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  1. 10:37 SL time, no stipend so far. 😑
  2. Is Suzanne done with CoLA and CCA now? I checked their website, she posted it needed to be redone. I have some find memories of RPing there when I first came to SL.
  3. Makes me wonder if a lot if these issues, group chat, late stipend, and teleport issues are due to the server uplift to the cloud? Bugs they need to iron out as they move more regions over. 🧐
  4. Makes me wonder if LL has to react as soon as they receive to DMCA just to protect their own property.
  5. I'm very much guilty of this. 😕 So much so that my friend list is very short. 🙃
  6. Shopping at the Warehouse then shooting Zombies at Grim's! 🧟‍♀️
  7. After shopping #SoKawaiiSunday. New Lelutka Ryn head with Mudskin skin & Doux hair.
  8. If I remember right it use to be only attach what half that number at one time? and only one items per slot too. Its been so long I forget... lol! I generally hit up a sandbox and try linking some of my attachment together to make space.
  9. Wow! Love this look! ❤️ Im def gonna go check out this avatar once I get back in-world. I have a teegle horse modified as a unicorn and the neko cat avi (forget the exact name), but dont use them very often.
  10. Awesome thank you! Im off to check the store and that event! ❤️
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