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Found 25 results

  1. I am currently looking for small paid side jobs. I am open to joining full time if I find the job enjoyable along with the business and it's professional and clean standpoint, and if we work well together. You can see my "About Me And My Experience/Skills" portfolio here ------> X My graphic design and editing will be listed on my other website here -----> X Prices listed on my second website are for clients only. For business purposes we can discuss the paycheck amount in private. Thank you for your interest in working together. Hope to talk soon. - Elizabeth (Information to contact me on first website)
  2. Hi!! We are hiring new and experienced DJS & Hosts @ 4 Aces. We are open 24/7 but we do not have sets on Sundays! Plenty of availability and flexiblility with this team!We have a beach, ballroom, club, game room, cafe, bull riding, playground, swimming area and a motorcycle shop here on site. Please come and apply - our applications are at the front of the club - fill out and drop in the mailbox and we will be back in touch within 24 hours! Family friendly! Come join our crazy crew! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Phoenix Island/229/221/24
  3. I know I probably seem silly asking for help for a player of 11 years but I am just returning after having been gone for 6 years. I have been back for 2 days and all I have been doing is reaquaintancing myself with my inventory. Having trouble already, too! My furniture doesn't work. I click on it and nothing happens when menus are supposed to show up. I click on poseballs and just take on an awkward sitting position on them. My old familiar animation override is not working. Items are taking a very long time to rezz. I don't know which viewer to use as it has been so long so I need someone currently very experienced to help me! Is all this trouble because my inventory is a bunch of antiques (including ME?) and the scripts no longer work in them or is it because I am using the Second Life Viewer? Or do I need to toggle a few buttons and switches that I may not know about at this present time? PLEASE somebody help an old "IN"-experienced player? Thank you bunches!
  4. The Factory is looking for a few good Fill-In Host/Hostess - 100% Tips - Will Train New Host (30 days old), please be able to commit to a hour for training. - Experienced & Supportive Management - Employee of the Month - 1k Lindens & Name on plaque in Club - Drama Free - Contact: Kidd Dallas - Emcee Manager http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alderaan/78/15/2647 𝐉𝐨𝐢𝐧 𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐢𝐧𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝 𝐠𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐩 secondlife:///app/group/91765fd1-6662-49d0-f84f-d7f563294354/about 𝐅𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐰 𝐮𝐬 𝐨𝐧 𝐅𝐚𝐜𝐞𝐛𝐨𝐨𝐤 https://www.facebook.com/groups/thefactorysl This is a great opportunity to make some extra Lindens. Please note, this is a Fill-In Host position. Which means you will work when our regular Host can't make there sets. If a set becomes available, it will be offered to our Fill-In Host first. Please do not message me here in the forum, most likely I will not get it. Contact me in-world - Kidd Dallas You may stop by the club to pick up a application as well - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alderaan/78/15/2647 When you enter the club, the applications are on the wall to your left.
  5. DJs and Hosts Wanted!!! Club Titanium is hiring both DJs and Hosts to fill our weekend shifts. - 100% tips - DJ's play what you want - Hiring Fill-In staff - DJ's must have a stream -Experienced Host is a plus We are looking for the following times: DJS & Host - Friday 6-8pm slt - Sunday 2-4pm slt - Sunday 4-6pm slt - Sunday 6-8pm slt We do plan to expand hours Hiring for Fill-in DJS and Fill In Host, that can fill in during club hours (10am - 8pm slt) If interested please apply online at the links below: DJ - https://bit.ly/TitaniumDJ Host - https://bit.ly/TitaniumHost If you reply to this ad, you will not get a response. If you message me in-world, I will tell you to apply at the links above. Thanks
  6. im here this long 08/18/2018 (2 years 8 months; 990 days) i wish to finde full time job and payment of 100L for day i worked in Amy Luvlace , Meet me at Loop,Sl texas ,SILVER MOON SALOON. for contact -Seth яαvєинυяsт (serbian1997)
  7. New Babylon seeks an experienced club manager to take on managing New Babylon at the highest level for events on Weekends. The successful candidate will report directly to our owners, and will manage calendars, djs, hosts, singers, dance troupes, special events, sim maintenance (restarts), notices to our three membership groups and specified external groups, as well as sending notices to the Linden event page, to facebook, and etc. New Babylon is comprised of three semi-independent venues: Babylon Berlin, our main cabaret; Romanisches Bar/Cafe, our chill gathering space with dj music daily; and Babylon Edge, our lifestyle (BDSM) venue. Prime responsibility will be to run the main venue (Babylon Berlin), while coordinating with established management at Romanisches and the Edge. This is a remarkable opportunity to take a defining role in an established venue that is one of the finest clubs/venues to be found in Second Life. Experience running or owning a venue, please. If interested, contact Chelsie Goodliffe with a cc to Vixanne Dreamscape with a notecard outlining your past experience and availability during the week. We are Looking forward to hearing from you !
