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  1. ok, i used to be BLONDE, but then some drama queen (who's avatar looks very similar to mine) accused me of copying her style. Well i don't do drama, and that was a reason for me to do a complete makeover. Here it is: I bought the shape+Skin, added different eyes+hair, and a tattoo. And i modified the face a little too. What do you think?
  2. I was just reading this... No, it doesn't make sense to me to put a sentence like that. If i want to share conversations, i dont ask. i'll just do it. And they will never know i shared their conversations. And if you have a sentence like "you don't have permission to share my IMs" ... don't worry they will do it anyway. Trust me. I think everybody does it. Chats are being shared via notecards, or skype, email... and LL doesn't really care. I had reported someone before for sharing my IMs but nothing happened to them.
  3. I didn't even know that place existed. But i would love to see it before it closes. Can anyone please post a SLURL? thanks
  4. Thank you very much Darius and Marcus. I saved the PDF file too so i can read it again later.
  5. I am selling something on MP which is being sent as a folder. It contains the clothing and a landmark. If i want to update the clothing or the landmark, how would i do that? Is there a way i can replace some items? Or do i have to upload a new one and start over?
  6. i remember years ago (on my old account) there used to be fog at a certain height of the sim. What happened to it? Or do only some mainland sims have fog?
  7. Well i usually block rude people, or griefers, bots, fakers... but i most likely keep them blocked. I checked my block list today, there are 73 names since August 2011. Well my mind tells me not to unblock them. I've had some bad experience with someone i once unblocked because i couldn't remember why i blocked them. Well look at it this way: If you shoot someone, you can't unshoot them. Same with blocking. I can't unblock. Its against my religion. And it keeps drama away.
  8. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: Rhys Goode wrote: LL should realy do a better job of making it clear that you will always have your username floating over your head, no matter what display name you choose. If you knew it soon enought, you could choose a username in the form FirstnameLastname (resident), then set your display name to Firstname Lastname. But the sign up process gives such a poor explanation that it takes a month or two for people to realize that they are stuck with the username, and by then its too late. I might be wrong but - I'm fairly confident that the Lindens have researched this carefully. I think they found that the act of explaining the significance of picking a user name causes many potential residents to abandon sign-up. Having them find out a month later still loses some people but not as many. So LL does the math and we have the current situation. I just came upon this discussion... well LL didn't see WHY people abandoned the names... Just an example: Once I wanted to make an alt "Kylie" ... Tried 30 Last names, no they all dont sound good... ok next one: "Joan" ... none of 30 available last names goes good with it. And so on... So i've already abandoned like 60 names during sign up. And i am sure other people have done that too. And until 2010 when the bots were popular there were even more alts just living a couple days and then being abandoned. But like i said LL probably dont understand that. They just see how many people sign up and how many abandon their names. When the Single-Name thing was invented people didnt have a choice, they HAD to think of a name they liked. I dont think they will bring last names back. I can only suggest to whoever signs up: Be creative when thinking of a name. Atleast we have the display names...
  9. ok thanks for your answers. yeah i might test them with default settings too then, so people will see what it looks like with default. makes sense...
  10. I want to make skins, and i am wondering which Windlight settings are best for testing them? ( i mean uploading the texture, putting on my skin and looking how it turns out) I mostly use Nam's optimal skin, or Strawberrysingh WL settings. Some settings make my skins look really pretty, and others show them too bright or too dark... Or should i rather use Default settings? Since most ppl would use default anyway when they buy a skin...
  11. Well i know somebody who got his deleted account back which he canceled about 2 years ago. And even if you have a calling card of someone who is gone since 5 or 10 years, you can still see their profile. So that means a cancelled account stays in the database forever. Right? And... I've read something like, choosing a last name would cause many people to give up and abandon their names... Well personally i doubt that. I think it was even more fun to have a surname. But in the old days there was No mesh, No Linden-Games, we had ugly avatars, and there was only an island where many people didn't know where the "exit" was. I remember seeing 3 months old avatars still running around on newbie island and they really had no clue. And if they made it to the mainland they got most likely hit on by vampires or some Roleplayers to join them. It scared people off. But LL doesn't see that. Compare SL 2009 to SL 2012. It sucked in the old days. Its much better now and more fun to be here. But yes, let's blame it on the surnames...
