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  1. .................... and when the two most notorious KARENS meet together on forums then theres a war.. a KAREN war!
  2. please stop bumping. reason why nobody is replying is because of your username. Check this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSXoBtmtypg
  3. That is 4800.00 LD/h. Good luck finding jobs that are rare as that.
  4. that is more for Roleplay and less for Looking for job/offering a job.
  5. Hello. People may want to see a video of you doing the interior designs from scratch to see what you can do.
  6. these registrations are usually done half a year or a year in advance. Not sure why this year is so short on time.
  7. Sir, you need to post screenshots of what you want done before asking for someone to do the commision for you FIrst they try to do it then they message you with product done and ready for you to pay... I also think this post should go under WANTED cathegory instead.
  8. idiots ressurrecting old job posts. look at the date it was posted. it says "Posted May 23, 2011" Its 2020 going in 2021. People might have quit playing or paying for these jobs. 300L was alot back then but still you find idiots to ressurect old posts.
  9. well that is what clubs in sl are for. first they ask you to host, if you complain that you don't get enough money then they ask you to dance and then they ask you to strip.. trust me i seen it all in sl in my 8 years of playing here.
  10. well go to legacy body see their prices or simply visit lelutka heads , they cost alot. and yes i was going to show her in-world the strip clubs. i know for the fact that strip clubs i saw the ladies there had 9 000L charge for webcam and 20 000L charge for full nude strips.
  11. 30 day minim and to have payment info on file (paypal or creditcard connected) and 10 000 lindens uploaded. (that is around 35 usd) use these 30 days to learn and try out mesh bodys and heads as nobody will ever hire you if you don't own one and a vista animation ao. lets see here. heads and body go for 7k-ish , skin applier goes for 900L-1000L and you need that to not have neckline issues. the ao usually costs 3 000L. You MUST buy them in order for any employer to hire you. Its a heavy invenstment and something you cannot delete right away. If someone bothers you on your old account , just b
  12. ok show us the clothing or equivalent of the items you need from RL,please
  13. this is in the wanted categody and i suggest trying out the merchant section of forums instead?
  14. mysteriousdots


    this is for RP sections of forum and not Wanted.
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