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  1. Thanks! indeed that has helped in part of the problem, now I can publish the desired description, but the autocomplete still does not work, but at least and even if it is all manually and individually, now I can update my market, Thank you very much Polenth Yue! ^^
  2. Hi, I'm designer I'm trying to update my marketplace and the option to complete quickly is not working for me, the text boxes (description...) appear empty, is there a problem with that? Not only does it appear empty, after editing everything, and when publishing it, the description appears what I had not written, in the edit part I have a text, the correct one, and in the public part, another appears, the one that it was supposed to appear in the quick edit before modifying and updating. This has happened to me recently, it has never happened to me before, maybe the complete quickly option no longer works? I have no idea what to do with it ><
  3. I can understand that perfectly, that's why I explain that no member of Chouchou Sim started this debate, even they did not know about it, it was something that Rikuto and I started honestly and with good intentions, but under no concept, we want nobody to bother or overwhelmed the owners of Chouchou with this. Think about the amount of messages that they should have been receiving on this topic, without perhaps being aware of this forum, if they did not publish anything, maybe they had their reasons for not doing it, I only mean that
  4. FB is boiling all over now with this, a lot of post about this... and absolutely no one agrees or happy with the LL changes
  5. Spend money and so much effort to learn to do something and keep it for 3 years, seeing that now the future is very gray ... It was difficult to maintain a store without having an original mesh in SL, but now, I do not know where this will go , without having my own original mesh. Spend money on having a place to put your inworld store, spend money on buying "legally" Mayan templates to do your job honestly, spend money on paying a course in RL to learn to use Maya, (ok, we all do not find it so easy to learn to use those programs, and I am not willing to pay others to create my mesh, I want to get it myself!), Spend effort, hours, illusions ... in trying to do things that others like, just for to be able to win a few lindens that to some of us, pays us bills in real life. What is the point of continuing with the effort and investment in working in SL, if only all of you are the ones who will benefit from our effort? And if many of the creators and designers of SL forcibly abandon our work in SL, you will also have economic losses ?, surely, yes What a damned frustrating and incredibly demotivating! and ofc, with all my respects, especially for the rest of the merchants within SL, both small and large businesses! all of us also increase your benefits continuously, respect should be mutual. this is not good, for neither side
  6. Schedules for group photos at Chouchou Sim It is not an obligation, but due to the difficulty to coincide, we believe that this can be a good way, I hope it works well for the majority. We have two possible groups to take photos, according to the availability of schedules ↓ ↓ ↓ Check it out  ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ========================= ※ Tonight Schedule  https://gyazo.com/9d97c098a4bf50df9c900e86821e5502 ======================== ※ Tuesday's schedule https://gyazo.com/cf2f26e3cd254f0642411c7c829f5294 ========================= Thanks to Rikuto and his wife for make those schedules for us!
  7. Group Photo in Chouchou Sim? Maybe it can be a beautiful farewell memory, or maybe it can be a great memory of victory, it does not matter, be that as it may, it can be a beautiful memory. It's going to be difficult, I know, but as I always say ... we have to try before giving up! If you are interested, say in the comments that time slot (SLT) and day would be better, we all have different schedules and obligations in RL, that is the difficult part lolol but we will try to do it in a way that is good for the majority, or at least we will try The photo should be done this week ( at the latest, the last day should be next wednesday) It does not matter what the photo is, or the outfit, or anything like that, just being there together to take a souvenir photo in Chouchou Sim! Please!!! who is interested to answer on Flickr
  8. well, now it does not depend on us, we have done what was in our hands and I am really proud and grateful to all of you who have supported this ♥
  9. I do not know them personally, but we will do everything possible to make that happen. Infinite thanks for listen us!
  10. Simply, the intention already makes a difference. Inara, thank you very much for that. ❤️
  11. I also try to add your photos to my special "Expo" for Chouchou Sim, although I can not collect all of them, due to the technical problems in Flickr and that some users have their Flickr configured in a way that does not allow adding the photos, if any of your photos is not yet added to my expo, please do not hesitate to tell me with a Flickrmail https://www.flickr.com/photos/kira_balestra/galleries/72157680448170878/ Definitely the most important thing is to get those photos in the Second life official group, as the friend Rikutojam says, please add your photos in Chouchou SIm, to the Second life official group! https://www.flickr.com/groups/secondlifeofficial/pool/
  12. LL always said that the most important thing about SL was the creativity of the people who are part of this community, if that really is true, this would be the best example of it, if they really love the creativity of the people who live in SL, they They should also do something symbolic with Chouchou. I met in SL who was my husband in RL for 7 years. he and I went together to Chouchou on several occasions before being together in RL, I knew that place thanks to him, he died two years ago and that place keeps reminding me of beautiful things, painful but beautiful memories, that place without any doubt has something special and magical and we should not let that be lost. There are some people who think that people are not going to visit Chouchou anymore, that's not true, the sim will not be full, but whenever I've gone, there's always someone there, and that does not happen in many SL sims. There are many beautiful Sims in SL, made with love, but few are as special as Chouchou Sim, Chouchou is not only a beautiful place, it is pure art and magic. We simply can not see how that disappears as if it were nothing, that place must remain with us as a beautiful symbol of creativity and sensitivity in Second life ♥ *and yes, I know my English is not good, but at least I make the effort to try
  13. Chouchou is not a simple beautiful place, it is a symbol in our community for recent people and for people who have been in SL for many years, Chouchou is pure art! Art should not disappear, that's always a sad mistake #WeCan'tLoseUtopia, #ChouchouSimForever,
  14. We have received the sad news that Chouchou Sim will disappear from SL in the next month of June. It is a loss that many of us are greatly regretting. Many in the SL community think and honestly believe that this place, Chouchou, Memento Mori, Islamey ... should stay in SL! It is part of the history of SL, it is a beautiful example of the art that some people have created in our virtual world and it is a beautiful symbol for many of us. I sincerely believe it would be a big mistake to let that place disappear from SL https://flic.kr/p/SaoudH This is just a small example of a part of SL that wants to support that place and that deeply regret the idea of Chouchou disappearing from SL
  15. I am also a merchant and I totally agree with what Charlotte and the other merchants suggest, besides insisting on the subject of the articles copied by others, there are means to denounce, but they are useless, I am continually denouncing those articles, and continue those same in MP, adding more and more and more. There should be a more effective method, the denounced articles continue in MP, and each time they increase more!
  16. Cuales son los mejores shapes y las mejores skins del mercado...los shapes modificables, claro. Que tiendas me podeis recomendar da igual el precio. Se buscar en el marketplace,pero necesito consejo y opiniones...hay mucho material en xtreet...jejeje
  17. Me gustaria saber que tendria que hacer para trabajar de modelo en sl, donde ir, que necesito....?
  18. Tengo dos avatares en sl, uno no puedo usarlo por que no funciona debidamente, me gustaria trasladar mis items de una keka a otra...incluso los no transfer...si se puede,claro...:)
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