  12. i thougt i had read somewhere Steam is coming by September 5th... Haha good one... Well, Where is it?
  13. ok let me show you the whole script, might be easier: // Welcome Mat Script by Alice Klinger// If you change something, hit the "Save" button to save your change string hours;string myemail;string IM;string greetingmessage;integer EmailingTimeInHours;integer scanradius;integer scaninterval;string gName; integer gLine = 0; key gQueryID; key owner;key target;list targetlist;MailList(){string text = llGetObjectName()+"list:\n";integer len = llGetListLength( targetlist );integer i;for( i = 0; i < len; i++ ){text += llList2String(targetlist, i) + "\n";}text += "Total = " + (string)len; llInstantMessage(llGetOwner(), llGetObjectDesc()+text+" Visitor(s)" ); llEmail(myemail, llGetObjectDesc()+" List", text);targetlist = [];}//finding out if the visitor is on the list yet or notinteger matching1(string targetname){ integer itemslistlength=llGetListLength(targetlist); integer k; for(k = 0; k < itemslistlength; k++) { if(llList2String(targetlist, k) == targetname) { return TRUE; } } return FALSE;}default { state_entry() { if(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_NOTECARD,0)=="_configuration") { gLine=0; gName = "_configuration"; gQueryID = llGetNotecardLine(gName, gLine); llOwnerSay("Alright starting to work"); } else { llOwnerSay("Put the _configuration notecard into this object"); EmailingTimeInHours=24*3600;//daily scanradius=10;//10 meter scaninterval=30;//30 seconds IM="Yes"; greetingmessage="Welcome, "; llSetTimerEvent(EmailingTimeInHours); owner=llGetOwner(); llSensorRepeat("", "", AGENT, scanradius, PI, scaninterval); } } on_rez(integer any) { llResetScript(); } sensor(integer total_number) { integer k; llDetectedKey(k); for(k=0;k<total_number;k++) { target = llDetectedKey(k); string targetname = llKey2Name(target); if(matching1(targetname) == FALSE) { llInstantMessage(target,greetingmessage+" " + llGetDisplayName(target)); string note = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_NOTECARD, 1); string landmark = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_LANDMARK, 0); string sound = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_SOUND, 0); string object = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT, 0); if(llToLower(IM)=="yes") llInstantMessage(llGetOwner(), ": "+ llGetDisplayName(target) + " (" + targetname + ") is visiting."); if(sound) llTriggerSound(sound, 1); if(note) llGiveInventory(target, note); if(landmark) llGiveInventory(target, landmark); if(object) llGiveInventory(target, object); targetlist=(targetlist=[])+targetlist+ llGetDisplayName(target) + " (" + targetname + ")"; if(llGetListLength(targetlist)>200) MailList(); } } } timer() { MailList(); } touch_start(integer any) { owner=llGetOwner(); key detected=llDetectedKey(0); if(detected==llGetOwner()) { llOwnerSay("Configuration stats:\n"+"Email: "+myemail+"\n Welcome message: "+greetingmessage+"\n IM notification: "+(string)IM+"\n Scan radius: "+(string)scanradius+"\n Scan interval: "+(string)scaninterval+"\n Interval for stats in hours: "+(string)hours); MailList(); llOwnerSay("Visitorlist emailed if you have specified an email to send it to"); } else { llInstantMessage(detected,greetingmessage+" " + llKey2Name(detected)); string note = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_NOTECARD, 1); string landmark = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_LANDMARK, 0); string sound = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_SOUND, 0); string object = llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT, 0); if(sound) llTriggerSound(sound, 1); if(note) llGiveInventory(detected, note); if(landmark) llGiveInventory(detected, landmark); if(object) llGiveInventory(detected, object); } } dataserver(key query_id, string data) { if (query_id == gQueryID) { if (data != EOF) { if(llGetSubString(data,0,14)=="Welcome message") greetingmessage=llGetSubString(data,16,-1); if(llGetSubString(data,0,15)=="Send IM (Yes/No)") IM=llGetSubString(data,17,-1); if(llGetSubString(data,0,4)=="Email") myemail=llGetSubString(data,6,-1); if(llGetSubString(data,0,10)=="Scan