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  1. Just another Pep wannabe, without the wit, humor or personally. You're dimissed.
  2. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: @Raul: Linking to her profile on your dead forum that even she hasn't visited since 2011 will resuscitate it, yep. :smileyindifferent: It wasn't meant to resuscitate anything. Just happy birthday wishes to Kylie. For a smart guy, you don't read so well.
  3. Happy birthday Kylie Jaxxon ! Best wishes on your birthday and many more.:matte-motes-big-grin:
  4. ChaoticFire86 wrote: another issue ive seen is the basic apps not working like photo, maps, calendar, etc and the srvice that replaced media player also has issues plus the fact that windows 10 doesnt support 2000 series to 3999 series laptop graphics anything in between which sucks for us who have laptops i had to use the fix for firestorm just to be able to use sl again because of the graphics not supported message Yup, you're absolutely correct about thoses issues. I've seen many problems posted online about them. I'm sure there will be more with lesser used programs too. You find out as you try to use them. I've been trying to correct them on my laptop as i find them. Some of them so far are not fixable though. I really want to give Win 10 a fair shake and make it work, but it looks like i'm going to have to roll back to Win 7.
  5. Phoebe Avro wrote: I tested Windows 10 as an insider, I would advise any laptop owner NOT to install it unless the maker of your laptop has drivers for it! I am still using windows 7 Pro on my PC since it works and Windows 10 dose not offer me anything better at this time. I think your assessment is totally on point. My problem like Supersatan3 had mentioned is all driver related and it's mostly a problem with some laptops. I haven't upgraded my desktop PC yet. But from what I see none of the problems i'm having would effect a desktop PC. There are few programs missing in Win 10, but a quick download of 2012 essentials recovered thoses.
  6. I recently had to do a clean install of Windows 7 after automatic upgrade made the OS on my laptop useless. To make a long story short, I had to buy another copy of Win 7. It came with the free upgrade to Windows 10. I didn't want to install Win 10 but it automatically did it for me. Besides the security issues that can be manually shut down, which i did. It has a load of tracking information and get this keyloggers which can download all kinds of passwords and info. The two biggest problems besides security for me are , 1. it disconnects my wifi card indiscriminately knocking me off SL which is a PITA., 2. it disabled my touch pad mouse on my laptop. Being a new operating system there aren't a lot of fixes for this out there yet. I've tried all the fixes Microsoft recommends to no avail. I'm not the only one having these problems they are well documented if you look online. I thought i'd pass this info along for anyone wanting to upgrade to Windows 10. BEWARE ! I'd wait a while until they can correct these issues before downloading it to your computers.
  7. Belinda Cifuentes wrote: I had the same problem in early 2015. A creator suggested the same thing as noted above and for a time it worked. But Windows likes to automatically update things (which is good for a security standpoint) and I presumably have had an automatic update for Flash because the damned SL TVs no longer work. Is there a feasible workaround to have the necessary version of Flash on one's computer remain there, select it to load before logging on to SL? Or is this just a lost cause to the point that no one should bother buying any creator's products anymore if thinking they can view videos in-world? I haven't had that happen to me yet. But the original Flash for Firefox exe. file is still in my windows downloads folder. Check there and try and run that exe file again and see if it clears the problem up. If thats not it, I would also check to make sure the SLplugin.exe is running in process tab of task manager and hasn't been quarantined by antivirus or firewall.
  8. I've had people ask me is there a Firefox for Mac. Yes there is a Mac version and a Linux version of Firefox. You just need to download them and Adobe Flash for Firefox. You don't ever have to use Firefox or have it be your default browser. You can keep using whatever browser you like to use. But it does have to be on your machine for most Flash sites to play right. I use IE 11 downloaded Adobe Flash for the IE browser and found it didn't work on all Flash based video. The only one so far that worked on all sites was Flash for Firefox . Most Youtube video is flash based, most of the Media on a prim TV sets in SL are Flash based or Flash is used in the shell program to view video.
