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  1. I realize this.....I didnt just drop into Second Life tonight. But why aren't users utilizing these tools to create a thriving and viable SL. All I'm asking is, What can users do revitalize SL?
  2. I have my Friend.....but what good has come of it. SL is lifeless and not engaging any more. I want to know how can we use these tools to revitalize the popularity of SL.
  3. I've been an Online Users since it's Inception: GEnie / Sierra / delphi / CompuServe / Prodigy / Aol. That brings back memories, Right!!! I remember brilliant & innovated individual's who created these online worlds that help connect people from all walks of life. Places Like: INmagination Online / Active World / Fandom / Sims Online / SL. Most of these Worlds except for a few have come and gone. I do realize as technology advances it creates glitches and lag leaving these platforms virtually obsolete . Why haven't SL capitalized on Online Learning, Seminars, and Gaming? Why haven't some of the companies vested in SL offer Computer Programming and Design Classes? Why haven't we seen Online Conference / Seminars of people who can't take time off work to travel but want to receive the information. Don't get me started with Online Gaming....Why aren't Game Developers not creating online games for SL Users??? What are your thoughts and ideas on this topic? Thanks -
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