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  1. No , they are just expecting a 400 lindens/ month or 4000 lindens per month not 40 lindens. You gain 40 lindens by doing voodoo sploaders in 3 day's camp time.
  2. I could help but the PM times aren't good for my time zones. Wish you good luck.
  3. maybe they are making themselfs a flicker/portfolio page and maybe thats their end goal
  4. I am from Romania/Europe and i need a job here in SL. I use to be a sales agent CSR back in 2012 - 2013. I try to be a host/dj and it totally sucked and didn't work out for me. I can help decorating a new sim (with products purchased by yourself). I can attempt to do photoshop (my last project was a book cover ) but i suck at camera angles to do photos/screenshots (I enjoy post processing more). In RL i'm disabled and cannot work so please don't discard this post and help if you can. Thanks and warm wishes!
  5. You can make up to 50 000 per sale depending on how rare they are. There are old sculpt ones that are script heavy and there are the ones that are new and mesh. Message me inworld and if you want to start off, and i can give you a package to start off with. I got it off an auction house because i wanted to try it for myself but it requires you to feed them.. with money... welll food for them that translates to money.
  6. i applied once.. and was declined.. wanted to teach Romanian language or at least the basics of it.
  7. geez christ. Nobody is going to hire you unless you are everyday online and have a Maitreya mesh body and a mesh head plus an ao and some high quality hair/clothes. Your avy is very pretty for a 2006 avatar but in the modern world you need to look very nice and that means investing money. Lots of it( and by that i mean you need 20 000 lindens to be spent at least).
  8. posts can never be deleted on forums.. they just get pushed to the back of posts with new ones
  9. Hi! Back to original topic now. Yes some people are desperate because they saw a video or two of a guy meeting a lady over second life and going in real life and they want that feeling as well. I myself try soo hard to find myself someone online and its not because i can't do it in real life. Its because i live in a small town somewhere in Romania where everyone knows whos your mom/dad/grandparents and if you make a move on a girl its like you are being watched and checked on your background to see if you made any crimes or what was your grades in middle school (15 years after you are done and out of school that is). Yes i know its crazy , yes? After a while i grew over it and became angry and grumpy on everything that moves because i wasn't getting any, because of the stereotypical reaction of "oh he is a smooth criminal (rapist)". Now i'm just calm and having a blast in real life and in second life , without me care if i get any action or not, by playing the game and having a blast with people who care and want to stick around me.
  10. the link is broken and you will fall down in to a forest/river
  11. Or do what others do. Yell in the mic for most of time doing random stuff for half an hour , cool down . step 1 get a forward host. showcast or icecast url. step 2 pay for it step 3 pay even more for it until the vendor no longer accepts your payment. step 4 go to a club that is in desperate need to pay you 1000 lindens just for you to put music on. step 5 get hired. step 6 find a host that can sync up with your online time. step 7 download virtual DJ software and use some very likely licensed and pirated songs. step 8 play music and welcome new people via microphone. step 9 do a 2 hour shifts and get paid via tips by asking people to throw money at you. step 10 Repeat next day.
  12. Well welcome to second life (that is if you are new to sl) . Prepare to drop the cash first for avatar makeover so you don't look like a newbie. Minim is 10 000 lindens (40 usd) just so you can have your avatar basics with a mesh head and body for self then some clothes to fit your style and maybe some more better skins. then you need some animations because SL is just a platform and doesn't offer anything in terms of animations. Then you need a land so you can place your house for your breedables. After that breedables are need to be feed with .. guess what? more lindens. *gasps* message me if you need help with stuff.
  13. *caughs* 1 YEAR OLD POST and you bring it back to life? I think that person moved on since then.
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