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  1. every ao works for petite avis, you dont need special ones
  2. would be bored to death x.x maybe we can all hunt zombies for fun when that happens i dont see enything like this happening if there is a disaster that would take out the power in one place other placers still have it. and if the disaster is world wide there wont be much trouble with it either couse there wont be meny that survive it
  3. i agree with amethyst as an avatar creator i can tell you its just not worth building custom ones. try looking for parts at grendels and on the mp. its cheaper to make it yourself and the result is normaly better
  4. rezz the magicbox and remove it on the old xstreet site (even if your never used it)
  5. its hard to find clothing for non human characters becouse it has to be made specialy for that avatar there are very little shops that do that, your best choise is probeply to make your own cloths for it.
  6. hey b1ink there is an avatar for sale that is very much like this one. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Orc-Male-Version-BOXED-HEROES/3189369 As an avatar creator i advice you to take this one and mod the armor from other avatars parts grendels is a good place to look for armor parts hope this helps
  7. agree with most only ao should be on 1 not on 5 you would be amazed how noobish everyone looks without a good ao even the best skins and shapes cant fix this
  8. I see your point it would be awsome if thay did that it woul be way easyer to create awsome builds this way. But i dont think its gonne happen: 1 thay would have to write a blender like program 2 there making on money from upload fees. so thay basicly would shoot themselves in the foot, a lot of extra work on creating a huge new program and less payment
  9. Lucinda did you watch docter dino? he said stuff like this all the time before they put him in jail the ideas are not new, bull**bleep** but not original. if you rlly want answers to your questions that fit you google niburu
  10. your gonne heve to up your price a lot if you want enyone to make it your asking for custome made weapons and vehicles for less than a standard premade one if you dont want to pay to much your best choise it so just get premade ones that are mod and customize them yourself
  11. speaking from personal experiance, and my fix for it was the above i still clear it every month or so ... if i dont im lagging like hell
  12. You can try to clear the sl history here: computer/username/appdata/roaming/second life (delite the compleate sl file) Here all the old chat data etc. is saved. it couses lag when there is to much info saved in it this can couse your avatar not to load or your vieuwer to fail compleatly. You can also try using a different vieuwer like phoenix or firestorm.
  13. somthing like this is gonne take massive prims to build your best option is still to put the avatar back 2gether and than unlink/delite all the parts you dont need. ' you could also try to find a mesh builder to do it but im not sure if its gonne take more or less space when its in mesh
  14. i prefer copy/mod couse i like to mod pretymuch everyting i buy.
  15. just build stuff for children like toys or child cloths and sell that on the mp. this will probeply get you a higher pay than workin in some club and it doesnt mather that your using a small/child avatar.
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