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  1. The mystery has been solved. Once I toggled my Number Lock key off, the simultaneous Page Up/Down gave me instructions and worked like a charm (more or less the way Amethyst said it should).
  2. Thanks, Amethyst, for trying to help, but (as I failed to make clear in my first post) that doesn't work. What does happen when I press an arrow key combined with the Page Up/Down keys, is my camera zooming - no avatar movement. Thanks too, Nefertiti, but that doesn't seem to work either.
  3. I encounter animated furniture that tells me I can adjust positions by pressing the "Page Up" and "Page Down" keys "at the same time." I must be awfully obtuse, but for the life of me I can't figure out how that works. When I press those keys nothing happens. This doesn't surprise me; I can't imagine anything happening - there must be more input required, surely. Perhaps, I thought, the arrow keys would adjust the position if I held the two indicated keys down. But this doesn't work either. Could someone please enlighten me?
  4. * * * Sad for those who were not able to select nice User Name, but so the thing works. Linden Lab is also to blame for not giving proper instruction in the account creation page. Well, on the other hand as new User Names don't anymore have last name, selecting a nice Use Name is quite impossible. Dismissing the last names was a great mistake. Yes.
  5. Thanks Rolig! That works fine. I do note quite a difference between your line: if (!~llListFindList(glAvas,[llDetectedName(0)])) and Nova's: if (llListFindList(glAvas,(list)llDetectedName(0))==-​1) Anyway, thanks again to you all!
  6. Thanks for the clarification, Nova! This script works: list glAvas;integer giCounter;default { touch_start(integer total_number) { if ( llDetectedKey(0) != llGetOwner() ) { glAvas += llDetectedName(0); ++giCounter; } else { llOwnerSay((string)giCounter + " avatars have clicked me since the last check."); llOwnerSay("Here are their names: " + llDumpList2String(glAvas, ", ")); giCounter = 0; glAvas = []; } } } Unfortunately I haven't been able to successfully insert your refinement. Here's what I've tried: list glAvas;integer giCounter;default { touch_start(integer total_number) { if ( llDetectedKey(0) != llGetOwner() ) { if (llListFindList(glAvas,(list)llDetectedName(0))==-​1) { glAvas += llDetectedName(0); ++giCounter; } } else { llOwnerSay((string)giCounter + " avatars have clicked me since the last check."); llOwnerSay("Here are their names: " + llDumpList2String(glAvas, ", ")); giCounter = 0; glAvas = []; } } } resulting in "no viable alternative at character ..." What am I doing wrong?
  7. Thanks Darkie! ETA: Interestingly, I did have to change one line to get it to say the names. glAvas += llDetectedName(total_number); became: glAvas += llKey2Name(llDetectedKey(0)); Thanks again for helping me so promptly and prompting me to actually learn something!
  8. I would like a script that tells me who, or at least how many, clicked on my object. Here is an outline of the script as I naively imagine it. Could someone out there mercifully make it work? default { touch_start(integer total_number) { if ( llDetectedKey(0) != llGetOwner() ) { Record name. } else if ( llDetectedKey(0) == llGetOwner() ) { Present list of recorded names. } } }
  9. Yes, I too was initially taken aback by these emoticon thingies tacked onto every sentence in chat; I knew what they meant, but they offended my pedantry. Why couldn't we simply express ourselves with words, I wondered, instead of cueing our meaning with childish symbols. After a year in SL, however, I have adopted the vernacular, although my vocabulary is still limited - almost every sentence in my chat ends with You'll also find, I think, that posting on the forums requires ancillary symbols. If you fail to add "/sarcasm" to the end of an ironic proposition, for example, you may be quite sure you'll be taken literally. ><
  10. A pleasant vanity feature, I'd think, but quite a drama trigger for some people. You'd think they'd be flattered by the attention, but cam into the wrong face across a crowded room and you'll find avatar beauty can be skin deep. A snarling IM will tell you just how thin that skin can be. You can perv on me with impunity. I don't have the Phoenix viewer. ETA: Oh, thanks, Void, guess I can spot those upskirters after all ... .
