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  1. I recommend these - https://slnewser.blogspot.com/search/label/SL video
  2. Hello Arabella, could you get in contact with me reguarding you getting booted from the sim. Due to the complaints I've been getting, have been doing a little investigation. Sorry I didn't contact you sooner. Bixyl Shuftan, Second Life Newser
  3. I never gave the account a separate display name.
  4. Some time ago, I created an alt for the purposes of learning about the new newcomer area. It hasn't been used in some months. When I thought about bringing it to a friends event (with the organizers knowing it was mine), I tried looking up the name (after checking a screenshot I took), and "Search" couldn't find the name, as it it vanished. Was this a bug, or do avatars not used for a while become subject to being erased?
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