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  1. yeah would be at least a fast solution for now. : ]
  2. i have had a bit similar to this. one of my avatars keeps throwing a nonending shadowline onto the floor. And i also changed a few faces on it after the weighting was started already. And for the life of me i can not figure what exactly is causing this. I even checked if there are loose vertices which are maybe far off from the body geometry - but that's not the case either. And checked everything else i could possibly think of being the cause, to no avail. And i also couldn't be bothered to recreate the whole thing because it reached a status where it was already fully rigged and wei
  3. In addition to the other answers: - You can 'export' your UV map into an image file (png, jpg, tga) from within blender. You do this in the Imge/UV view panel. (but might need to ensure that all faces are selected to show them on the UV canvas) - "...but can't open it with Blender" You can not 'open' a png or imagefile in blender in the traditional way as you would in an image editor. Imagefiles are assigned as Textures / Maps via the Material Properties. And can be altered or even edited from there in. To do so you need a bit of knowledge about blender. So best is as the
  4. First - i think the 'bulge' Rhakis was pointing out to be wrong here is this one: http://i.imgur.com/qBpdMrS.png One would need to have a pretty enormous spine to show out that much. And this area also on a human ends up in a very noticeable indent on the lower part of the back, where the spine bends towards the body middle. You should flatten this area a bit out and then make it sink in on the lower part. This here makes it look a bit like it's about to grow dragon spikes on the back Another problem would be the missing all over 'edgeflow' in the topology that would allow for a good and
  5. Heya Penelope, You have to find the items in the 'unassociated' items list and then fill them with all needed information and 'activate' them to have them showing up in your marketplace shop. Adding the item on the Marketplace website On the Marketplace website, choose My Marketplace > Merchant home in the upper-right. Click Manage Listings on the left side of the page. Under Unassociated Marketplace Inventory, click the name of your item to start editing the item listing, then complete the required fields. You can find a description of all the listing fields here. The uploaded it
  6. Nyll already answered it greatly. But to add some constructive suggestion: it might be more helpfull to just copy paste the exact phrases in the TOS that you would like to have explained / understand better. Or simply formulate a question about if this / that is allowed / forbidden. As it seems, by looking at your other posts, that you have a speciffic problem for which you need clarification. We have enough experienced users here to possibly answer these questions for you in a simple and understandable way. For all other cases i stick with Nyll's suggestion to simply contact LL dir
  7. Hello Coverina, There are several things that could cause this: - you have to have 10 L in your account for the marriage to work. (And the separation of the partnership costs 25 L ) - there is a known bug which happens to free members as well as premium members, have a look here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4154? - If he had 10 L and it still did not work, and he feels it could be a problem with his account, he has to open a ticket for that speciffic avatar. Which he can do here : https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ (free members) https://support.se
  8. In addition to Val's answer: if you want to check on the status of secondlife in the future on your own - here is the link : http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ Cheers !
  9. Heya Lavaliere, it is possible that you have to "verify" your paypal account first. The Payment Rules for Second Life have changed recently. To verify your paypal account you need to connect it with your real bank account. This can easily be done from within your paypal login and account . Unverified accounts will not work anymore, due to Second Life only wanting to do instant transfers now - therefore you have to verify it. PayPal Often the initial agreement can't be set up due to an unverified PayPal account. To use your PayPal account with Linden Lab, it must be verified and be capa
  10. Codewarrior Congrejo

    sky box

    additionally to Freyas good answer, it might also be that he does not want everyone directly to appear in his skybox. In that case ask him if there is maybe a teleporter (scripted object) somewhere to get into the skybox from the entrance, so you don't have to manually move over the distance.
  11. Trinity has given you a good linbk to check out. Aside from that make sure that : - your firewall and your antivirus allows : slvoice.exe (as well as to ensure that your firestorm viewer exe has full rights ) - check Skype (in case you have it installed), even if the autoadjustement for mic and speakers is disabled it is a known problem that it often just mutes your microphone fully and you need to go into - preferences - audio settings to move the slider for the mic from zero to a normal volume again. The above things can also prevent you from being able to use voice correctly.
  12. I am going to make a very risky statement and say: it is not okay to leave your common sense at the door when entering the subject 3D modeling - just the same as with any other subject on this planet ^.- A lot of the no-no's come from having no knowldege, searching for shortcuts and being overly eager and impatient to create things like this, and often the hope for fast money. I think we can break the answer of your question down to this- and answer instead 'what IS ok?': - Use your common sense - means: do not steal, rip, copy, and know that there are never long lasting shortcuts when
  13. Just a realism-thought: You might want to open the vest at the back or frontside, or add an indent or elevated area, and think about a 'closing mechanism' . And add some laces, a strap, or lil buckles etc. Whilst a zipper is still possible to be just painted onto the texture (eventho i'd suggest at least 1 faceloop being a bit elevated from the surrounding area for that) it will be hard to simulate the full feel of laces and their intrusion into the material / slopes/ knots etc. And even if you just paint on buttons, or add mesh buttons it should have a lil indent in the vest at least,
  14. You could try to ask this question in the following Foums: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Your-Avatar/bd-p/YourAvatar http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Fashion/bd-p/Fashion You might have a bit more luck there, then here in a meshbuilder forum : ) Aside from the above - here is a thread about them, that might help you understand a bit better how they work: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Avatar/Where-do-I-find-these-lola-tangos-I-m-trying-to-find-the-best/qaq-p/1761261 Generally it's also a good idea to just visit the inworld Shop of the creator - you mostly will find Teleport-Li
  15. Actually i only use it with keystrokes / shortcuts. Typing is still so much faster then moving your mouse over the UI to reach a certain point in the menu or the floaters / panels. Therefore they all have the same importance to me : ) But here are the ones i apparently 'use' the most: L for select all linked i could say i am glad about the existance of this keystroke ^^ E for extrude CTRL+R for manually adding a loopcut K for the Knife tool ALT+M+L for Merging at 'Last' - i keep sticking to last, and also select the vertices in that order so the last one will be the target - makes i
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