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  1. It does address the issue in a way that is manageable for LL. Things will still be miscategorized, but gachas are nearly always listed as limited quantity items, and few other things are, so the ability to filter them out will immensely reduce the amount seen in searches. There was no need to "lmao" at me and be so rude and patronizing simply because I was incorrect. I get that you're very passionate about your issue, but there's no need to take it out on other users. I had a quick look at the merchant section of the forums before posting that and didn't see what you were talking about. The gacha issue is the only thing i'd really heard about with any regularity with regards to the marketplace. I can see how the issue of things being unlisted seemingly at random would be one that people feel would need addressing ASAP, but you didn't mention that in your first post. You beat around the bush and implied that we just needed to be there to understand.
  2. Are you speaking on the uncategorized gacha issue? Because that is seemingly being addressed at least. If not, care to clarify?
  3. And a new (definitely more expensive) premium tier just on the heels of raising the price of "classic" premium. 😬
  4. The only highlights of that post were the last name contest and the new linden homes themes tbh. The rest is just crap. Doubling the marketplace commission, adding a new premium tier that no one asked for (I'm calling it now: they'll try to remove features from, or add extra fees/restrictions to free and/or classic premium to make Premium Plus seem better. They'll consider taking it back when there's a huge outcry from the users.), making name changes premium-only AND charging an additional fee on top of that... Is LL having that much of a problem keeping the lights on? Oof.
  5. "You have to "add" your clothes, not "wear" them." Obviously said in a snooty "i'm better than you" voice.
  6. ...They'd think we were absolutely insane, or serial killers. "Where'd you get your head?" "Do you like this skin on me?" "I can't get my tears to work!" In light of all the recent drama about the premium membership changes, here's a lighthearted thread. What are some other silly SL-related quotes that sound insane when taken out of context?
  7. Krankhaus is your #1 best bet for finding grungy/punky clothes for both maitreya and kemono. Other stores do exist, but krankhaus is so good. May also check out Glutz and Oubliette, but they're more goth.
  8. Alright! Well thanks for the info regardless! A shame that there's no easy way. It would have been nice to make other textures seamless as well. Oh well!
  9. Hi! I'm trying to make a fishnet top with an omega applier, and I want the front and back to be seamless at the side. The UV map (included below) doesn't have the front and back of the body touching seamlessly, obviously, and has many curves, so I obviously can't just pattern my texture over the entire thing and hope for the best. Is there a way to make my texture line up perfectly without pulling my hair out? Preferably a method that would work with other textures as well, as I've had this problem before with other things.
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