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  1. Speaking as a natural leader, able to generate commitment and adherence to my philosophies from my followers, even when under severe financial and moral pressure, I recognise the technique originally base on the Monroe Doctrine, of closure of borders and a refocusing on existing natural resources, however depleted and lacking in immediate prospective improvement. When your backs are against the wall, the only thing to do is to open a door, run behind it and barricade it against external forces, retrench, review and renovate your approach in the hope that either those forces you can not control in the outside world will have forgotten about you, or that whatever new attitude you parade on re-emerging from lockdown is more acceptable to the besieging force. Signals can occasionally be sent outside in the hope that reinforcements might be recruited, although their arrival would have to be prompt or they might be deterred from offering assistance by the depth of the hole that the defending force might have dug themselves into. Generally, as with the Alamo, emissaries will probably eventually have to be sent out under a white flag, to negotiate from a position of weakness, in the hope that the less culpable among the defenders might be offered safe passage, while the more entrenched may fight a final battle before their doom envelops them. Or they could join me in THE Cult, and have their self-esteem elevated, and be offered personal advice regarding effective communications, with community comforts provided in a communal fashion contingent upon co-ordinated concessions to civilised continuance of operations. We are serving coconut daiquiris on the patio. Join me. Father - Mad? Not half! - Jim
  2. Innula Zenovka wrote: Looks like there's not going to be one for the foreseeable future. The relevant wiki page was updated yesterday to include this announcement: Important: This user group has been suspended until further notice. Instead, please use the Forums feedback forum for your comments and questions. The Forums and the Feeds are going to be critical to the development of THE Cult roleplaying scenario. it is therefore essential that these questions, tabled for discussion at the next meeting - which will not now take place apparently - are addressed by Lindens here. Policy Consistency (re: guidelines, and their application including moderation, spam, advertising, post removals, and "sponsored" forums) - Void Singer When will transparency be introduced in forum moderation and in reasons around selection of new subforums? The latter used to be discussed at the CTUG. When will residents again have a voice (that is heard)? (Venus) FOR FOLLOW-UP - Show names of the new Smileys when you put cursor over them in the selection box, in the same way that the old ones do. (Peewee) No update yet - lexie When will Lexie attend another CTUG meeting? Is someone available to take decisions? (Venus)Clarifying this would be very appreciated, especially now that the CTUG team is Rand and Jeremy only. No offense, but visiting a usergroup about the forums that can´t deal with the forums doesn´t make much sense... (Torben) Would it be possible to have a sticky notice in the language-specific forums / answers section which informs residents that a basic understanding of the language spoken in the subforum is helpful and appreciated? Many residents are very helpful, answering questions of other residents. Unfortunately the provided google translations are way less helpful then one may think and cause for continued discussion. Suggestion to let it be publicly known what course of action is available to residents who wish to dispute a warning, suspension or permanent ban. (Dresden) Father - Mad that neither the Feeds nor the Forum are being managed transparently and actively - Jim
  3. Venus Petrov wrote: I will pose my first question here: Are you a Gypsy? What's in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet. I am a Traveller. I wish to meet fellow travellers on the road to a better place. Join me. Father - Mad is as mad does - Jim
  4. Friend Storm, I think that perhaps we have much to discuss. Perhaps a combination, then a sharing, of resources: you to have the night side and me the daylight? Might we discuss the possibilities over a Bloody Mary at my feed sometime? Father - Mad as in angry - Jim
  5. I am not offering a desert island paradise (yet) but if you are considering removing yourself from the ratrace of antagonism that the commercial and discriminatory elements here encourage then perhaps you might consider a commitment to THE Cult, which offers personal support in those trying times when your supposed friends are condemning you for adhering to your principles, and doing what you believe is right. Join me and I will tell you what is right. Father - Mad for it - Jim
