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  1. "You have to "add" your clothes, not "wear" them." Obviously said in a snooty "i'm better than you" voice.
  2. ...They'd think we were absolutely insane, or serial killers. "Where'd you get your head?" "Do you like this skin on me?" "I can't get my tears to work!" In light of all the recent drama about the premium membership changes, here's a lighthearted thread. What are some other silly SL-related quotes that sound insane when taken out of context?
  3. Krankhaus is your #1 best bet for finding grungy/punky clothes for both maitreya and kemono. Other stores do exist, but krankhaus is so good. May also check out Glutz and Oubliette, but they're more goth.
  4. Alright! Well thanks for the info regardless! A shame that there's no easy way. It would have been nice to make other textures seamless as well. Oh well!
  5. Hi! I'm trying to make a fishnet top with an omega applier, and I want the front and back to be seamless at the side. The UV map (included below) doesn't have the front and back of the body touching seamlessly, obviously, and has many curves, so I obviously can't just pattern my texture over the entire thing and hope for the best. Is there a way to make my texture line up perfectly without pulling my hair out? Preferably a method that would work with other textures as well, as I've had this problem before with other things.
  6. This place has basically become a combination of showing off avatar looks, and the old "Show off your Snaps" thread! It's good fun trying to frame the right shot to showcase your avatar and create a piece others will enjoy! I think that's what draws in all us flickr accounts, anyway. As for the rest, it's just fun to show off! We put so much time, effort, and money into our avatars, and the world out there is fairly empty. When you combine the sparsely populated grid with avatar complexity limits, it's not all that likely that any given one of us will be seen and really actually looked at by 20+ people (let alone have all of those people toss us a message and tell us they like what they see) before we decide to change up our look. It's rewarding and encouraging, and helps us all push each other to get better at SL Photography and avatar creation. To add: It's an interesting insight into SL fashion/photography and how trends change over time. Hell, this place has even been a bit of a trendsetter in its own right recently, with the superhero fad and the bunny brigade!
  7. I almost forgot about Amber's Apples! They have some really cute stuff! I remember stumbling upon them the first time before I got a boi chest and being a bit sad that my favorite dress from them didn't have a regular maitreya fit. Now I can go buy it!
  8. This post was AWESOME! Thank you for sharing! If anyone else has anything to add, please, by all means! A small note about Lumae: Not all of their skins include a version without cleavage shading for v-tech users. When I got my boi chest, I was disappointed to find out that my Eritae skin didn't have a v-tech option, though my Elentari skin did. Always double check the signs and such. They're an absolute steal right now at 100L each though!
  9. By gender neutral designers, I mean designers who make clothes that are unisex, or traditionally gendered but for opposite gendered bodies as well as the ones you'd expect. (Dresses for Signature Jake and Maitreya Lara, Designers making clothes for the V-Tech Boi Chest plus normal Maitreya, standard sized clothes with both flat chest and breast options, etc). With that in mind, who are some of your favorites? I've been happy to see Glutz get into making Boi Chest clothing lately! Boys to the Bone is pretty rad for streetwear. Krankhaus is AMAZING for emo, goth, and punk styles! Looking for more recommendations! I saw someone had recently mentioned on here that there aren't a ton of designers out there, so let's get 'em all in one place for easy reference!
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