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  1. Greetings. a couple of our groups have some scripting projects...I can pm ya some of the specifics and see if we can work out a time table and costs with you.
  2. Done...Thanks for being hostile. A lot of attacks here...we'll be sure not to post here and inform our readers as well. The world is ugly enough, try to be encouraging. I'll be sure to inform whomever I can.
  3. Awesome club pic!!! Good luck - it looks great!!!
  4. Relax..let it go!!! All I did was post what the group wrote..not my personal opinion at all. We just spread our cover info, tried to take some forum input as positive replies (which it wasn't but I tried to be diplomatic and hear things)..all we're hearing is this being destroyed..well, it's not, so don't worry or give it a second thought. We'll survive just fine. Discussion closed..too busy to keep up with this nonsense.
  5. Dres..your pic says it all..clearly they do not want to be helpful and pick apart the smallest things..well, I tried to be nice, clearly my original comments I posted (small minded people) are these guys ..so be it...no more digging. People have a high opinion of what they think is correct. I also got a PM from jujmental swearing at me..omg dude you are mental and the other people that made negative comments - so sad. Totally unhelpful and unhealthy. This is not worth the time in here. Clearly you have to ignore bad comments. A select group of people who comment on here just want to pick apart anything and others of similar nature ride the wave, very sad....we'll do our events and make a difference inworld...we've received very nice letters from companies in RL on our projects. Discussion closed!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Using it all in a positive way...no need to be harsh...good points by all.
  7. Greetings: Thank you all for the points. I sensed I was becoming defensive. That is not a good way to respond. No, no, scoulding, *smiles*, but we all need to listen better - that was a leap on your part but a good one, right? I have seen comments like these scare people and it makes people never want to see or try to write in the forums again. I've heard that from our readers. I'm looking at all this for your help. You're the base and we get alot of comments. I'm very humbled by the nice comments I receive. Yes, I'm fairly new to forums, fairly new...maybe why I may have made some posting mistakes here. But, I listen and corrected as best I can. Thanks guys... Did not mean to offend...it's fixed what could be corrected. Tough skinned - you bet, assuming your comments are mean't with the best intentions. Yeah, we're pretty proud of our team - no worries in me being fired...that did made me chukle; but I understand what you mean't - thank you for your concern with all of this. This is how people / companies learn and grow. Even after all this time, we can be rookies. Yes..I'm in a position to listen...but some of this was just getting out of hand with outside comments - so we shall all relax. I had people read your comments and they did not see anything positive being said. So ..I'm pulling it all, and putting a positive twist on it. Because of these comments we have gotten alot of positive response inworld; just a short amount of time. That's cool...people see what we've done and they like it. People appreciate what we've covered & posted besides the recent comments here...but I think it was all good points. That's how ya have to look at these things. Read, learn from it, and go on from there. We have some nice articles coming up from some dedicated SL writers. I must say thank you to everyone who posted here. It made a difference in a short amount of time. We make mistakes, we learned from them and we're stronger for it. Nice to hear people like what we're doing and you've instructed us on proper forum usage.
  8. .Taking all the comments in...thank you. It's a good community of people wanting to help. Some of the comments do seem angry and negative. Those may be the wrong choice of words but it could have been written better. i was falling into that as well. As i reread things, I decided to take the suggestions to heart and follow what you all are saying..listen to the community and work on becoming better.
  9. Hey instead of wasting space just PM me if ya want to have these negative conversations...maybe it will be therapeutic for you...
  10. The SL Enquirer may be able to assist if you run into some dry spells with people applying.
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