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  1. You've come to the forums to complain about people being rude? Father "That would be ironic if ironic meant what people incorrectly thought it meant" Jim
  2. Medhue Simoni wrote: The Drax files show got me thinking about user retention. I've thought about this before, and mentioned it, but I wasn't sure how feasable it would be. With a new SL in the works, what is truly possible is far more wide open. That said, it might be good to talk about this now, as it might be something that needs to be designed into this new SL. I'll give my "big" idea, but I also hope others might come up with their own versions, or totally different ideas on how to retain more users. Please post your ideas, even if they are not totally flushed out, as this is the perfect place to flush it out. Ok, so this is my "big" idea. It's obvious that SL is complex. It's also obvious that user's need to have some kind of guidance and instructions. The question is, how do you do this in an engaging and fun way? How can we get the average person to connect with this world early on, so that they eventually see parts of SL that we all love? How can we get them to emotionally connect with SL? Do we know of any highly successful businesses that took off in SL, and gave users a solid emotional connection? Well, we do, and this is the breedables and pets in SL. This is where the light bulb clicked on for me, when I thought about the retention problem. In RL, everyone loves their pets. Besides pictures of kids, pets are probably the second most posted images on Facebook. In any good MMO, you get pets that do all kinds of things, including riding them. So, my idea is for LL to give users in this new SL a LINDEN PET. This pet will give them all the information they need to get around in the new SL. It would also follow them everywhere they went, being right there to help, when needed. It could have some functions for playing around, and basic tricks, but their main purpose would be to help the owner. These pets would be fully functioning NPCs, with their own skeletons and all. Like I said, they would also follow them everywhere, until told not to. This means that LL would have to design that into the new SL, NPCs being able to teleport with you. This would also be a huge boom for the pet and breedable communities, plus give them functionalities that would improve all pets, like being able to ride them. I would also suggest that every single Linden pet be unique in some way, or seemingly. LL could also allow users to take the code for the Linden Pets, and make their own. Like maybe, as a merchant, I take that code and change it to give information about my store. My pet could stay online in my store, while I'm away, and give information to customers that need it. So, now, my pet is actually working for me and earning his own keep, lol. To me, a Pet is exactly the solution to retention. Who can't resist a cute little fuzzy animal? Hey, you just reinvented Microsoft's Bob! And that went well, didn't it...? Father "Ebbe would probably go for that - again" Jim
  3. VoteboxRepairMan wrote: it's a total waste of time You said it. Father "presumes you mean this thread" Jim
  4. irihapeti wrote: just as a fyi bc is topical I think. Microsoft have just changed their Windows Services Agreement. I get a email about it from them. Is effective from 1 July 2014 am quite pleased with the changes. Specially this part: "Privacy: As part of our ongoing commitment to respecting your privacy, we won't use your documents, photos or other personal files or what you say in email, chat, video calls or voice mail to target advertising to you." #dbeyroti Father "You won't find the word 'gullable' in the OED" Jim
  5. Innula Zenovka wrote: "A new life awaits you in the Off-world colonies! A chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!!" Join me! We will even provide unlimited replicants to do the grunt work in the better life. Father "I'm one myself" Jim
  6. Gavin Hird wrote: Yep. If LL were smart ... That's a whole 'nother thread! Father "beggars would ride" Jim
  7. Innula Zenovka wrote: kiramanell wrote: Nevertheless I recall Ebbe saying TPV's would be a thing of the past. When/where did he say that? Just about the same time as he said SL would be closed down when V2 was eating its lunch. Don't wait for the 404 message! Join me in a better life. No migration hassles. No money worry, I'll take all of it, erm, on my shoulders. Free Kool-Aid! Father "eidetic memory" Jim
  8. I think it would be an excellent idea if you girls stuck to your rounders game (America's National Pastime - mainly for Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans and junkies?) and left soccer to those who understand what's going on. If you joined me I would provide you with huge outdoor screens on the beach, compete with barbeques serving roast Uruguayan animals turned on the dolcett non-sexist spit. Father "All the referees should be called Jesus, because none of them have fathers" Jim
