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  1. It's Christmas once again. Do you have an object of Christ hanging from a cross above your bed in your free Linden home? If not then perhaps a statue of his mother, the only virgin Mary? Merry Holidays to all.
  2. Rudi, I think it is time for you to just let this go as you will not get through to this over emotional woman...note the extraction of the 'gentle'...there are some people, both men and women in this world, that get a lot of enjoyment from just being upset and provoking others to make themselves so...this Arnott gal is one of these people...her world obviously is lacking an awful lot to go to such lengths in her cries for attention. I didn't like the poem as I think it came from the heart...she obviously does so lets leave it at that and allow her to climb back into the hole in the ground she came from. Certainly dont let a cretin like this bring you so much joy...its just a poem and only means anything to those that enjoy it.
  3. Anaiya Ahren wrote: Dresden Ceriano wrote: Anaiya Ahren wrote: Reasonable person: "So what did you do with your life? " Resident Troll: "I trolled SL forums? Am I clever or what?" Reasonable person: "Or what." I fail to understand the point you're trying to make with this post. I'm sure most people who actually troll this forum wouldn't count that activity as being the crowning achievement of their life. I'm sure anyone who managed to chew through every unique last name LL ever implemented wouldn't have any time to achieve anything else. As I Livia and breathe I've always wondered why Trill's troll? Please don't tell me, I want to figure it out without help.
  4. Anaiya Ahren wrote: Reasonable person: "So what did you do with your life? " Resident Trill: "I troll SL forums? Am I clever or what?" Reasonable person: "Or what." FIFY! ;-)
  5. No one ever loved me more today than yesterday, or love me more so tomorrow. I therefore have nothing to look forward to when tomorrow comes around. Is this as good as it gets?
  6. For my birthday last year I purchased a miror. As I was leaving the pharmacy I dropped it and it broke I am superstitious.
  7. I once tried playing golf, BroKen, (please excuse my dyslexia ) and they even invited me to return the following day. I didn't realize until I arrived that next day that they invited me to return only to apologize for my previous outing.
  8. Some will say you are wasting your hug on someone like me.
  9. 100 views, and not even one person sent a hug.
  10. Today was not the first time I had to both light and blow out the candles.
  11. Do you know how frustrating it is to play frisbee all by yourself?
  12. I threw a party, but no one showed.
  13. Today I bought myself a birthday card :(
  14. Today I bought myself a birthday card :(
  15. Maryanne Solo wrote: Oh yeah the "hit squad" scoffs. I looked at that page for.. oh gee 10 seconds? Why is it you and your ilk, (not a reference to orientation choices), spend untold hours documenting the results of the scenarios you deliberately create? Then whine about it ad nauseum when you are the new mop to wipe the floor with? You conveniently forget, (of course), you gleefully joined the lowest in targetting an innocent party. Is this why you reap what you sow in real life?. Purely an innocent, led astray by the non contributors - no doubt. :smileysad: Your choice and yours alone. Adds: And what if I and others had not stepped in to return the favour? The pain and hurt so deliberately inflicted has been negated with pure love and support People with feelings = 10/10 cowards & thugs = 0 Thats real life for you Have you ever tried a novocaine enema? It's the perfect supplement for koolaid deficiencies.
  16. middle class white dude walk into a SL bar. The bartender writes to the feminist avatar informing her "she is exposing too much of her femininity and in her future visits she would need to don a mesh bra;" he ejects her from the sim. He zooms in on the white dude and writes: "we don't serve your kind here;" and he ejects him from the sim. From what I was told, and what seems the most unsettling to me, is that the bartender ejected them to very different sims. My question is: was the bartender being fair? I mean, they did walk in together.
  17. As long it is in SL. Look around at all the bondage and collared players who post in this forum, it's why many are here - the sex. Same issue with beastiality, is it rape if a furry rapes a human looking avatar in SL? How do you explain to the authorities in real life that a half wolf, half pelican took you against your will? In my opinion it was a foolish question that was asked.
  18. Candor Philipp wrote: the best option is to be between the extremes of what your target audience consider acceptable, and to try to preserve what is more important to them. What? This is not communist Russia! The "best" opinions are founded in reasoning and logic. I don't write opinion(s) to placate readers with flowery words so as to not offend misplaced sensibilities or to not cause emotional instability. I don't write opinions to win friends or win a popularity contest either. Going forward, whenever I read *your* opinion I will know that you didn't mean what you wrote--you just want to look good to the rest of us or the one. This is perhaps the worst statement that could have been written on an open and public forum. PS The OP didn't offer an opinion. The opening post asked a direct and specific question.
  19. I've never met an Australian I liked or could trust. I've never met a person in RL who spoke about SL. I've never voted for a Democrat. I've never been taller than 6'3" (190.50 cm) I've never had sex with that woman (Monica Lewinski)
  20. ETA: At the end, I wonder which of them 'got' the girl bear?
  21. Charolotte Caxton wrote: PudgyPaddy wrote: Charolotte Caxton wrote: Did your main get banned again? Did you photoshop your avatar profile pic? I don't recall your main having... well, hair being that long. Inworld you can get different hairs to replace the default ones. You can also get AOs I know. According to recent reports, AO's speak louder than words.
  22. Charolotte Caxton wrote: Did your main get banned again? Did you photoshop your avatar profile pic? I don't recall your main having... well, hair being that long.
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