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  1. Geek Speak " Next week we will see the first 15km hop of a starship, a milestone in the history of space exploration. Many companies are competing to get to the moon or to get to Mars or to catch an asteroid. Soon we will see rocket factories that churn out a new rocket every week. The space era is truly beginning.So where will we go first? Space tourism? Space business? What do you think is the logical path? Will we soon have millions of people living and working in space?Come and discuss the future" This sounds very much like it fits the requirements of an intelligent discussion. One is held every week on Saturdays here
  2. Roy you may be interested to know there is a free animesh 'Grim Reaper' available at Kowloon currently
  3. This looks like a very serious grown up talk - Introduction to astrobiology and the scientific search for evidence of microbial life beyond Earth, especially on moons in the solar system. All taking place October 24 @ 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT - Science Circle
  4. I think there are still a lot of groups out there; it just depends what you want to talk about. Today I heard of an art discussion group for example, the Carmel Art Chatnic which meets on the 2nd Thursday each month at Carmel Art Community Park 1-2pm slt More information here
  5. Jackson would it be possible to organize two tours for each location? 5pm is a difficult time for Europeans, a second tour at midday or 1pm might allow a different set of people to be involved.
  6. Foggypebble, have you visited Calas Galadhon? I know it is not a city but there are many opportunities for exploring in this huge park. My picture does not do it justice.
  7. Roy you could also try dairoku kudo which is a sort of a fan's tribute to the Kowloon sim. It is much smaller but still interesting
  8. For an uncluttered minimalist deceptively sim I like Walsh County
  9. I recently visited The Legend of Wooley Swamp and that seemed very atmospheric and with a story attached
  10. Roy for a modern Japan you could try SSOC - Rieri Town in Tokyo; for somewhere more like Kowloon try A Thousand Windows
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