  9. Jo Yardley wrote: SL is all about entertainment and joy. How selfishly parochial! For you maybe, but the coming year is going to be a period of effort and depression for people like Pam, whose involvement in SL is a full-time job allowing her to support her family. Perhaps you could pull some strings and get her on the Cheerleader Committee, so she could receive some LL bunce to cheer her as she is working 20 hour days to convert her products to whatever format Mr Altberg eventually decides, using whatever tools Mr Altberg eventually decides, to a migration timescale that Mr Altberg eventually decides, for sale to a market that will decide for itself whether it is interested in something that may never happen. Instead, why don't you join me in my better life! I promise that you won't have to deal with incipient nationalist political movements, or fascist reactionaries, and you will never get a hangover from the free drinks that I shall be providing. Just sign up on my feed, follow the instructions for transfer of your assets to my cult - no need to convert formats, I'll even cash out the Linden Dollars myself -and I guarantee a worry-free future. Father "Jam tomorrow" Jim
  10. Teagan Tobias wrote: DesperadoReprise wrote: Phil Deakins wrote: they have no intention of closing SL after the new platfrom is launched. Ebbe has said that LL will close SL as soon as it becomes unprofitable. That sounds like a death sentence to me. "is there going to be anything left?" (I did the bold) This statement is true for all corporations, every business or organization, when it is no longer profitable they go out of business. It has always been true for Second Life too, when it is no longer profitable it will close. There is nothing new about that. Very few businesses shoot themselves in the foot by offering competing products, although interestingly Microsoft does with its multiple - almost undifferentiated - financial accounting packages. SL V2 will kill SL V1 very quickly. Perhaps before it even comes to market. Instead, if you want a better life, see my feed for details of how you can sign up. Father "SL V2 is like Kool-Aid; partake of it and forget all your woes" Jim
  11. I forgot to say, there will be no emotion sickness in my better life. Father "Do I have a seconder for that emotion?" Jim Also, you will be able to speak any language you like. But nobody will take any notice of you unless you speak English. Well.
  12. Innula Zenovka wrote: If your new virtual world includes forums like this one, will they have a facilty for users to block trolls who are not sufficiently amusing? Benny Hill movies will be provided for people like you, with no discernible sense of humour. Father "One size fits all" Jim
  13. Facebook users have lower average IQs and worse manners than rats, so there is no need to worry about ethics, morality or even the accuracy of the results generated, which will simply demonstrate that morons allow their feelings to supersede (you may wish to note that this is the correct spelling, Laskya) their higher brain functions, something that those of us who retain our higher brain functions when confronted with differential gender attitudes already knew. Father "Maybe you are my puppet" Jim
  14. No, I am not falling to pieces and in need of mending - I am inviting all of you to join me in a new, better world I am building. Like Mr Altberg, I do not have the first clue what it will be like, or how it will be made, but I promise you it will be better than the world you have now. Do not worry about your possessions, and do not worry about crass mercantile entrepreneurialism; you will be provided with everything you need to survive, nay, thrive, from the goodness we have already accumulated in our treasure trove.. You can keep your names, but you must keep them secret, and share them only with those you must trust, those who will deal with your contributions to the new world, for your riches from this world will not be needed in the better world because everything will be provided to you; there will be unlimited Kool-Aid, for example. I will not bore you, as Mr Altberg has, with half-truths and ambiguous promises about specifics that will be irrelevant when the better world comes to pass, because you have obviously had enough of that sort of thing in the last 100 or so pages. Instead, I will GUARANTEE you a better world, full of Joy - and other obliging women with different names as well. Or men if that is what you want. Or animals even. But not bayonets. All you have to do is to register now on my feed: my.secondlife.com/madjim where I will soon be publishing everything you need to know about the better world to come, and how much of your possessions you will have to offer to become one of the chosen. Make sure you answer the registration questions correctly. It is your responsibility to have an education sufficient to comprehend the consequences of your commitments, and to take the time to ensure that your responses are not only accurate, but cogent. Incoherence will not prevent you from joining me on this wonderful journey, but you may end up serving the drinks and mopping the bar floor, while others are enjoying a better life. Father "You can't take it with you" Jim Exceptions: Gavin can't join us because he's too cynically insightful, and Dresden cant because he's so beautiful that the girls will all be fighting over him, which will waste everyone's time . . .
