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  1. I have now told my friend about the possibilities of getting his old account back. He will try to follow your advice, and hope to succeed. He asked me to send you greetings and a lot of thanks. The thread has been very interesting to read, and I also appreciate all your answers about changing the last names, and to learn about your opinions about it too. I think – if there are about 10,000 new members per day – it will be very difficult for LL to keep inventing different and new surnames contemporary to the others been used for a lot of different first names the hole time. And perhaps som
  2. Danicah wrote: "Well I know somebody who got his deleted account back which he canceled about 2 years ago. And even if you have a calling card of someone who is gone since 5 or 10 years, you can still see their profile. So that means a cancelled account stays in the database forever. Right?" So there is hope for my friend too I guess. But how does he do, he has to fill in a form or something I guess? Where can he find this. And what if he never has been a premium, does that matter for the help to bring his avatar back?
  3. Thank you Qwalyphi Korpov, I think I got you quite right this time. And great you found that link. It seems that LL still is thinking about doing things better with the names.
  4. You indicated that your friend was once a resident and decided to return. If they did not delete their account OR if they deleted their account within the last 6 - 12 months, they can submit a ticket to get their avatar back. It may not have a full inventory, but I know that it is possible to get one's avatar reinstated if one files a ticket. Good to know Venus Petrov, but he left a couple of years ago, so his account must be totally deleted now.
  5. Qwalyphi Korpov, yes you made that clear, but I was referring to TheresaTennysons answer, about 10,000 new people joining sl every day. Then it is hard to keep up with new surnames I think.
  6. Thanks for your explanations, I understand that it is something technical that is the cause and something about not to put too much data in the server? Yes it is true that new members can find their own unique name to use if they put together a FirstnameLastname in one word, and then use a different display name. But I don’t think it is appropriate with two different names as tags. And as far I know, you can not use the search function to find a specific avatar by the person's display name alone. As a newbie you can - of course - also just call yourself John986766518352 Resident :smileywink
  7. I don't know about alts, but I guess it would be the same for giving friends rights? You just have to check the small squares besides the name of the particular friend in your profile, and he now has the rights to build, edit and so on. It is more simple than to make a group, I think.
  8. What was the idea of closing down the options for choosing surnames for new members ? Now all new members have the same "surname" (Resident)? I liked the time much better when I started in sl, where we all had different surnames, and could choose from a list. My rl friend has had a break from sl and wants to come back. He says it is almost impossible to find a name, that isn't already occupied. He sat for over half an hour and has given up for now to join us again.
  9. It is very interesting to learn from your replies. If I buy an apple I have to spend 100L$. But of course the price is more easy to compare proportionally if you know, that a minimum wage is 756.800 L$ per month, but then we have to pay about 33% in taxes to the State of that amount. Internet is about 8.000 L$ per month. It is rather funny to think, that I can rent an apartment in sl for two weeks, for a single apple :-) To buy a hole region of land in sl, is rather too expensive for me in tiers to LL though.
  10. I think it is great that sl is for everyone all over the world. And I think it is great that all people with a pc just can join and take part in this world for free. But I can’t help wondering however, that 100 linden$ for some of us is “just a grip in the pocket”, while it for others can be a lot of money – depending which country you live in rl. Just for interest, and without you need to “reveal” where you come from, I think it could be nice to know, for example, what you can buy or not buy in your home-country if you should change 100 L$ to the currency of your land. I can begin by te
  11. Try to re-install sl, or try first just to change to another hair-base. Sometimes a change of hair base is all you need to make your ava show up the right way, instead of being a white egg :-)
  12. Perhaps griefing also is about having some talents, that can't be used for something constructive. I once went for a lonely walk in a nice forest, when suddenly I was griefed. The griefer made me shout a lot of nasty words, and I could not stop it. Words I would not ever use myself. I had to tp away and relog. Afterwards I thought, what a shame that griefing person did not use his/her talents in a constructive way instead. But perhaps there is no place for him/her at the labour market, and the person instead in his/her anger got destructive, programming griefing situations for others in the
  13. I wish there was some more clothe in sl, that just doesn't glue to the body. Some jackets or jogging-clothes, that can be worn without looking like "body-paint" :-)
  14. Casandra Kumsung asks: This was just being nasty. Why do they do this? To what end? Just do not understand it. My answer is, that people who feel bad about themselves or their lives, who have grief in their own life, just want to transfer this grief and bad feelings to another person. "If I am not happy - you should not be either" Just my five cents of guess about the reason, why we have to deal with those griefers, in rl and in sl too.
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