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  1. I think there are still a lot of groups out there; it just depends what you want to talk about. Today I heard of an art discussion group for example, the Carmel Art Chatnic which meets on the 2nd Thursday each month at Carmel Art Community Park 1-2pm slt More information here
  2. Jackson would it be possible to organize two tours for each location? 5pm is a difficult time for Europeans, a second tour at midday or 1pm might allow a different set of people to be involved.
  3. Foggypebble, have you visited Calas Galadhon? I know it is not a city but there are many opportunities for exploring in this huge park. My picture does not do it justice.
  4. Roy you could also try dairoku kudo which is a sort of a fan's tribute to the Kowloon sim. It is much smaller but still interesting
  5. For an uncluttered minimalist deceptively sim I like Walsh County
  6. I recently visited The Legend of Wooley Swamp and that seemed very atmospheric and with a story attached
  7. Roy for a modern Japan you could try SSOC - Rieri Town in Tokyo; for somewhere more like Kowloon try A Thousand Windows
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