  15. Theresa, I understand what you are saying about the pragmatic approach taken by LL, but the fact remains that you would have to avoid scanning the Trending thread to avoid reading comments from those you have "muted", which is surely against the philosophy of open social interaction that everyone seems to think should underlie the feeds. It is so easy to get a post to "trend" at the moment, because you only need two "love"s and one can be yourself! There is also no categorization of feed threads which would facilitate selective reading of "Trending" subjects, nor is there a "Group" capability which would overcome the current dichotomy between making your personal feed "friends-only" and inviting contributions from potentially interested and interesting acquaintances. Personally speaking, THE Cult would like this last facility, so that those who had made a commitment could be assured of social interaction and could promote the benefits to those who have not yet recognized how they might fulfill themselves and derive additional benefits from their community participation. Father "inclusive, but selective" Jim
  16. The inverse way you have implemented this offers a huge opportunity to those of us with a message to spread. Even if we are muted we can still disseminate our messages through the Trending feed, and taking advantage of unused accounts, which are set by default to be available for social interaction. There is, naturally, a danger that certain commercial elements might notice the opportunities that such a situation offers, but I am sure that you have acknowledged that this is a small price to pay for the enhanced level of social interaction that the Profile Feeds encourages. Since this is the Forums Feedback subforum I won't make my normal appeal to everyone to join our community by making a commitment, but instead will take the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year from THE Cult. Father "Joyous" Jim
  17. This is MOST amusing! LL has implemented Inworld "Mute" as Profile Feed "Ignore", which is not the way that it is supposed to work at all and lends itself to huge opportunities as far as I am concerned. It means that the messages of THE Cult, even if each member is muted by feed users (we need a name for them: feeders perhaps?) will still be staring into the faces of those who do not want to read them, in the Trending tab. It is also likely to lead to feedjacking of unused accounts as platforms for the muted to circumvent the impotent restriction attempts. No real thought seems to have been given to what the feeds are intended to achieve, and to the privacy and utilisation issues associated with a platform that is semi-public and semi-private, and accordingly not subject to formal moderation protocols. THE Cult will naturally use the feeds to promote their community, keeping to the Community Standards, but where those standards are silent or inapplicable, we will take advantage of the social interaction capabilities they offer to the fullest extent. So join us now! It's the New Year! Make a commitment to our community now! Share your resources and thoughts with us. Father "Feedmeister" Jim
  18. One of the recent converts to THE Cult was involved with the LL product development team until he recently saw the light and decided he was better off making a commitment to a community which believed in each other, one in which the goals were transparent and SMART, and one which believed in truth, not truespeak. He, or was it a she, suggested that these novel products were in the design process: an electronic car, available in any color you like as long as it is grey; it moves at 20mph and doesn't work on Thursday evenings an automated help-line service, which repeats the message that it works fine in our office and perhaps you should clear your cache, upgrade your computer, or ask someone in the forums, if they haven't left the building a textual comprehension aid for the semi-literate, which automatically deletes all words with more than two syllables, inserts typos and mis-spellings at random throughout the remainder of the text and sends preformatted responses saying "Grammar Nazi! Language is a living thing. Throw away your dictionaries now!" a HomeScout Personal Body attachment, which allows an individual to simultaneously change a diaper, stir the grits, watch reruns of Oprah and answer the phone using standard phrases such as "I don't have the authority to do that", "Reinstall! Reinstall! Reinstall!" and "Thank you for participating. Pease read the Community Guidelines before your ban ends in 2013" There were other potential products considered but rejected as being insufficiently innovative, being such mundane things as a reliable product delivery mechanism, development tools that produced products that don't make you look topless with a tire around your waist, and a facility to categorise your friends. Our recent recruit is now relaxing in a darkened room, and will be allowed out when he stops muttering "games means gains". Father "the future is so bright that you have to wear shades - to remain incognito" Jim