  6. Derek Torvalar wrote: ' I read too much, I thought we should kill ourselves. She doesn't read a thing; she believed me. "Are you really the messiah?" "Yes, I am." She was younger than me, too. She was younger than me. And I said to her. I said, "You know, Pauline? No-one stamps on a burning bag of **bleep** any more. Nobody!" ' Steppenwolf called, Derek, and they would like their riff back. Talking Heads said you could keep the lyrical delivery. Father - Mad as ***bleep*** - Jim
  7. We welcome all ages in THE Cult. Contact me and I can tell you all about the games we play. Father - Mad? Me? - Jim
  8. TriJin Bade wrote: I'll stick to the Graveyard Bar... where I regularly "crack open a cold one". ^V^ It has a proverbial reputation for being quiet though, doesn't it, TriJin? Father - Who said I was Mad? - Jim
  9. TriJin Bade wrote: I was refering to Mass Suicide Cults. Although after watching John Wayne singing... I get ... this.... feeling..... to.... ARGH! I guess you are not too keen on Lee Marvin either then? Father - I am NOT Mad - Jim
  10. TriJin Bade wrote: *coughs*, sounds more like Heaven's Gate I'll stay in-world thank you very muchly. Heaven's Gate was much maligned to start with but did you realise it has since become the third biggest grossing western ever made - not starring John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart or Alan Ladd. Father - don't call me Mad - Jim
  11. THE Cult welcomes even the most cynical. We DO sell sanctuary, but you must voluntarily offer your commitment. This is not a venal transaction, nor even an exchange of power, but a mutual enlightening and uplifting empowerment. If you are concerned that you may become the object of jealousy feel free to contact me privately, out of the sight of prying eyes. Your own eyes will burn, will sparkle, even as the world tries to drag you down. Find sanctuary with THE Cult. Father Jim
  12. The newest thing in Second Life - THE Cult. I have started up, and am now going public with a role play called THE Cult which transcends the simple idea of getting a private tropical sim and hacking a town out of the bushes. That will be one aim, once I have collected enough followers who are willing to tithe their SL incomes and canvass donations from sympathetic organisations, so that we have the resources to establish a new virtual life of our own, away from the harassment of jealous intellectuals who do not understand the simple ways of THE Cult, and our desire to break bread together communally, and perhaps slip a few cocktails down. The role play will not just be conducted inworld. There will be forum discussions on survivalist techniques and THE Cult's philosophy of the outsider in a civilisation which rewards selfishness and greed. There will be Group IM sessions where we will enact rituals to bind all the members of THE Cult closer together and arrange clandestine meetings in deserted urban sims. There will be mutual appreciation threads lauding THE Cult in both private and public feeds, with our glory and selflessness displayed to encourage the recruitment of followers. But most of all I can guarantee you personal IMs from myself, which will raise your self-awareness and self-esteem to previously unknown heights, allowing you to ascend to your personal heaven right here on this virtual sphere; I will provide instruction and encouragement in the ways of THE Cult, to prepare you for transition, to protect you from the ways of the venal insensitive bullies who disparage our simple pleasures, identifying those who might seem to tempt you with their intellectual arguments, and providing you with moral allies and the allied morale to beat them off. I will personally monitor your public efforts on behalf of THE Cult and coach you in our ways, advising you when perhaps you are wandering from the path of true commitment to THE Cult as you leave your previous aimlessly hedonistic life behind. Does this sound as good to you as it has to any number of poor lost souls looking for redemption from their antisocial and even psychopathic ways? You may be surprised at the identity of some of THE Cult's most passionate existing members, who until now, until the right time, have kept a low profile regarding their status within THE Cult. They have found that they have to offer very little, other than total commitment, to receive the beneficence of the community. They have told me that subsuming their individual desires and accepting my direction has enabled them to attain heights of physical and psychic ecstasy beyond anything they might have envisaged before putting their minds, bodies, hearts, souls and resources at my absolute disposal. I will lead you to a better place - inside your own thoughts, outside your body, in a shared place! Ask questions here or contact me via my feed for more information: my.secondlife.com/MadJim.Resident Father Jim
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