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  1. Thank you all. This is a world of information. I want a very beautiful facial shape, possibly higher cheek bones, and eyes are a must. I will certainly play with this.
  2. There are a lot of places to get skins, clothes, and you can go to edit then appearance and it will bring up a box where you can make changes. If you don't like the clothing then go shopping for what you want?.
  3. Please read where I replied above and now if this loads I should have a photo of her here.
  4. If I wanted to create a second account and have him be male so that I always have a dance partner do I just put his name in friends list? But then how do I get two avatars to the same place so we could dance?
  5. I only used the appearance option in inventor and have to admit it did not do much for the Linden avatar I chose at the beginning. Yes, I certainly want her to be prettier. I had used the Gothic one on an old acct and canceled that one. She was much easier to change her looks. I should have used that one this time too I guess. Yes, I would spend some L$ to look better. .
  6. Maybe there is suppose to be "initial outfits" but there is none under clothing in my inventory. I did take a pic and saved to my photos on my hard drive but when I go back there it is not to be found.
  7. On most things I go to online I know how to save to my computer but I cannot find a way on Phoenix to do so. Help! SO I saved to my hard drive now to photos but when I browse there it is not thete.
  8. I took one but now I have no idea how to post it here.
  9. I chose this avatar whose face looked completely different before I got her into SL. Now I her looks. I tried adjusting by using the appearance item but I just can't get her to look good. Any suggestion?
  10. If they did not exist then if new people can't build what would they do for homes?
  11. Well, yes I can!! I sure don't want a baby lol !!
  12. I am not interested but ran into a man on here that ask if I was looking for SL husband. He then told me the basics without going into detail and I was curious> I', a very new noob so one has to ask.
  13. They said I need a HUD. Is this true and if so where do I get one and what kind do I get? Aren't noobs a real pain?
  14. Someone told me you can marry, have sex, and create babies on SL? If my question is inappropriate just delete it. So let's say you marry a member on SL, of course, then do your avatars actually have sex? Does your avatar show that it is pregnant and does your avatar give birth? I know this is a crazy question but someone told me this and I am new and curious!
  15. I am the only one here. One thing I did find peculiar was I went to the Dressing Rooms and it told me to click here to stand still. After I left there this began to occur. Now I have been to these dressing rooms a lot of times and never saw that before.
  16. My avatar will sort of move sideways, and back up but cannot wlak forward today. Any suggestions or help? Forward button causes her to walk left. Forward does nothing.
  17. I am new so I don't know if it is o.k. to ask here, but are you in a Vampire group. If so, then I don't care to accept those items as that is not for me.
  18. I hate this. You join a group and all of a sudden you have that group name above your username. How do I set things so that this does not come back?
  19. Did you mean Notecards instead of IM's? If so, I accidentally declined them as I did not recognize your name. Could you resend them?
  20. Does one have to be a premium member to create a group?
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