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  1. fame is an indicator of how impressive you are, if you have done something very unusual people would most likely talk about it, and who did it, and if the same person does other impressive things, that person would be regonized as a person to pay attention to, for good or bad, that means that that person is impressive, if you are an impressive person you will be known widely by word of mouth, thru different media, to the people that have access to that media or know someone that talks knows about you, the more unusual and impressive you are, the more likely your reputation is going to spread.
  2. hello, wishing you have a good time and find topics that interest you, you may find many interesting threads in this area of the forums: Art, Music and Photography you are welcome to explore all around and participate as much as you want.
  3. I have the idea that Sansar will be better than Second Life based on that Linden Lab is working with new technology, with a lot of experience, they have seen the results of bad decisions, and don't want to be there again, Philip Rosedale has been experimenting with new technology that want to add to Sansar, according to him, will improve the interactions between people and reduce griefing. based on that, I think is gonna be an improvement, there are going to be changes that people would not like, but its going to be for the benefit of the new virtual world. I may stay more time in SL after S
  4. algunos objetos tienen limites como no poder hacer copias de ellos, no poder transferirlos a otras personas o otras cuentas, y no poder modificarlos. a un lado de los objetos vienen cuales son sus limitaciones, o permisos (permissions). lo que no esta permitido viene marcado asi con una linea horizontal entre las letras. digamos que compras un objeto que no tiene permisos para transferir, significa que lo puedes usar como quieras, solo no se lo puedes pasar a otra persona. si el objeto no tiene permiso para copiar, puedes usarlo como quieroas, solo no puedes hacer varias copias de ello en tu
  5. I think you can show the image of the Emmy if you are not getting any revenue from it, it is for educational purposes, and the showing of the icon won't affect the Emmy business model. its like a newspaper showing a picture of the logo of Coca-Cola, you are reporting an incident.
  6. " has been patches over patches" so, the banking sytem is the same and yet it still works. UK NHS has spent £1,5 billion writing new coded system and it is useless and has been scraped. Some times the devil you know is far better than the one you think will be great. yeah, but we are talkiing here about code to wirte a software that needs to be modernizing periodically or its gonna be left behind by competitors. "choose prims to build things" there not prims they are mesh. I'm talking about the distinction that Linden Lab makes when it talks about Mesh and prim objects. " Sansar is gonna b
  7. be careful with hacking the vault, some say there are some things that are hidden forever because they are too horrible for humanity to understand, it can drive an unprepared person crazy. the lock seems to be dreamed by Cory, Philip, and an unknown person, the real creator of this virtual world, that used the project as a distraction to hide the horrible secrets that this vault have, it is not meant to be open in this era, they lock it there because if left unleashed it could disrupt the internet by bringing back old viruses from 2003.
  8. to each their own, SL is different than IMVU, personally I like the freedom and creativity of SL, if the environment or aesthetics of IMVU attracts you more, you are free to choose which program to use.
  9. I think that what we find the most in SL speaks a lot about what kind of people would feel attracted to a product like SL.
  10. Linden Lab gives most of the development of the world to the users, they give them freedom to create seminars, teach classes about anything, make games, hold conferences, do whatever they want, its up to them to decide whatever content exists in SL, Linden Lab just provide the tools and observe how the users want to develop this world. maybe those things exist in SL, its the intention of the user to find them and make use of them.
  11. we have to consider that not everyone is from the US and the US laws don't apply globally, laws range of effectiveness are limited by its jurisdiction. many people understand the laws of their countries, how those countries manage those concepts, so they may write what is considered enough protection in their country concepts, but it may be different how the US see the same thing. if a person from another country, lets say Timbuktu, break a US law, would he have to save to buy a ticket to the US so he can get in jail?
  12. I have a bookmark of here, the General Discussion area, it always show me the first page so here is where I start, I open tabs of the last comment that was made in the new threads I find and on the threads that I saw last time that I find interesting to see how the conversation has developed, and maybe answer some comments that were made to me. I can go to the second page to look for a thread that was interesting and see to where the discussion went, If i consider it important or essential to know. I don't really have the rule to not profane the necro threads, I could bring them back from th
  13. I'll take a friendly person over a sadistic discriminatory person any time.
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