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  1. Lets not forget rub-a-dub. 🙂
  2. Im kinda confused. Is "Grandpa's" that OP mention a place to play Bloodlines? And I'm guessing thats the system they are annoyed with? idk their original post is kinda cryptic and I feel clueless. 🤔😆
  3. I know Woodcrest has a pool and swim team for RP. Well, at least last I went there they did... 🏊‍♀️
  4. Yup, the Arizona data center they owned is shutdown now. Over 10k in drives and SSDs shredded...
  5. Maybe this will help put you on the right path? http://wiki.ntbigroup.com/index.php?title=Global_Fuel_System Fuel System for Cars in SL. You can try searching the MP for GFS or GEMC that might give you some results your looking for (hopefully)
  6. I have the perky version and love it although I havent used it in a while. Aside from that, here are my issues with the body. 1. The HUD, I find it awful. Just MHO 2. Unless this has changed trying to get a shiny look when using BoM is a pain is the ass with the extra texture HUD included. ☹️
  7. if its an avatar then https://www.mysmartbots.com/ can animate it. They charge a monthly fee I think, I have never used them but a YouTuber Meela Vanderbuilt has a few videos on using it.
  8. Going to add HP Reverb G2 to the list. Nice headset for half the price of the Index.
  9. SAC Armament just released an MP5 at an event, its either the Warehouse or TMD event I think. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/52067
  10. All dressed up and no where to roleplay... 😢
  11. Exploring The Isle of Elar today! 😎 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elar Imerra/126/228/22
  12. 10:37 SL time, no stipend so far. 😑
  13. Is Suzanne done with CoLA and CCA now? I checked their website, she posted it needed to be redone. I have some find memories of RPing there when I first came to SL.
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