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  1. I cannot find any hair now in my inventory. How do I get it back.? And, why do I no longer have several hair pieces in my inve tory when I had a few?
  2. I have 2 accounts and want to close one of them. Each has money but I want to transfer from one to the other so it is all on one avatar. How do I do this?
  3. Anyone else please read ,my last reply above. It works on the Second Life viewer but that viewer is way to slow compared to my Pheonix. About 12 times slower. I need settings for Pheonix. To the last poster to reply I don't know anything about viewer 3.2 is that a different one altogether? On the UI? I am new what is that?
  4. I don't see any heading like you show. Am I in the wrong preferences place? I have general, input and camera, network and folder, web, graphics, text chat, voice chat, communication,pop ups, skins, grids, and Pheonix. I'm using Pheonix viewer. Is there more the one preference places? Are what viewer and you using?
  5. How do I enable media. Trying to play the game at Caldon but says I must enable it to read the board. In preferences it looks like it is enabled.
  6. How do I enable media. Trying to play the game at Caldon but says I must enable it to read the board. In preferences it looks like it is enabled.
  7. I am a bit confused on what you mean if you leave it you lose it. I assume one can travel etc. Do you mean if you move and don't go back or what? So much to learn and understand here.
  8. All of this is very impressive and overwhelming. Is there anyone who helps new people understand it and maybe help them to buildsomething simple. I am very confused rigiht now and I am usually a fast learner.
  9. ty for the replies. I guess a Lindenhome would be best just starting out.
  10. If you get the house from Linden then I assume you get alot for it to sit on. Or must one buy land upon which to sit the home/
  11. I see so many have their own photos on their posts here. I want to put my own on but I don;t know how.
  12. It just had a place that said "turn off hearing typing".
  13. There is no "turn off typing ANIMATION". There IS a place to turn off hearing other people typing. I looked really hard for turning off animation.
  14. Why does my avatar show she is typing also? And why am I also hearing other people type? Please tell me in simple words how to correct these 2 issues. Thank you
  15. I'm relatively new so I would want to talk to someone else about this first. Are they parcels for homes or must one use them for a business? Why are you selling them so cheaply? Would I have full entitlement? If ANY OF YOU long time players look at this would you please reply in all honesty? Thank you
  16. Would help to see more of the avatar.
  17. I'm up for it and in fact looking for someone to hang out with. How do I IM you?
  18. Thank you, was not aware you don't show up if logged out!
  19. If you don't have a home yet, where is the best place to "park" your avatar when you quit for the day?
  20. I'm really into architectural building as something I would like to do, may bmall houses or something to begin with. Perhaps also I would like gown designing. I need some really easy simply steps to learn about the various prisms and how to begin to build with them. Or, someone who would be willing to help me learn the first few steps in doing so. Thank you.,
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