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  1. buy https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/cYo-Gravestone-Tombstone-full-perms-Photoshop-file/2413868 and message me inworld if you got it and i can help you modify its textures to match winter season.
  2. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CTS-Shopalicious-Revolutionizing-your-shopping-experience/15608168
  3. Hellos I'm a fellow sl resident and I have a YouTube channel, Would like to make season two of my vehicle reviews and other topics but i cannot use a sandbox because it cleans up too fast. Getting a job in sl always fails me but i don't want to get in to that on forums. Say someone has a homestead and is willing to allow me to have my skybox platform where i can mess around and make videos from time to time. Thanks for your time and help if you can! PS : Message me in-world from 6-8 AM SLT..
  4. Thanks but for now i'm currently in training for Make it Perfect Weddings & Vacation resort to become a CSR. I already applied to your clinic 3 times already but this one came in faster so thanks but i think i am all set for now..
  5. Today i made a really nice CV but for some reasons a few hours later it got taken down. Now i would like to ask if anyone has a job for me? Maybe as CSR / model or anything that is not club related. Thanks.
  6. you only need more then 5 people if you end up with staff that is from USA and have none from europe or asia. Also i would work but the lowest it would to get me out of bed and work for someone would be a minim of 250 Lindens so that i could afford at least a hair style or a weeks land parcel somewhere in-world. Best i ever gotten in SL was 1 000 lindens - 2000 for a few custom one time jobs. I was going to post earlier but was not sure if it gives me a good or bad reputation.
  7. Well you could have just asked for it. the song sounded bit rate samples because of the way second life works. it only accepts wave files that are cut 9 seconds each. The cut and until a song gets from one part to the other its going to sound like that no matter what.It is a Second life limitation the "game" engine uses and there's nothing that can be done about it. Speaking of Posters and logos just message me instead. I can help there too.
  8. or https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ferris-Wheel-Delacruz-Technologies/5246354
  9. Hello. This sounds very cool! Is there a way that app can be transformed in to a google application instead of notecard?
  10. That just gives me more reasons never to visit that club. You want to hang out first then after a few months pay if you are inclined. Good luck hiring and sorry for hijacking the post!
  11. topic should not be necro so much because the original author got it fixed.
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