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  1. In fact, I did just that (installing Firefox), and it seems to work; but the idea that MP doesn't function for the browser native to the OS is absurd. Anyway, it worked fine until the other day. Hopefully it'll blow over, and I can get this lame browser back off my computer.
  2. Just a heads-up for anyone else having the same problem: Apparently, it's something inherent to the Macintosh version of the Hexagon application. At this time, the Hex developer tells me there's no fix/work-around. Time to find another app, alas...
  3. I'm having the same issue - which has persisted since last night. Are you using Safari, by chace? I have tried clearing cache/history, to no effect; but you're not alone on this one.
  4. Thanks for the input! I've tried Blender, but as a absolute novice, I've found the interface was just too much. I still have it installed, and may go back in the future, but am using DAZ/Hexagon for the time being, due to the user-friendly interface. To clarify, I haven't actually applied any smoothing. I was simply referring to the default smoothing applied to a "default" SL Prim in hexagon. E.g. when you create a cube, it's x number of vertices by x. I haven't applied any changes; merely moved existing ones around. Basically, I take a cube, stretch the Y measurement flat, and tug in the edges so it looks like an ivy leaf - something I thought would be dead simple for a first sculpt. I have looked into the tutorial you mentioned, as well as others, and as far as I can tell, I'm doing everything as recommended. The only difference I've noticed is that I'm using a cube, whereas the tutorials always seem to choose a cylinder. I'm able to export to .tga just as they specify; but when I try to import the .tga file to SL, the size is way too large. Anywho, thatnks again for the attempt. I'll keep beating th problem with a rock till it cracks. ^^;
  5. Yeah, upon further tinkering, I do suspect that the problem is based on the number of vertices/facets on the sculpty. However, as far as I can tell, I already have it set at the minimum smoothing for Hexagon. Are there any Hexagon users out there who know of a way to "shrink" the prim image down when exporting, so it's a size SL can use?
  6. Hey folks! I'm a brand new sculptor with what may be a noobish question. Apologies in advance if I sound rather lost. I've created a sculpty prim of a leaf (started with a cube), made in Hexagon (ver I'm able to save from Hexagon without issue, using File > Export > Second Life Sculptie. However, when I try to upload the texture to SL, I get the error message "Can't upload images larger than 2048*2048." I must be missing something. I'm unable to find a tool in Hexagon that allows me to save a smaller file - aside from "physically" shrinking the sculpty, and I don't know if the size of the prim has any bearing on the size of the file. I tried opening the .tga with GIMP, and scaling the image to 2048 x 2048 that way, but instead of a leaf, I get a sphere with a dark spot on top and a light stripe beneath. I don't know if it makes any difference, but GIMP shows that the original image (before scaling) is 16384 x 16384 pixels. In short, is there a way to alter the size of the exported .tge file (either in Hexagon or externally through a third party), so it can be uploaded to SL? Alternatively, does anyone know a tutorial with more in-depth information about how to export from Hexagon? I've watched several tutorials by folks who appear to do exactly what I did, but end up with an importable file.
  7. Perfect! Thanks so much for the help! I had looked all over for this info, to no avail. Oddly, most of the tutorials for animating in DAZ advise to "make sure this box is checked," without explaining why; so I presumed it was a matter of compatibility between apps. One would think that they would mention it.
  8. I'm making a series of sitting animations for my living room, using DAZStudio. As most of you know, the default SL animation causes the avatar to look wherever the cursor is pointing. Some people dislike this, but I would actually PREFER if the heads swiveled to face where the sitter is looking. I find it more natural and immersive. I formerly used Avimator/QAvimator. In that application, leaving a joint at the default ("zero") position throughout the animation would cause that joint to function according to SL defaults. In the case of the head, this would allow the avatar to look round, following the cursor. I've seen tutorials that say the same is true of DAZ 3D, but upon importing the animation, I'm finding that's not the case. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?" I imagine there's a useful lesson there for some SL denizens, and the dangers of giving over oneself too much to the Dark Side of the Force... More seriously, though, I've seen a lot of inspiration from Jules Verne and Lewis Carroll for builds, setings and avatars. Of course, there's also John Norman's Gor series, which has made for some interesting times; but it seems most Gorean sims take a very... simplistic view of the setting. Altogether, though, when I'm actually in SL, I find myself for more commonly reading "how-to" manuals than books and movies.
  10. I've been away from SL for a while, but back in the day, I was a member of an okiya (geisha-run tea house) known as yorokeikoku. Admittedly, this was more of a Japanese-inspired escort service than an actual geisha house; but the people there embraced the geisha ideal of living (at least in Second Life) a life of art. Matching ideas at the okiya, many of us took on projects more ambitious than they would have done otherwise, driven by the interest of friends and co-workers. Most of the friends I still retain were met there. Although the okiya folded due to financial matters, it was the gateway to a wealth of galleries, musical recitals and other creative venues. Around each of these is a group of dedicants, adding and changing with their ideas - to say nothing of the individuals willing to help with building, scripting, etc. (an artform in itself). Each of these communities adds to the appeal of the world as a whole, and has wooed me back after a far-too-long time away.
  11. The SL music scene is one of the major reasons I come to SL, and I'm going to back Crap Mariner on the statement that Kyle Bronsdon (Kyle Beltran in-world) is one of the more hot scenes out there. I've been hanging at his club (Meatspace) almost since its inception, and love the sense of community that this and other music clubs foster. I'm as inspired by his band of merry misanthropes as I am by his stellar showmanship. Another great artist is Blue4u Nowicka, whose gutsy voice is second to none! Real down-home talent. Most of all, however, I am inspiredby the way SL allows these talented artists a way to reach beyond their backyards in First Life, and touch audiences around the globe. Keep showing that talent folks!
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