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  1. http://www.unicef.org/pon96/coname.htm this is an example of what i'm talking about. Since a one word name is meaningless, showing no connection to anyone else, there needs to be a system, which does NOT include a sissified "display name" idea, which, is a FURTHER insult to human rights. the display name is a nickname, a word or several that show your connections in SL, that is true, however, the basic "resident name" as it is still called, is not a respectful option. that is a spit in a person's face. an insult the likes of which only a few have pulled off.
  2. and what good will THAT do? After all, LL are in fact a huge corporation. I seriously doubt they give a single **bleep** as to what the users want. I am pondering an alternative way of convicing the lindens to comply with such a simple request. Also, I am all against having a so called "display name" as it will still show compodulator.resident underneath. and last but not least, i've yet to see a single "contact us" button ANYWHERE, proving furthermore that the linden company does not give a **bleep** as to what the users think or want. edit: and yet they put a sissy censorship system. how cute.
  3. well then, that is... for the very least, unfortunate. since i am having a bit of trouble translating the message in my head to english, i will end this thread with the above.
  4. well, since it's not mandatory anymore, but optional, i would like to use that option.
  5. It appears that my surname is resident. Compodulator Resident. Now... i think it's fair to say i am, in laymans terms, a goddamn human being. I deserve a surname. I see some people getting them somehow, while others choose to stay xxx resident. How do I get a surname, preferably for free? Seeing as it is going to be QUITE an insult to demand payment for the most basic of all human rights. to have a meaningful name.
  6. i'm looking for a link to the official Linden Labs take on the disclaimer some folks put in their profiles. "Disclaimer: Chat/IMs may be recorded & shared (stating this, releases me from liability per SL TOS" or something. i know it's false, but i want a Linden quote.
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