, I purchased a full-perm bedroom set. It was a complete set of a honeymoon sweet, 300+ smoothe animations, all mesh, n it was only 500 L. I bought it after several days of contemplation of course. Too great to miss. After the week, I accidentally lost the item. I cleared my trash n realized I made a mistake. I contacted the merchant. The profile said "IM caps often. NC please, or No complain to me," along with a beautiful high-quality picture of a couple kissing under a tree. The pick said his/her inworld store is temporary on hold. I IM-ed him, no answer. Wrote a NC to him, no answer for days. I got tired of contacting him so I threw it in the towel. Forget it. And I ran into this inworld store, which displayed exactly the same item I lost. I checked the shop owner n the name looked exotic. I contacted the owner, answered me promptly, n she had no clue what I was talking about. It turned out her profile looked exactly the same as the fake merchant I bought my item from. Same profile picture, same notifications, same pick out of the other 8. I was shocked, so mad, n I explained what happened, we searched the fake merchant, n the person didnt exist. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok. That particular thief was bold enough to copy the real merchant's profile while he/she was on MP with the ripped-off items on 70% discount. It feels like they get smarter everyday n I'm pissed. I shoulda checked the rezz day n all that, but only in my hindsight. What if LL could provide the official merchants a badge that displays on the profile? Just like that virtual game called IMVU, that place has badges that are customized by merchants ONLY. What if LL could provide us such system to watermark our small business to public. At least theives couldnt get away at first glance. The incomes they made from MP should be investigated without the badge. I dont know it's just an idea but at least things would be more accurate with some kinda assurance. What do you merchants think about the idea? Is this too much to ask for?
  15. I've been looking for a script that allows prims only stay in the sim n disappear or delete itself outside the sim. Is it possible to have such script?
  16. Teagan Tobias wrote: Just a question, what would it take to create a Second Life Better Business Bureau. Someplace where you can look up a seller or store and see if someone has reported them? And could that even be done? Helps for finding problem businesses in RL, why not SL. (Sorry for responding before Rya) I think that is a very good suggestion, but only in customer's favour. As much as there are polite n sincere customers, also vindictive n mean customers out there who falsely accuse honest merchants for their own frustration n technical mishaps. Reviews are constantly harrassed by angry customers (except for cases where the products actually suck). For knowing LL is nonchalant about abuse reports, report history of a merchant would create quite an issue n somewhat could be used for vengeful sources for angry customers. If it was actual ebay or online auction sites where real money was the only option, the report history would work fine cos you could take it to court when someone harassed you for nothing. LL business has very little protections for merchants n also customers so such a tangible list of report might add extra burden on LL as well. As a merchant, I have to deal with occasional ridiculous complaints by customers, such as a female customer would purchase a mens product n compain she looked manly with it. She'd demand her money back n leave a false review for her frustration. If LL provided us such options (report history), it'd suck so bad on my part because it's just ridiculous as hell. But I agree with you that LL has to do something about ripped off meshes on MP. I see them everyday n it upsets me as a merchant.
  17. I'm the new generation in SL where DD was the only option for merchants as Xstreet was becoming obsolete just then. I think DD speeds my work up in terms of uploading because I don't have to box the individual items n migrate em from here to there. It's really fast. Once you get the hang of it you'll be fond of the new system for sure. ppl say LL is screwing us all up on MP but I think DD turned out to be a success.
  18. I'm not so sure if it's a bug or a legit concern by LL, but sometimes the combination of your keywords force you to list your items as Adult, even though your product is absolutely innocent. I had this issue twice n those are the words that won't let me rate my products in General: Raw, Cheap, Sexy. I think they must have problems with suggestive words such as 'preteen' for sexual contents even though it's counter common sense. Sometimes LL scan for inappropriate pictures for G-rated products as well. Once I used this photo where my avi's tattoo says 'Use me, Love me,' with the very innocent keywords n they rated it in Adult right away. My avi was just standing. I was nonplused about it for awhile n changed the photo n it worked. Or it's possible it's a temporary bug concerning MP has been unstable for the last few weeks, you might as well try completely different keywords, such as 'your store logo name,' 'avatar,' 'accessories,' 'model,' etc just to see if it works.
  19. I couldn't agree more. Mesh products are definitely "pushed" to me even when I do my own business people would come n ask me if what i make is mesh or not. The funny thing is alot of people don't even understand exactly what mesh is. They just assume mesh is "the newest." Despite all that, I see people turning back to prims n value more on aesthetics now. I think it's a good sign. I see lotta those ppl "pro-mesh," who state they only n exclusively wear mesh, often times they laugh at you not wearing one of those mainstream mesh clothes. They hear "mesh" n they're all over it. Sometimes it's like the dispute between Mac & PC. Mesh & Prim. Anyway I'm one of those designers who are trying to prove aesthetics should come first more than anything. Technology, awesome programs to bake mesh n constructions can be dealt with the customers who only seek high-end products, but with me, I'm all about artwork n sendng a message so hopefully things would change soon.
  20. I filed a JIRA of the missing payments from June 30. I filed a report then n LL closed it as duplicated. So I'm repeating this process again. Also I found another bug today that the confirmed payments on MP only show up on my trasnaction, but on MP. I'm not even sure what they bought because they are untrackable. How come so many problems just within a week? What's happening??
  21. Oh okay I didn't realize all of that. But what can we do about it? We are the customers and they are the controller of this whole system. All we can do is wait. It sucks I know but being a customer always does.
  22. I spotted this issue for the first time on June 27th. I reached LL for help, n as a matter of fact they paid me n asked me if there's anything else they'd like to help me. This problem escalated after that day, many other merchants having the same issue started appearing on forums, n LL closed my 'duplicated' case asking me for patience. I assumed they were having a customer service meltdown or something. So I know for a fact they're working on it n they're not intentionally screwing us up. I can see them paying us off within a month because they're usually very helpful when it comes to problems. At least for me. And Today, the issue didn't happen, which is a good sign.
  23. I'm missing at least 20 orders here. Hope LL will replace them all when they fix the problem.
  24. VonGklugelstein Alter wrote: Except when it is done by someone who owns a bunch of land or when the shop is operated by a LL employee or a friend of a LL empoyee.. There are many things that go unenforced, some that would land people in jail were this the real world. Yeah, if that's the case sure. But again, they're completely made up avis just for traffics. Their profiles speak for themselves as though they are one person with multiple accounts. I guess it's hard to say they're violating the TOS on the premise they could be emplyeed or real ppl with jobs, but those sims with high traffic where no one ever walks around in the place usually have the boothes out for rent n advertisement vendors up to make money off something that is somewhat dishonest. That's what.
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