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  1. Due to the land not being sold within 20-hours, I've regretably had to abandon the parcel. Hopefully whenever the land goes up for auction someone else may have the chance to do things with it.
  2. Cheap roadside plot in a peaceful area with relatively decent views. Have to sell this ASAP otherwise I will be forced to abandon the land and let it go to waste. SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ingolfur/214/19/51
  3. That's why I'm glad they added the Display Name function, because if a user had a really awkward name, such as 182Silver1192 Resident or xXxSilverxXx Resident, they could easily change it to something simple, without the need of using special characters or numeric symbols, where they could just have a simple name instead of a username that you'd expect to find on an MMORPG. Honestly, it doesn't really bother me, and I just address whomever has a messed up name with whatever I can make out from it, such as if someone is called 211MYSSST1ka1102, I would just say "Hey, Mystika." Although, it do
  4. From your pictures, you do not look weird, but you are using pretty basic textures for your avatar as well as rather common hair, but other than that, I certainly wouldn't come up to you and say that you look like a noob. Keep it up, just keep working on your avatar until YOU are happy with the outcome.
  5. That looks like a chubby version of Casper the Friendly Ghost; it looks pretty neat for what it's worth, however I can't say I've ever seen anyone or had an avatar like that, myself.
  6. Well, I woke up this morning with a topic at hand of which I'd like to see other's input on, which is why below will be kind of a TL;DR moment for some. Have you had a moment where you could sit down and look at how technology is advancing? It's amazing, isn't it? However, have you ever considered the downsides to continuously growing? Or have you ever thought of the affects that a global power outage could cause? Not just a little power-cut, of which back up generators kick in up until the power is restored, but where the world is entirely deprived of its electricity. Just think for one secon
  7. Thanks for your reply, Monti! -- I'm sorry to hear that you too are experiencing upload problems, but at the same time, I'm glad that it's not just my misfortune. I too have changed the weighting, and uploaded (successfully) yet each time I edit the prim, it seems to cause a memory dump with the client. But that's another thing - I've not been able to upload a single piece of clothing, no matter what settings I've set the upload too, it's quite annoying. But yes - I do hope that the Lindens get around to completing mesh support.
  8. O.K. So, I looked up other people's issues with mesh, but none of them seemed to of been related to the problem I'm having, so far. The thing is - My viewer crashes whenever I upload or edit certain type's of mesh in-world... I'm believing that I'm crashing because of the amount of detail I put on the mesh, however it doesn't seem to crash with everything I've uploaded, or tried to upload. My latest upload, which is an Electric Guitar, with everything matching the dimensions as they would in the real world, however, the problem is that it uploaded so darn tiny that whenever I just right click
  9. As Valerie had said - Firestorm could be a good solution, although, I'm personally enjoying the V2 2.8 BETA, and if you're used to the V2 environment and are satisfied with how it is - then it's definitely worth a try, as it's for sure proving itself to be a very efficient release and close to no lag and no bugs, although there are some issues with building tools, which has actually got me a few times, but other than that they have improved shadows, the Depth of Field and quite a few other options. It really is a nice and stable viewer for the most part, and hopefully when 2.8 is finally rele
  10. I have many outfits, it just depends on my taste at the time when I wear something, my feminine side comes out more in virtual reality than it does in actual reality. In total, I believe I have around 50 - 100 different selections of outfits, as in folders I've made where each contains a different outfit but with everything else I usually wear, hair, glasses, etc. But that said, I just like being able to customize and mess around with my avatar.
  11. I am the exact same - I've been persuading people to start using Viewer 2 now, rather than later when V1 clients are rolled out, and I too are feeling slightly embarrassed that they're now seeing more issues than they would in previous clients they used, but hopefully as soon as 2.8 is released, we should be seeing some good things coming out again, which should help get more people interested in using V2 instead of V1 based clients. I'm having great fun on the 2.8 Beta client so far, so it's definitely going to be good!
  12. Touché - I too agree that 2.8 is going to make people happy, it's beautiful and I've had hardly any issues with the viewer, it runs smoothly, the graphics look amazing and everything is rather nice. The only thing I really didn't like about it was the fact you had to go through more things to get to change your environment settings and apply it to your client, but that isn't much of a bother. I've been using it since the Lighting & Shadows feature became bugged in the normal viewer of SL in the most recent update, and I have to say, I'm quite impressed of this feat LL has made. I always
  13. All I have to say is look at how technology is advancing when it comes to software and computer graphics. It's getting to the point where if you don't have a decent computer to meet the requirements of most things, then there really isn't anything you're going to be able to do. I'm all in favor of LL's decision to remove V1 Viewer support, because honestly, it is their source code where they can do anything they want with it, regardless of any current TPVs being out there, it doesn't mean people can't develop TPVs for V2, like Firestorm currently is. I've had close to no issues with Viewer
  14. Yeah, this issue has been around for a week or so, since the update previous to the one we just got, myself and a few others are a bit annoyed that Linden's haven't really done anything with the issue, but I guess I'll have to download the 2.8 Beta client if it really does fix all issues.
  15. Damn, seems that this problem has been going on for quite a while -- Any idea on when the grid will be opened up for logins again?
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