radius") scanradius=(integer)llGetSubString(data,12,-1); if(llGetSubString(data,0,12)=="Scan interval") { scaninterval=(integer)llGetSubString(data,14,-1); llSensorRepeat("", "", AGENT, scanradius, PI, scaninterval); } if(llGetSubString(data,0,26)=="Interval for stats in hours") { hours=llGetSubString(data,28,-1); EmailingTimeInHours=3600*(integer)llGetSubString(data,28,-1); } ++gLine; gQueryID = llGetNotecardLine(gName, gLine); } } } changed(integer change) { if(change &CHANGED_INVENTORY) { if(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_NOTECARD,0)=="_configuration") { gLine=0; gName = "_configuration"; gQueryID = llGetNotecardLine(gName, gLine); llOwnerSay("Alright got it starting to work"); } else { llOwnerSay("Put the _configuration notecard into this object"); EmailingTimeInHours=24*3600;//daily scanradius=10;//10 meter scaninterval=30;//30 seconds IM="yes"; greetingmessage="Welcome, "; llSetTimerEvent(EmailingTimeInHours); owner=llGetOwner(); llSensorRepeat("", "", AGENT, scanradius, PI, scaninterval); } } } }
  14. i need help with a greeter script. I modified a free script so it recognizes display names, but theres still something wrong with the list output: [23:15] Dani's Welcome Greeter: Dani's Welcome Greeterlist: Dani ( danicah Resident ) Total = 4 Visitor(s) It looks messed up, and I would like to have that in one line please, how can i do that? Here is part of the script where the name gets stored in the list: targetlist=(targetlist=[])+targetlist+ llGetDisplayName(target) + " (" + targetname + ")"; Any ideas?
  15. hmm ok maybe you are right. i understand about the copyright thing too and i am trying to be careful. Well some of these clothes i checked and apparently the creator really does have a store, atleast on some of them. So maybe those i could give away as freebies too. But yes the quality of most of the stuff sucks, i've noticed too. Maybe i should just use some of my templates i have and make my own. Just to be safe...
  16. I got a box of full perm stuff (Business in a box) here. Is it safe to give them away as freebies? My idea: I would add a freebie store to my mall, and give some of those things (not everything) away as freebies. One thing confuses me though: There are things like "Nike full perm shoes" inside the box. And Nike is a RL brand name so i am not sure if i would get in trouble if i offer them as freebies. But then... you can find them at other freebie places too (i've checked!) Should i keep the permissions as "full perm" when giving them away as freebies? Or should i better make them no trans?
  17. i have a feeling he is playing Steam games all the time and doesn't have time for SL who knows.
  18. i like sailing or flying across sims, but my viewer keeps crashing after a couple minutes after crossing several sims. Are there any good viewers that dont crash so easily? I am using Firestorm.
  19. I was just gonna ask this too, glad i found it... Is that still accurate with the 3 hour day and 1 hour night? Just wondering...
  20. yeah well we did say Hello and her name. No if its a busy store then i dont say Hi to everyone, but if someone says Hi then i say Hi back. Well maybe she was one of those people who dont like talking to strangers. Its like "i dont know you, i dont talk to you". Oh well, thats life i guess...
  21. Yesterday we were on a sim looking at yachts, and there was another couple. We said Hello but the lady completely ignored us. She just kept talking to her friend in local. I think thats rude. Later we saw them again, we said Hi but no response. She just kept blabbing to her friend. My GF made a negative comment about her in local, and she was right there but she didn't react. But she did shut up after my GF said that. So i am sure she heard it. Why are some people ignorant like that? All we did was saying hello, 3 times and we didn't even get a Hello back.
  22. i have seen this shirt being sold in several stores. So i think its made from a template. But who made it, or where can i buy the template for it?
  23. lol yes very true... thanks for your answer
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