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  1. Portals IV and V both currently have crystals on Tyra's Peak and around the workshop. I've just been collecting in both of those.
  2. Currently there isn't one single orange collector that's working. Usually I manage to find one but today, nothing. I am starting to think that they have all been turned off on purpose to combat the bots that seem to go only for orange crystals.
  3. Medhue, what priority are the animations in your AOs? I'm looking for animations of priority 3 or less (so they will be compatible with my wheelchair).
  4. I can understand the desire to find companions of a similar age. I often find that I have nothing in common with younger residents - although they may be very nice people, we have no common experience and it's much harder to keep a friendskhip going without common ground.
  5. I hang out at The Shelter a lot and there's a steady stream of day-old avatars coming in all the time. Then there's a bunch of old-timers who've been there years. What I see far less of, is avatars in my own sort of age-range - just a few months old. I find this very curious.
  6. Hidden Rock plays hard rock/metal and is busy most times of the day. Friendly bunch of people too.
  7. Did Torley write and/or perform the ambient music in Linden Realms? Can the full versions of each piece be listened to online anywhere?
  8. Tellaq has a lot of mature skins for men but they're rather expensive.
  9. I play regularly and I notice from time to time that it takes longer for the crystals to re-rezz. They always do eventually thogh. I guess it's just server issues?
  10. I don't think I've seen any mesh things yet so I don't care.
  11. Clarissa Lowell wrote: You can keep your ginger nuts and jammy dodger or dodgy jammer. Give me a biscuit with honey butter. Maybe some strawberry preserves. Which one of you took a bite? Those aren't biscuits, they're scones. My favourites - chocolate Hobnobs. With a nice cup of tea.
  12. So.. after this change is implemented, will I be able to change my name from "RoderickVaughn Resident" to "Roderick Vaughn", as it should have been in the first place? Or will it have to be "RoderickVaughn Somethingelse"? I hate the thought of having to start up a whole new avatar just to get the right name.
  13. Male Prim height 1.94m (6'4"), Linden Lab viewer 1.74m (5'8.5"). 7.5 inches difference. I definitely don't want to be as short as I am in RL so I'm leaving my avatar right there.
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