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  1. I realize this.....I didnt just drop into Second Life tonight. But why aren't users utilizing these tools to create a thriving and viable SL. All I'm asking is, What can users do revitalize SL?
  2. I have my Friend.....but what good has come of it. SL is lifeless and not engaging any more. I want to know how can we use these tools to revitalize the popularity of SL.
  3. I've been an Online Users since it's Inception: GEnie / Sierra / delphi / CompuServe / Prodigy / Aol. That brings back memories, Right!!! I remember brilliant & innovated individual's who created these online worlds that help connect people from all walks of life. Places Like: INmagination Online / Active World / Fandom / Sims Online / SL. Most of these Worlds except for a few have come and gone. I do realize as technology advances it creates glitches and lag leaving these platforms virtually obsolete . Why haven't SL capitalized on Online Learning, Seminars, and Gaming? Why haven't som
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