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  1. I am 65 enjoy second life and have not found places to really make many freinds here. I have gone to many destinations recommended and usually find no one there. I like things like: Ballrooms Art and crafty things Just bumming around with another friend. I have many intersts a mile long so most anything would work. Friends of any age are fine with me as I am very young at heart.so I would just like some friends to do things wtih here.
  2. You can add me as a friend if you want to and maybe we can explore together.
  3. Neither of these links let me go there. What is up with that?
  4. Where do I find the Login to Life doc? I also have MS.
  5. It is just too fast. One can get hurt by jumping in too fast. Get to know someone. No one can be your soul mate this fast. Personally I have found if difficult to find many friends at sll and I am very socialble and kind. I'd like to know where she is finding all the nice people.
  6. Since I am new, maybe I am doing this all wrong. Someone ask me to go dancing so we did. Now I tried to look up that profile so I put his name in search and get a box that comes up, but I don't really see any info. Is it just empty or am I doing something wrong?
  7. Malita I messaged you with what I recall, I know the packets of hair were named like "Hair 1"., Hair 2" and so on. There were many as it took ma over an hour to delete all of it. I game you part of the name via PM. Oh and I did find my gorgeous hair that I had purchased.
  8. This was EXCELLENT. I was really impressed with it.
  9. I am so confused about HUDS. When I first came here I was invited to join a group not knowing it was a vampire group. Later I backed out of the group but they gave me HUD which I did not use since I did not understand it. What is a HUD? Why does one want one? What is their purpose? Where does one get one? Do you need more then one? All information would be helpful if IN SIMPLE TERMS.
  10. Type witches in search or witch groups.
  11. Can one not just give the item a new name and then you know what it is? I think you can rename items in your inventory..
  12. I don't know about pre-paid debit cards, but my bank debit card can be run as either/or. That means I can use it as a debit or as a creidt card. Does pre-paid not do this?
  13. . Oh not just one box of hair but a whole lot and telling me she is my come to place for hair and fashion, I just am not sure.
  14. The best place I have found to do this is "The Changing Rooms" To find them do a search under places.
  15. I lost my gorgeous hair that I had and cannot find it again. So, last night along comes a member and gives me all kinds of hair and then tells me I am her "go to person" for hair and fashion. The funny part of this is that I was in a changing room and could not see her but could see her name. I thought if you were in a dressing room you were in there by yourself. I know I accidentally tried to open a door there that was closed and it told me the room was occupied. Now I have all this hair and wondering if when I wear it if something weird is going to happen.
  16. Did you try a search for the brands you want under "ALL" or car dealers?
  17. Yes, I think someone did get into my account and my password is really difficult now. I just think the inventory is just too much of a mess to worry with. I bet it is about 4 feet long or more if you expanded all the categories. Not to mention the items are all jumbled up.
  18. NO, just went to the library it looks like it did last night. It is all in clothing, photos and there are a long list of new folders I did not create. There are a lot of photos of some blond in there. Tried deleting some of the things and there was no delete on most of them. I love my name so I hate to close the account but this is worse then you can even imagine. I cannot change her clothing either, she does not have on what I left her in last night.
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