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  1. NO they are under clothing and photos and other sections. Should I delete and start a new account. It is a horrible nightmare. I noticed things did not look right when I went to change clothes and oh what a mess.
  2. I think someone must have compromised this account. There is literally hundreds of things in my inventory that I did not buy and some photos there that are not and never were my avatar. I would be here all night deleting them. Guess I will have to delete that account??
  3. It is the only one I have besides my original and now I cannot find my original in my inventory. So it's demo or nothing unless I can get this off. I have tried detach and remove.
  4. Just tried on a demo skin, it has DEMO written on it and now I cannot remove, detach or anything so I am standing there with detach written all over me. HELP!!
  5. Sassy that is what I have been doing all along but most of the time it does not work. On occasion it does.
  6. That is not working. I held down cntr and left clicked the mouse and moved the mouse. Is that right, if so that did not work.
  7. For some reason most of the time I cannot turn my avatar. EXAMPLE: I go in a changing room then I want to turn HER around so she is facing me but I am having a time doing this. Is there an easy solution for this?
  8. Is there a list for abbreviations used in SL?
  9. So here is Mariah with a dark tan and some hair I found at Truth but she needs something. Maybe it is her eyes. Her face seems to thin at times but then she is thin.
  10. TY for wonderful suggestions. I might be hair shopping for a month, lol.
  11. I love the ones at Truth Hair but I am new and I don't know what it means when it says DEMO. Those show a price of L0 I am confused about demos. Help!
  12. I love to dance and have chosen a gorgeous ballroom where one can dance almost any kind of dance. Would prefer a dance partner between the ages of 45-65. However, I would consider any nice dance partner. If you love to dance, I am on most evenings United States central daylight savings time..
  13. I am relatively new. There is a lot to learn and explore so don't give up. Much to do here.
  14. TY everyone, this is a wealth of information and help. You have no idea how much I have learned just in this post.
  15. How in the world did all of you learn all that you know? I have watched tutorials, gone to Wiki, read knowledge base and have to admit that I am still more then just lost. Just how long were those of you who began as noobs here before you began to feel like you knew more then just shopping and teleporting, simple things like that? There is SO much to know. Yes, I went to the university too. I don't understand a lot of the SL jargon and so much more.
  16. TY you everone. One thing that confuses me is sometimes when I buy something there is a box in the things that sort of looks like a straw basket or box, sort of checked, I never know what that is for.
  17. Seems like every time I turn around there is a link to update viewer. Should one do this each time?
  18. So you open your clothes section for instance and then you have all these pieces that belong to different things. I am not always sure when I look at all of this what goes with what. Is there some sort of easy way to take care of this mad confusion/
  19. This happened to me the past 2 nights and after trying and trying for eons when I did finally get to move it was barely going.
  20. Haven't you read "They Walk Among Us"? Some may walk by you on any given day. Not to say they all look human.
  21. You mentioned IM so I thought I would ask you.
  22. TY I thought there might be a way to IM here on the forum. As the owner of several forums myself, there is on mine.
  23. Out of curiousity, how does one IM someone if they are not on your friend list? I have tried to go to other peoples pages and I see no place to do that except for the people I have as friends.
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