  8. I am a graphic/web designer with 4 years of experience. I have ran my freelance company for 3 years as well as working for various companies IRL. I have even worked on projects in SL for a couple of clubs. I am looking for steady work in the ways of: Web design, hosting, & maintenance | Advertising Graphics | T-shirt graphics | Logos | and more. I am available to be hired full time or on a per project basis. I have also worked as a GM, Host, & DJ. My current website is centered around content creators, but here is a link to showcase my quality of work: http://lcemgraphics.com I do have a few examples of graphics I have made for SL specifically. If you would like to see those I can send them to you. As for payment, I accept PayPal & L$ ONLY If you are interested please contact me in world. I prefer a notecard or a reply on here as I switch computers often, but IM's are okay as well. Avatar Name: Zethnos Vanity Name: Zeth Fu-Hok
  9. Recently I've come up with the thought of starting my own business/establishment within SL. But the biggest issue is I do not have a clue where to start or what starting a business entails. I am looking for someone who can shine some light on what it all entails from Purchasing a piece of land for the establishment, through to the building process of the establishment. I wouldn't require necessary help with how to run a business because I have a pretty good idea how to do that. So If anyone could spare some time to shine some light and explain some ground works of starting a business in SL that would be perfect and much appreciated ! I'm just an entrepreneur looking to get a foot in the door and just require a little bit of a helping hand. I also apologise if a similar post has already been made
  10. *Paradise Luxury Island Is Hiring* We are Hiring, if interested come grab a Job Application , we are looking for experienced Csr´s and Rental Agents. paid positions...Must be 90 days old to apply and high quality looking Avi P.S Must be in Human form no Animal Avatars http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paradise Luxury Island/109/136/23
  11. I am a very experienced model here and quite (SL) old. I have also modeled IRL and did that from 17 years old so I know thy game. I also do creation work as well. Looking to help designers co-create a unique look for their clothing brand and help them achieve their goals stylistically and in the best direction for them to receive a lot of positive consumer respect and of course money is made. I am positive with my help creators will have a great look and positive feedback, plus I’m a graphic designer and very good with logo design. Experience is of value and I am willing to discuss all that through email and on The Grid, please contact me regardless of time of day 24/7. I will make myself available dusk til dawn or more! And I guarantee you’ll enjoy my coordination and attitude in all seriousness to your product! The list of abilities I have can be used as a tool in real world applications as well as in SL. Further on still I understand how stressful it can be with a small or large project that is stumping you or stressing you out because of deadlines as well as real world and yes, SL stressors and I am fully willing to work around and help the work flow go as smoothly as possible. I have an attitude not only for success but an attitude for helping others grow at what they’re good at and creating. I can spot errors really well too and be straight forward about such things. I can teach creators how to move fast with their work flow. I enjoy helping others move into a position where they can do things great! My list of experiences include: - Graphic Design -Logo Design -Advertisement -Concept art -Architectural Design -3D Modeling in Blender -Fashion Modeling and Styling IRL and in SL -Runway - Male modeling and and understanding of the female modeling world too. -Logo Design -Sim Landscaping / Detail work -Project Leader/ Coordinator for RPG story creation and lore. Worked with a 21 member team -3D World, Object, Structure and Character Building. -3D printing -PC Building -Economics Knowledge and experience. -Store Knowledge -SL Business Knowledge and pricing know-how, such as how to build an epic brand. -Organization leader of a design firm -Freelancing -Production and Direction -Photography both in RL and in SL which I take very seriously. -Former Model Scout for a model booking agency in Hollywood CA. Lets chat and get to know each other Creators! Thank you for reading and enjoy the day! Rahsus Kronos —————————— rahsuskronos@gmail.com in-world: Rahsus Kronos -
  12. CLUB SWAAAG IS NOW HIRING DJS & HOST/ESS *We Train new Host - if you looking to host, we will train you, after training we will hire you - Only take a 2 hour class - upon completion you are offered a position. To apply for our Host class, apply here: http://bit.ly/hostschool *DJS must have a stream, take request, and mic. Experienced Host may also apply *100% tips * Monday thru Friday 12pmslt-8pmslt * energetic * Promote the club and events and parties http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternal%20Dreams/30/56/25 Contact: λddy (adorajoy.levee)-GM asst. sammantha zimerman -GM or Apply Here: http://bit.ly/clubswaaag
