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  1. find me inworld during european day times.
  2. Is it a paid job? and does the car or outfit have uv maps? does it have Mod permissions?
  3. most people buy fulll perm and recolor them until they learn how to do mesh via youtube tutorials. marvelous designer is a good software to start learning for 30 days trial. if that is too short then blender would help. I can help you with poster advertisement and logo should you decide to start the store brand..
  4. Now find this person and pay some lindens or else this wasnt a job post?
  5. i messaged you & added you so i can help! You are offline ofcourse at the moment.. still waiting for you to jump on SL.
  6. she assumes that you are someones alt account and does NOT believe in brand new never use SL type of person. Those who are older in sl got scammed so many times and waisted time on helping people and then they never get online after we help them get the best avatar set or even after they buy their homes and land. Its verry hard to believe these days that someone new joined second life.
  7. I am looking for someone who knows how to do mesh clothing and wants to open up a store that will eventually become a brand. Basically you do the mesh and i get to do the advertisements pictures for your marketplace and my take is 1% of each sale on marketplace only (not in-world). I am also looking for someone who creates clothing very fast (as in once a week). I don't care about the styles of clothing. Yes i know some creators like to make these things on their own but i would like to help out newbies. You know the ones that make the first 20 or 25 pieces of clothing and recently rented thei
  8. Hello. I can not find your website anywhere.
  9. Well, because you posted so many posts , some people might think you are a bot or simply someone forgot to use their edit button and post all your jobs in one post.
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