  19. I can confirm that this is the case, having recently taken to buying supplies for our journey to an island paradise where our community will be insulated against the hostile cynicism of those who are not prepared to commit themselves. Being an open minded soul I had never muted anyone, and when I was offered the above explanation, and temporarily muted, for the purposes of the exercise, the Linden whom I considered responsible for this ridiculous situation, a cascade of exactly 25 deliveries appeared. But what has happened to the remaining 100 or so? Have they gone into the Linden SLush Fund? Have they been allocated to the Banned Aid charity? Have they disappeared into the same black hole as the Marketing Department? I won't suggest that they may have gone into the Void, as this is apparently a very sore subject. And more to the point. How long, now that it is obvious what is causing the problem and has been brought to their notice publicly, will it take for LL to fix this stupid bug. The clock is ticking - and will be updated! Father "Deliver us from evil, erm . . . Marketplace" Jim
  20. Phil Deakins wrote: None of the disappearances were done by moderators, unless they've got rid of the moderators and are doing it themselves now. So the author of the disappeared thread, and the writers of the individual posts that disappeared, wouldn't have been informed. But Lexie Linden herself assured us that posts would not be removed without notification and explanation. Are we now to distrust commitments made by Community Managers? Father "Trust in me" Jim
  21. Charolotte Caxton wrote: What I do see is the name of a follower who is no longer an active account. I would like to be able to remove that name. This would also be a useful feature for those persons who would like to remove a person from their followers list whom they do not want to see there. I see that this debate is still continuing. You don't seem to understand yourself, or be clear what you are asking for. Is it the ability to remove someone from displaying on your Followers list, or actually preventing them from being able to Follow you? They are completely different things, like the difference between being obsessive compulsive towards the neatness of that part of your profile which is a service provided to you by LL, or impotently paranoid in relation to the private announcement - no-one else knows who is following you - of a fact, over which you have, quite rightly, no control if you have chosen to display your feed for public consumption. Currently, you are coming across like the girl who wears a revealing bikini at the beach and then complains that men are looking at her. (I should also thank all those who have had kind words about me and my offers to others to find personal salvation in a communal environment, but would point out that our organisation is called THE Cult, not any variation of it. The specific meaning of THE Cult is disclosed once you have made a suitable commitment to it, of course. We welcome everyone, but do not want any old riff-raff in our version of paradise.) Father "THE Cult Father, actually" Jim
  22. Peggy Paperdoll wrote: I won't AR you this time. :matte-motes-big-grin: Very sensible; the line is pretty long at that counter! Father "rises above it" Jim
  23. Charolotte Caxton wrote: some posters merely post to incite or cause heated discussions. Don't be too self-critical. I am sure that you had nothing but good intentions when you started the thread. Father "voice of reason" Jim
  24. Peggy Paperdoll wrote: But they had enough resources to impliment badly this half-assed feature. FIFY! And I didn't say that I thought lag was fixable by LL; I said that THEY would use allocating resources to insignificant amendments like this as an excuse for performance being generally terrible. Father "knows best" Jim
  25. Charolotte Caxton wrote: Storm Clarence wrote: Charolette, I do understand. I am applying a tad of humor with it. I am trying to say that it really doesn't matter - it is a just a name on a list. Venus told me that someone (she did not tell me the name) was following her and that person did not have an open feed. She said she sent a kind note and the person responded too bad. I told her the same thing I have said here: it is only a name on a list. You are completely correct, Storm. It is merely a name on a list. It does not affect our ability to function inworld, it does nothing to interfere with our graphics or performance. It does not cause lag, it does not hinder purchases from being accepted, it does not crash sims and it does not deter concurrency. Therefore, the ability to remove someone's name from your followers list is an option I would like to see implemented. Because I asked support to remove the name of a cancelled account and they were not able to, they directed me to request a feature. This is what I have done. Now anyone that feels the same may vote and watch the JIRA as well, or not. Wouldn't it be easier just for you not to look at that tab in your Profile? Fixing this will be the reason LL will give for not carrying out critical work on getting rid of lag. They don't have unlimited resources, you know! Father "The Economist" Jim
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