  13. CLUB SWAAAG IS NOW HIRING DJS & HOST/ESS *We will train new Host - Must take our host class - Class can last up to 2 hours - Once passed you will be offered a position - Click link below to sign up *Click this link to enroll in our Host Class - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSewJiYWs102MWEG19B8pUKZahBiz5z1JaVC8cHgSqUx0UENqQ/viewform *100% tips * no apps necessary, come on in we will do a one on one interview * We supply the tip jars * Monday thru Friday 12pmslt-8pmslt - No parties on weekends * Laid back Owners , No Drama Tolerated * Promote the club and events and parties * DJS need a stream, Take request, Must Mic --- Non-Voice DJS may still be hired under certain reasons. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eternal Dreams/30/56/25 Contact: Casper Tha Ghost Parkes (Ghostmagicc) - for all questions. or Apply Here: http://bit.ly/clubswaaag - Use this link to apply if you are experienced and need no training. Otherwise come by the club and speak to any manager or send a message to Casper, Name listed above.
  14. Introducing... Absinthe De La Crème! I'm a text and voice Vixen at The Monarchy! ❤️ True to my namesake, I'm bold, beautiful, and yes... highly intoxicating. I specialize in weaving experiences that ignite the loins and stimulate the mind. Whether you're looking for a sweet girlfriend, an obedient sexpot, a deviant, merciless tease or an indoctrinating Goddess, I'm the doll for you. In other words... the possibilities are nearly endless with me. I love getting warm and intimate. Are you ready to indulge in the luxury that is me? I'm a seasoned paragraph roleplayer with a vivid imagination; I have an affinity for bringing your fantasies to life. A high maintenance Southern sweetheart with a sense of humor and an insatiable sexual appetite. Go ahead, take the leap and dive into my world of debauchery. Looking to have a beautiful girl on your lap? Or perhaps you're seeking something a little more intimate? Swing by The Monarchy and let's see what kind of trouble we can get into together. TP - The Monarchy Learn more about me here - Absinthe @ The Monarchy Contact me in-world - billiebyler 💋💦
  15. Hello! I'm Taboo Viper. I've been on Second Life for over 9 years or so. I am a -fantastic- role-player and dancer, and have previous experience doing so. I can only visit Second Life several times a week, although I'll be logged in for hours at a time. Feel free to respond to me here or IM me in-world if you have availability for someone like me. ~Kisses~ Taboo
  16. Hello, I am a experienced manager looking for work, preferably at a club. Please read this before responding. If you respond please leave a LM to your club. EXPERIENCE - I have been a DJ manager, Host Manager, General Manager, and Club Director - I have worked in the club environment for over 5 years - I know how to work a Contest board, shoutcast board, trivia ball, sploder, raffle board, as well as google docs & calendar. - I have experience in hiring staff, as well as terminating staff - I have experienced resolving different issues with VIP's as well as Staff issues. WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR - I am looking for a club that is all Genre club, not set in stone but what I prefer. - Must be paid, I will not work for tips only. - New clubs or established clubs is fine. - Not looking for a position that requires me to spend all day in the club. I do have a life on SL. - I have open availability - so any hours is fine with me. PAY CAN BE DISCUSSED WHEN CONTACTED. - Please respond here or contact me in-world by notecard - Gerald Parkes Look forward to hearing from you.
  17. Hello, I am a experienced manager looking for work, preferably at a club. Please read this before responding. If you respond please leave a LM to your club. EXPERIENCE - I have been a DJ manager, Host Manager, General Manager, and Club Director - I have worked in the club environment for over 5 years - I know how to work a Contest board, shoutcast board, trivia ball, sploder, raffle board, as well as google docs & calendar. - I have experience in hiring staff, as well as terminating staff - I have experienced resolving different issues with VIP's as well as Staff issues. WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR - I am looking for a club that is all Genre club, not set in stone but what I prefer. - Must be paid, I will not work for tips only. - New clubs or established clubs is fine. - Not looking for a position that requires me to spend all day in the club. I do have a life on SL. - I have open availability - so any hours is fine with me. PAY CAN BE DISCUSSED WHEN CONTACTED. - Please respond here or contact me in-world by notecard - Gerald Parkes Look forward to hearing from you.
