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  1. this is in the wanted categody and i suggest trying out the merchant section of forums instead?
  2. mysteriousdots


    this is for RP sections of forum and not Wanted.
  3. case closed. link provided is taken offline. XD
  4. ah.. screw this.. let me just try and maybe i can do it. heres what you may want and what i can do. flickr @
  5. I already done the job and got paid for it handsomely enough. there is NO job anymore to do!
  6. i was there and job is already filled as of 22 september 2020
  7. contract concluded and i got paid for this gig. thanks soo much for not making it in to a prank.
  8. i tell you what happends. timed demos get ripped of because its a freebie as long as you stay on lands that don't allow scripts to work. and if scripts don't work then they can have infinite demo time basically turning a paid object in to a freebie.
  9. I'm open for this too but i have maitreya body and not legacy yet. its mysteriousdots Resident inworld and I have extra skills you may need.
  10. I'm so sorry for your loss of husband and that he left you. Wish you best of luck finding someone to brighten your life.
  11. Well lets put it this way. Its a one time not so standard job. I"m sure she will find someone from USA who loves those huds and will work for her for virtual food.
  12. You probably don't understand. BeYou is a hud that you get and the only way to use it is if you sink in just 5000 per day only have grown the animals, veggies so you can cook them. Its a life simulator game. You actually need to take a bath , sleep , eat , drink etc with BeYou huds. I tryed it for day and is very complex. There are wedding venues in sl that you need to pay a max of a whopping 90 000 Lindens to get a custom cake done that your avatar can then consume and eat just like in RL. BeYou huds and life simulator like huds in SL are made for those that can afford to have a full sim , la
  13. i applied and got rejected because "i'm sorry but someone with better experience and commitment has filled the position in"
  14. she does pay, just not in lindens but with beyou food instead. beyou food can take up to 5000 Lindens worth but needs to be eider sold or consumed immediately or it gets spoiled and scripts spit out errors.
  15. No she is looking for someone from US so she can be on same time zones. She also needs someone who can keep track of her bookings and schedules and report to her if any of them overlaps during that week. She is very nice person and IS willing to pay. I messed up because i'm from Europe.
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