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  1. Please contact me if you need any help getting it working
  2. Filming machinima in busy regions, using advanced graphics features, can result in a low number of frames per second. This video shows how you can improve the machinima frame rate and resolution after filming using AI tools
  3. I made a new animation/machinima for Christmas holiday season. It is a story about enjoying Christmas in virtual worlds from a hospital bed using virtual reality glasses with AI augmentation. Location scenes were filmed in Second Life at: - Blue Finch Frosty Hollow (Pottery Hollow) - Winter Ice Christmas Fest 2023 (Rebel Yell Concerts) - Bad Santa -:oxygen: (Oxygen O2) I hope you like it.
  4. I have just completed a new machinima which I'd like to share here. It's a film noir style and deals with the troubling and violent case of Josephine Parnell. I used a mixture of techniques to make this and the main character, Josephine, was filmed against a green background in Second Life. If anyone would like I could post a "making of" video in the comments too.
  5. For everyone enjoying Fantasy Faire right now, or those tempted to see for themselves, here is a film of my annual walk through every region
  6. I'd like to share my new film with you. It is a Blender animation featuring machinima from 3 regions in Second Life. These are Somewhere by Cica Ghost, which is unfortunately no longer there, Cica builds lots of lovely places but they generally only last a few weeks. There is Echo Ridge (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amaria/114/49/21) which is a really beautiful winter sim. And finally InSilico (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/INSILICO/33/182/522) a wonderful cyberpunk world.
  7. Anyone who loves Fantasy Faire, or even is interested in visiting, here is my film of walking round the entire event
  8. This is how I reinstalled. The JIRA reference does appear to descible my problem, I'll go though it all carefully, thanks
  9. I tried the latest Firestorm and had problems with the slplugin.exe, this message keep popping up: I'm using Windows 11 I uninstalled it and installed again and had the same problem. Next I uninstalled and installed the older again and have not seen the problem. Has anyone else seen this or have any ideas for me? I was hoping to play with the 360 snapshot.
  10. Thanks Molly, it was really fun to make, but did take me 4 months! I'm not quick at these things.
  11. I never thought of that! It might have been interesting.
  12. Yes the necklace was payment, not all mermaids have human like morality and she was fully at ease with selling out the fish.
  13. It's a little while since I posted here, so I thought I'd share my new animation which is a combination of machinima and Blender. I used Blender for the modelling and the backgrounds were filmed at Water's Edge Merhaven (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Antiquity%20MarieGalante/30/72/9). I really hope you like the story!
  14. I had this idea for a story several years ago, but I couldn't decide how to do it. The basic idea is you put the brain of a cat in a hi-tech robot body and see what happens. So, earlier this year I started it. I decided it should be mostly made in Blender and I'd try for a cell style animation look with a Blade Runner/cyberpunk style setting. There is also a small amount of machinima, filmed in Second Life, so I hope its OK to post it here.
  15. I walked through all 21 regions in Fantasy Faire 2021 in Second Life. I saw a huge dragon skeleton with an egg, a dodo, a phoenix nest, big statues, tiny fairies, memorial candles, a giants tomb, knitted grass and buildings, a surreal game of chess. I watches shooting stars in the snow, petted a dinosaur, listened to monkeys and fell in the water several times. So much fun! The timeline: 0:00:00 - Valhalla 0:00:52 - Fairelands Junction 0:06:05 - The Seventh Valley 0:19:23 - Fairelands Junction 0:26:38 - The Cerulean Bombora 0:34:31 - Tempest Bay 0:47:17 - The Amethyst Rift 0:54:52 - Mithlumen 1:04:11 - Somniatoris Arx 1:14:00 - Isles of Tarrin 1:23:03 - Featherfall 1:27:54 - The Wandering Woods 1:32:11 - J’adoube 1:39:05 - The Dark Awakening 1:43:05 - A’Dracunas 1:47:15 - Peaville Goes Nuts 1:55:37 - Paer Thura 2:03:16 - Líng Xiāo Lóng 2:10:11 - Ostara 2:18:35 - Khol Dracys 2:26:52 - Scrimshaw Warrens 2:31:45 - Yin Yang 2:36:44 - Valhalla
  16. It was mostly automated detection but I had to reset the tracking points a few times when they drifted
  17. This was Blender 2.79. I put 4 coloured balls in a square and set these as the tracking points in Blender. As I didn't have rez permissions on that land the corner balls were attachments on the Big Boss character set to avatar center who whilst animated was not moving. The display video was made in Blender too and tracked to the plane defined by tracking the 4 corners attachments in SL. What you described seems to mean the attachment corners would not be needed and the tracking could be derived from other content in the scene.
  18. This looks really interesting and your example seems quite solid. I have used the old Blender motion tracking with Second Life machinima a couple of times before, e.g. with the hovering video display at: from my Future Shock series. I will definitely be playing with this more, thanks for pointing it out Finn.
  19. Thanks Alan. Whilst it was frustrating with the original song it was also very interesting revisiting a Blender project I made so long ago in my early days of learning it. So many things I hadn't done right and was able to fix like baking the little fish and changing the seaweed from soft bodies to shape key movement.
  20. Strictly speaking this animation is mostly Blender but there is a little machinima too, me and a friend dancing on the pink phone, so I hope you'll forgive me posting it here. I originally made this animation a couple of years ago with different music, unfortunately the copyright owners decided to block the music track so I took the opportunity to remaster and tidy it up with new music. I hope you enjoy it!
  21. I have a new animation to share with you. This is part machinima and part Blender and is Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata animated with flowers, mushrooms, vines and falling acorns in a garden setting alongside me playing the piano. I hope you like it. I have many more animations and machinima at my YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/PrydaParxStudio
  22. I just noticed I got my studio url wrong, it should be https://www.youtube.com/PrydaParxStudio, sorry about that!
  23. I've not tried a music machinima yet, I might. It seem like it might be expensive with good quality bodies, animations and props. Everything I've done here has been with the things I've made or freebies from the marketplace. I like the idea with thinking through the song first or all, I did something similar with a Blender animation a while back, Fish Go Deep, Cure and the Cause. What would be the typical cost of a music video Macedonio or Jackson?
  24. I was wondering how other filmmakers start out with a new work. I generally (not always) like to start with a striking image, I think through the style and composition for that one frame then build the rest of the story from there. For example here are some of the initial idea from some of my films: I'd love to hear about the creative process for others of you in this forum.
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