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  1. The Gen Con build is open now until Tuesday at 5pm EST, for anyone who didn't get a chance to see it. I volunteered for the con, and was there Thursday and Friday morning.
  2. I'd be happy to help you out at no charge. Happy to see fresh blood in my favorite aspect of SL. To answer some of what you've posted here: Land for the establishment: You don't necessarily need land to start a business. In fact, unless you intend to sell furniture, homes, or other things that would be better-suited to a rezzed, inworld demo, I would advise starting on the marketplace first! You can set up a marketplace storefront for absolutely zero upfront cost, and zero upkeep costs. The only cost to you for marketplace sales is that Linden Labs takes a 10% commission fee out of ever
  3. I know it might be futile, but on the off chance it's a relatively low channel, i'm going to put a small amount of effort into figuring it out. If I don't find it after an hour of watching youtube in another tab while I try, then i'll give up. I'd feel really silly if it was under like, 2k and I didn't find it, which I realize is unlikely, but I've got to try.
  4. I do not have access to it, no. And the creator is no longer on SL, or i'd just ask. Yes, the object speaks on that channel.
  5. How do I know which channel it's currently on? Forgive me, i'm rather inexperienced with scripting.
  6. Oh, I'm aware it's going to take a while. Thanks for this though!
  7. I'm trying to figure out how to script an object to automatically send a test message to a large number of channels, one at a time. My end goal is to figure out which channel another scripted object I own is listening for. Alternatively, if anyone knows a better way to do that, I'm all ears.
  8. It does address the issue in a way that is manageable for LL. Things will still be miscategorized, but gachas are nearly always listed as limited quantity items, and few other things are, so the ability to filter them out will immensely reduce the amount seen in searches. There was no need to "lmao" at me and be so rude and patronizing simply because I was incorrect. I get that you're very passionate about your issue, but there's no need to take it out on other users. I had a quick look at the merchant section of the forums before posting that and didn't see what you were talking about. T
  9. Are you speaking on the uncategorized gacha issue? Because that is seemingly being addressed at least. If not, care to clarify?
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