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  1. I think it may be possibly due to errant vertices not being in EXACT alignment along the vertical axis. I've encountered the same issue many times in the past, and it was driving me crazy (I was making perfectly flat plane surfaces for floors, with loopcuts to create edges for faked AO repeat textures, varying floor panel UV rotations for texture efficiency etc). There would often be a vertice somewhere that simply refused to sit in precise Z-axis alignment (a tiny decimal point out), and SL would interpret this as thickness in the plane - hence the random hovering effect. What I do these day
  2. Thankyou Perrie for pointing that out to me - that snippet of information had slipped past my radar. :matte-motes-smile: That should in theory go a long way to stopping a lot of the empty box MP fraudsters in the future (once they have used up all their "pre-made" stores prior to this coming into effect (many of the "new" stores I have spotted have been owned by AVs several months old, presumably created and "aged" in readiness for scamming). A positive move by LL, but as you said, LL needs to actually DEAL with the fraudster element as well.
  3. Wishful thinking on my part, but..... In the feedback section of the survey, I recommended (strongly) that LL include a "mesh uploader" status as a search filter. Reason? To provide a method to help screen OUT the fradulent empty box scammers. This primarily concerns those fake stores selling exhobitantly priced mesh avatar replacements / mesh full perm clothing kits etc. (Fraudulent mesh product listings (especially "full perms") have been getting an absolute HAMMERING by the empty box scammers over the past year or so). As someone who has been a mesh hobbyist creator for years (outside of
  4. I'd suggest looking into one of the software packages that have 3D painting capabilities. Prices vary widely, so I'd strongly suggest trying demos of them before making a final purchase. In a nutshell, this would allow you to have a 3D object (in this case, the SL AV), and be able to paint on it in a 3D viewport, rotating, zooming etc as required. Most would probably have some kind of "projection painting" ability, where you would drop a reference photo into the 3D scene (skin texture for example), and you would align the AV so that the texture is "cloned" onto the 3D surface as you paint ove
  5. I'm just wondering if the group land bonus caps out (or not) once you acquire the equivalent of a full region. (I assume the bonus still applies, but checking to be safe). Currently I have almost 52,000m2 of land/tier (mainland) donated to my group. I am considering acquiring another quarter sim within one of my regions once it becomes available. If I buy it for my group, will it break my tier level (US$195 per month), or does the group land bonus still apply? ie: 65,536m2 (full sim equivalent tier) + 6,553m2 (10% group land bonus) = 72,089m2 (plus I guess the free 512m2 with premium membershi
  6. I've been looking into purchasing Substance Designer as well - it appears to be seriously powerful from what I've seen thus far, and would be a pretty neat addition to my workflow in general. Still undecided if its features are overkill for my own needs - although it would probably be handy to have later on, as my hunger for quality control in my mesh materials grows. However, a suggestion worth looking into in lieu - Bitmap2Material - produced by the same software studio as Substance Designer (Allegorithmic). It depends on if you want to simply create materials from bitmap images, or whether
  7. It is NOT O.K...... To have zillions of damned polys in a shoe mesh (or ANYTHING for that matter). I'm not talking about slightly overdetailed meshes... I'm talking about STUPIDLY high poly counts. It's a pity I can't actually name and shame here. I've recently come across probably the worst example of excessive modeling I've yet seen in SL. A shoe where every MINISCULE detail was modeled in geometry, down to the holes in the leather for brogueing (and THESE had insane amounts of polys for those tiny details too). In wireframe mode, the shoe is practically SOLID looking due to the denseness o
  8. Possibly it might be the SL animations creeping into your own animation - SL has the ability to "blend" animations (eg, handbag carrying poses while the AV walks in an independent animation). Generally, if an animation only affects specific parts of the body, other animations are able to play and blend in. This can be useful, but also a pain if not wanted. IF this is what is affecting your animation, I suggest you try tweaking every body part (just a tiny bit - you just need to barely spin the pose dials on non-moving body parts ( I assume you meant you are using Poser 7?)). Anyways, by doing
  9. Your AV sliding / feet clipping issue is probably due to the movements you are applying to the HIP JOINT. Similar to Poser (and I assume DAZ Studio), SL uses the HIP of the AV for positioning inworld (location, movement from A to B, rotation etc). With your moving of the hip joint side to side and up/down, SL sees that as the entire AV figure moving side-to-side and up and down in world. This wouldn't be a problem IF the pinning of the feet you are doing in DAZ Studio was being recognised in the export process to the BVH file. My guess is that this isn't happening for some reason. Possibly th
  10. I suspect the smoothing you are applying is probably blowing out your vertice counts far beyond what SL sculpties will accept. I haven't made sculpties for about two years now, so my memory is pretty rusty these days about the processes involved. Have you followed ? This is what I used originally when trying to figure out how to create sculpties via Hexagon. It was enough to get me going back then. I don't remember ever having your specific issue.:matte-motes-smile: ..... On a side note: Although previously a long-time user of Hexagon, I've found it's really not overly suited to SL conte
  11. The movement is probably the default SL animations creeping into your pose (be sure to turn off any AOs as well). As far as I know, this is due to the way SL blends animations (eg: a handbag pose mixing with a totally independent walk animation). The way to overcome this is to ensure that EVERY body part has some kind of change applied (even just a tiny amount). The torso and neck movements you mention are probably due to those parts not having any changes made in your pose file - so tweak those slightly so their values change a fraction, and chances are that your refined pose will now be pe
  12. Definitely. As you have disovered, many merchants who create and sell mesh products haven't got much idea about proper optimisation for SL's realtime rendering environment. The more detail that needs to be created and displayed on your screen means the slower the framerate your PC can generate per second (the fewer times the screen can be "redrawn" means a laggier experience in that regard - hence your description of stop motion animation). Ideally, meshes SHOULD be created with as few polygons as possible - only using the barest minimum required to get a required shape, AND have proper level
  13. Thanks for the heads-up too, Chosen! :matte-motes-smile: I've been happily using the CS1 suite (primarily Photoshop) since I purchased it waaay back in 2004. I've often looked longingly at the new features of subsequent CS releases, but have never been able to justify the high price tags for my purely hobbyist usage. I can now reconsider my options... heck, $30 per month is less than I pay per month in my SL tier! Hmm... consider me sold! Nice move Adobe! :matte-motes-smile:
  14. It's possible that the hair meshes that are failing to rez up for you are too heavily detailed in their geometry. I can't be sure on specific brands or instances, but I have had the same issue myself with some hair demos etc, or that worn by people around me - they will either not rez up at all, or only partially. The partially rezzed up hair meshes, when I have inspected them in wireframe mode, have generally been hugely heavy in their polygon counts - and on my less-than-perfect internet connection appear to "time out" before rezzing up properly. Again, I can't be sure on specific brands et
  15. In agreement to what Rahkis said - and many thanks once again for making so many wonderful and informative posts here in the forums, Code. Your knowledge shared in here is superbly helpful, not just to me but no doubt to countless others. Although I'm proficient enough with mesh, I am always welcoming of new methods, ideas and avenues to approach things by, so to me your postings are gold. Thanks muchly for all your hard work (I know how time consuming informative posts and tutorials are to make). Hence my many kudos I've been throwing your way - my little "thanks" to you in the background wi
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