  18. Experienced Wedding Photographer wanted for my lovely friends wedding. Date - 21st July (Saturday) Time - 11am slt Venue - Italian Chapel It's going to be a small intimate gathering, with close friends. Please contact me in world for more details - Evie Moyet
  19. Become a Cake? Girl! Hiring Dancers & Escorts ★ Cakeshop is a new club since 2017 and has re-opened in 2018, It's a classy and cool club, we provide all kind of service, strippers, escorts, text,voice, cam, bdsm. ★We only hired the most beautiful girls on the grid. ★ You are required to have a high-quality avatar to work at Cakeshop. A full mesh body & mesh head. ?Incentives: ★Minimum 5 hours / week,You keep 80% of your tips! * Hourly Wage Note : We pay up all our Cakes to L$50 per hour. If you work more than 15 hours / week get a bonus of L$500 So yes Cake for a complete week you earn: ★★ L$1,250 / week ★★ Being an Exclusive Cake provides some privileges like: L$5,000 bonus tip if you become the Cake of the month instead of L$3,000. TP here to get an application : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CAKESHOP/153/139/24
  20. Hello and welcome ! My name is Billy Diesel , and I am an experienced host seeking a new forever home . My outgoing personality and overall knowledge of club operations makes me a strong leader and suitable candidate for most clubs . I handle spontaneous situations with ease , such as jumping in when needed without notice . I am knowledgeable in promoting artists and take the time to discover who I'm hosting prior to shift start. I have excellent communication skills , and a good understanding of promoting in VIP groups , adding and removing guests and sending notices . I am comfortable working sim settings such as starting streams , sim security settings and a good judge of character overall. Recently I was employed with Roxanne Montclair over at AiR Island , hosting various DJ's ... Live performances and live Electronic artists . My passion genre is House/trance but I work well with almost any genre out there , I am adaptable in character and wardrobe . I invite club owners to send me a NC with a brief description and landmark in-world. I am MST time zone so +1 SLT and typically online between 5pm and 3am SLT Billy DIesel ( dieselaffair Resident)
  21. Would you like to run a cute Italian Coffee Shop / Wine bar? We are offering an exciting opportunity for somebody who has experience to take over and run our community hang out.....within some simple guidelines as the sim is moderate. Live music, DJ's and Events are all possible. We have a large area with dance balls and plenty of seating available. The Cafe is situated on our beautiful Italian Sim which is mostly residential, but close by we have a small lake, music venue and shops for all to enjoy. Please see the LM below and take a look. If interested send a note card in world to Evie Moyet or Lynne Lundquist, stating your experience. (Only apply if you have the appropriate skills for this fun opportunity!! ) https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/horsa/138/125/96/
  22. SL Name: daemondreamer Display Name: Đαємōη Ĝгїмαιđō Rez Date: 06/03/2017 Experience: Hosting, DJing (Preferred style Dubstep/Trap but I vary sometimes), and Salesman. Availability: Any Hour You are welcome to message me on SL (just look up either display or SL name). I will respond whenever I am online.
  23. Hello! I've made myself a decent sized portfolio over the years, with hundreds of outfits, hairstyles, etc. I am perfectly fine with sexual/nude sets, and I would love to work with anyone! Don't have a photography set but you need to model your clothes? I have my own studio w/ backdrops! Feel free to message me inworld @ DulcetMoiety My Flickr portfolio: https://www.flickr.com/photos/156060665@N07/ Thanks!
  24. Hi! My name is Ariana Valentine (Miley Mowbray) I am seeking a job in SL, I am experienced in various departments, from the good old dancing days, to managment. From retail, to sales agent and manager, from designer to photographer, from creator to business owner. Feel free to drop me a message with any questions you may have for me! Miley mowbray.
  25. Daddy's Naughty Pleasures presents NAUGHTY TRIVIA tonight at 7pm SLT! Come early to get a good seat...wait ALL the seats at Daddy's are good seats! Come show off your knowledge of all things sexy and perverted, and take in the breathtaking sights of Daddy's Naughtiest Girls at the same time! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pleasureland/228/157/26
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