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  1. I am looking for friends that may be young hearted seniors. I am so tried on people in real life that are my age and act like they are sitting around waiting to die. Gee, the late 50's to mid 60's is not old in today's world.
  2. I would like to be friends who are interested in toy poodles in real life, photography, games and those just wanting someone to hand around with on second life or chat with. I have a lot more interests too, but at the moment cannot think of what I want to list, so if you are interested or if you have a group that you think I may like please reply. I would also like to learn to build things or create. I am just a beginner.
  3. I notice when I purchase an outfit there are multiple items with them at times. How can I figure out what each is as maybe I don't want to keep all items. I can tell when it is shirt, blouse, skirt but sone of the descriptions do not tell me what it is.
  4. I guess my title pretty much says what I need to know. What setting should your Second Life be set for? Is there a place that explains that?
  5. Why do people clear the cache and what is it's purpose. What happens when you clear your cache?
  6. I can't wear shoes it keeps putting them in my lost and found and if I try them from there is says I am alreay wearing shoes which I am not.
  7. Yes I can change clothes and yes I have tried to go to a different place, nothing has worked. Thank you I will look at that link.
  8. I click on the shoes in my inventory and selected wear but it acts like I already have shoes on and I don't. Every time I buy a pair and try to put them on they go to lost and found.
  9. I am new and found this. I hope it is o.k. to place this here because it is a world of information. http://catnapkitty.wordpress.com/2010/08/08/getting-started-in-second-life/
  10. O.K. I set my feet to 0 as someone told me to. So I purchased shoes and tried to put them on and it said they were send to my lost and found. This morning I attempt to put shoes on my avatar again and it says multiple items cannot be added to the same area. But there are no shoes on her and it won't let me put them on her. Someone tell me what to do please. By the way while I am asking, how does one clear their cache?
  11. Thank you all very much, I will be on this weekend and check all this out. Melita, where is that beach, is there a link to it? And, how do I set my feet to 0 ?
  12. I just purchased some heels from there. It said the shipment was on its way and a receipt would be sent. Where will heels and receipt be sent to. Sorry I am very new.
  13. I am new and I am having a terrible time finding some free nice looking everyday clothes and then I am having a hard time finding anyplace to change clothes. My feet on my avatar look too pointed and I really need someone to help me get started making her look better. Thank you
  14. I guess I have it then. My music plays even some places I go that I wish it would not, lol. I have Adobe. I did not know if I had to add it to Second Life or not.
  15. I am in welcome island and a sign says to get a flash player. I am not sure what it wants me to do or where to get this. Can someone explain this to me in detail? I thought I had flash on my computer but maybe it wants something else. Thank you
  16. I joined with a new character today and chose my avatar. Now I am in the introduction section and it is not the avatar I chose. It is bad (no hair) and NOT the outfit that was suppose to be on her. I looked in inventory to see if my avatar was in there as a friend told me to but it is not. SO I am new, and here I am bald and dressed really ugly. Where oh where is my avatar I chose and how do I get her back?
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