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  1. topic should not be necro so much because the original author got it fixed.
  2. Not to be confused with Rockstar Games Team XD
  3. I knew it.. i still waiting for you to accept me because last week we spoke you said that its full staffed. now you are hiring again? Count me in!
  4. I been there. They say pay is 800 lindens per month (very low pay in my opinion). Hud system is DFS. You will be working very hard at the rate of a slave and only get paid at the end of a month. If you are still interested message him.
  5. the application is in edit mode and cannot be filled out.
  6. 👮‍♀️🚓 🚨 - Should i say it? HOW ? How did this end up in the in-world employment section of the forum? 🚓 🚨👮‍♀️
  7. Where is this going on? where can i apply?
  8. I would be interested but you make it sound all official and to give out real info's that's like giving out social security number to a stranger over the internet. Plus i don't got any experience in any of what you asked.
  9. No , they are just expecting a 400 lindens/ month or 4000 lindens per month not 40 lindens. You gain 40 lindens by doing voodoo sploaders in 3 day's camp time.
  10. I could help but the PM times aren't good for my time zones. Wish you good luck.
  11. maybe they are making themselfs a flicker/portfolio page and maybe thats their end goal
  12. I am from Romania/Europe and i need a job here in SL. I use to be a sales agent CSR back in 2012 - 2013. I try to be a host/dj and it totally sucked and didn't work out for me. I can help decorating a new sim (with products purchased by yourself). I can attempt to do photoshop (my last project was a book cover ) but i suck at camera angles to do photos/screenshots (I enjoy post processing more). In RL i'm disabled and cannot work so please don't discard this post and help if you can. Thanks and warm wishes!
  13. You can make up to 50 000 per sale depending on how rare they are. There are old sculpt ones that are script heavy and there are the ones that are new and mesh. Message me inworld and if you want to start off, and i can give you a package to start off with. I got it off an auction house because i wanted to try it for myself but it requires you to feed them.. with money... welll food for them that translates to money.
  14. i applied once.. and was declined.. wanted to teach Romanian language or at least the basics of it.
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