  11. Somehow I find the idea that a crowd of robots will make a city seem more alive rather depressing.
  12. Accidental exposure of this nature is more of a problem for males, I think. Dressing and undressing requires attention to the order in which you put things on and take things off. Size doesn't matter, but you have to have SOMETHING under your (optional) underwear.
  13. "You know this forum used to be about 1 trillion times cooler than it is now. And it really wasn't that cool then." So did you repost without the F word? Or would that have made your post like a trillion times less cool?
  14. Thanks, Penny. Some of us are actually paying attention to your crusade to scale down avatars to a realistic size. I do have longer arms and bigger feet now, among other subtle anatomical adjustments, and I feel better for it I'd say the biggest gripe I have with the basic avatar mesh is the ineradicable bulging chest that makes creating a realistic child or even slender youth impossible. You mention, in your blog, that about the youngest shape that can be achieved is that of an eleven year old, and I agree that is about the limit. I resigned myself to being a teenager some time ago. In fact my avatar has tended to age as I pay more attention to its verisimilitude. Still have not escaped the child avatar stigma, though. I recently encountered some warning signs on another grid that spelled out the prevailing criteria for "adult" avatars: the sign basically said, "No tits, no muscles, no entrance!"
  15. Thanks, Void I like the llLoadURL for the web profile. Suffered some confusion trying to apply it to Darkie's address. Of course it won't work without an http:// This is what I ended up going with for the old profile: default { touch_start(integer total_num) { llInstantMessage(llDetectedKey(0),"Click this link to view my profile: " + "secondlife:///app/agent/" +(string)llGetOwner()+ "/about" ); } } Obsolete now, with web profiles, but still works on those other primitive grids
  16. Thanks, Monti Got the LM giver figured out, alright. And yes, somehow pasting a link to my profile into a script like the following seems to be the method I'm trying to figure out now. default { touch_start(integer total_num) { llInstantMessage(llDetectedKey(0),"My Profile?"); } } Just gotta find the right replacement for "My Profile?" I guess.
  17. I would like people to be able to click on a prim and be shown my profile. A very simple script, I'm sure, but beyond my ken. Could someone out there tell me how it's done?
  18. Gay Pride parade today in Vancouver, and Dres, you shoulda been there. I live in the neighborhood, and the vibe today was sensational. Didn't matter WTF you looked like, people were having a good time and happy to see each other. Just a friendly atmosphere of tolerance and delight in our eccentricities and diversity. You don't have to fit in. You are in
  19. I'd say enough immersionists may have been disaffected enough to form a viable secessionist movement. They won't win, of course - the Facebook generation is here to stay - but I wonder how a competing grid would do with no reference to "real life" in profiles.
  20. Thanks for the tip about the body fat, Marianne. That's one slider that I've always tended to leave at zero, but I'm beginning to see its usefulness. It's not just to make you fat. And yes, the basic avatar mesh is really in need of an overhaul. I defy anyone to make a realistic child avatar, for example. (No doubt the paedophobes will take a Luddite stance on this.) A note of thanks to those who posted pics here too - nice variety. Just one somewhat unrelated question while I'm here: why do so many posters have badges that obscure their names?
  21. You people who were named before the username/display name era are fortunate. Just try (like the OP apparently did) to find a coherent username! Taken, taken, taken ... How do you think I ended up calling myself "Astringofcharacters?" After an hour of rejections I gave up and just googled username.
  22. Thanks to Cerise Sorbet, the answer has appeared in another forum. Turns out that yes, holding down the shift key while clicking the eye icon makes only that layer visible. And happily Robin saw Cerise's post too
  23. Thanks Cerise! And hi, Robin, thanks for your blog!
  24. "It sounds complicated because directions nearly always do...try explaining how to walk for instance....simple task, but really complicated sounding directions." I follow you Thanks here to everyone. Your replies were helpful!
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