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  1. Hi, i am looking for some inworld employment again, i am seeking some sort of manager posistion i am willing to try to new work but my experiance is in the club industry. i am willing and able to learn new things. below is my resume Fudge Donner Born 3-31-08 previous jobs:dancerhostDJsecuritymanger- host manager dancer manager and security manager general manager-multiple times-reason for no longer being employed was the clubs were closed due to poor ownership i have owned 3 clubs which i made succeful and then sold. personal Assitant at reese photography studio hours usually on line 9:00 am - 10:00 pm 
  2. i have a desktop just when i moved it hasnt been unboxed as my living situation is not permanent yet, and i have a mac book pro with no external vents not to sure as how i would get a nozzle in there for air
  3. no clue where to put this so server i thought might be best. but my macbook pro is running at a good 80 degrees c which is 175 F while running sl according to my fan app. could these be why i get he spinning rainbow pin wheel while in sl which causes me to force quit and restart? if so i hope i can get some answers before tommorrow so i can get a cooling pad.
  4. after jsut coming back to sl, having updated to lion, i had no choice to update, i wish i didnt have to, i cant even load the new profiles, and alls i liike to see when im talking to someone, is the rez date and maybe they shared a little about themselves. the picks tab was very helpfull to find good hangout places and shops too, but thats all gone now.
  5. i can still see the folders, but they are empty. also all of my landmarks are gone? does someone know how to get them back?
  6. this is a thread for sl cars! where do you buy your cars? share storys about your cars, and post pictures of your cars. I am looking for an older either convertable corvete, or 64 mustang coupe, anyone know where i can find these?
  7. This is a new outfit i just bought, not to fond of the jacket yet but i like the shirt pant combo. anyone know more good stores like hoorenbeek? http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc412/stefanowicz66/Snapshot_001.png
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