  9. Just recently I had to format and reload Windows to my computer. Which means I had to reload the new Firestorm viewer. I had a problem viewing media on a prim and Youtube video. The fix was I had to download the Firefox web browser, then download Adobe Flash for Firefox. It has to be Adobe Flash for Firefox its the only one that works right. Run Adobe Flash from your downloads in Windows after you download it. This may happen if you do a clean upgrade to a newer version of Firestorm or any other SL viewer. Firefox download : https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/ Adobe Flash for Firefox : https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html
  10. It sounds like its a problem with flash to me, the type that is used inside SL and other browsers. But you could drop a notecard to Natashya Babii in SL. I think that's the person that sells the NHC brand. I'm not sure if she is the creator of that product, but she should be able to help you with it. Or at least put you in contact with the person that created the product.
  11. Quick question. Are you using parcel Media or MOAP ? I found just about everything will stream on MOAP but getting parcel media to work right is a bit tricky.
  12. Mitch Robbins: O.K., if you want to watch one show but record another show at the same time, the television set does not have to be on channel 3. Phil Berquist: Yeah it does. Mitch Robbins: No it doesn't. Phil Berquist: It does. Mitch Robbins: No, if you're watching what you're recording, then it has to be on 3. Phil Berquist: What... the TV or... or the machine? Mitch Robbins: The TV. Phil Berquist: You're saying I can record something I'm not even watching? Mitch Robbins: Yes, that's the point. You don't even need a TV to record. Phil Berquist: How would I see it? Mitch Robbins: Well to see it you need a TV. Ed Furillo: Shut up! Just shut up! He doesn't get it! He'll never get it! It's been 4 hours! The cows can tape something by now! Forget about it please!
  13. He wants Michonne dead. Seemed like that was who he was aiming at.
  14. Aedonix wrote: I know with things like Gmail etc there is a page where you can view a list of the IP addresses you have logged in to your account from. I was wondering if csomething similar existed in Second life The only thing I can think of would be to check your TP history in the menu of the viewer. You should be able to find it under the world tab on the top of the viewer. Chances are if you logged in there, you probably TPed there at some point. Or you TPed out of there to another location.
  15. I guess I could be considered an old timer also. " Waves at Peggy "
  16. Storm Clarence wrote: Raul Rehnquist wrote: I am assuming the house with the fall threw floor is in the air ? Try locking the prims in the floor. This will usually help with that problem. I'm not sure I ever heard of this before: "locking the prims in the floor." How is this done, and what does 'it' do? This is a old trick used for skyboxes and aerial builds. It locks the floor prims attributes so they can not be changed until they are unlocked. Example: unpacking a box in the skybox, then deleting the box and floor gets deleted along with the unpacked box. Or for whatever reason the floor attribute gets randomly changed to phantom.
  17. Jennifer Boyle wrote: I have a house that is located on adult mainland that is owned by a group that another avatar and I own. I have had a house on this land since the summer of 2009, when Zindra opened, although I have had the current house only a couple of months. During the last three days I have been having two problems that I have never had before. One is that I fall through the floor. This occurs in only certain places, but the locations seem to stay the same. It is just as if the prims making up the floor were phantom, but they are not. Since it started it seems to be constant. The other problem is that I cannot walk in certain areas. It is just as if there were an invisible prim there that is stopping me, but there is none. This seems to always occur in the same areas and it has been constant since it started. Can anyone offer and explanation and suggest a cure/ Thanks for any help. I am assuming the house with the fall threw floor is in the air ? Try locking the prims in the floor. This will usually help with that problem. As far as the invisible prim i'm not not sure if it will help that problem. Have you tried Ctrl>Alt>T to see if there is a invisible prim there ?
  18. Vincent Brewster wrote: I'm producing a in world production of RENT and I was originally going to stream the cast album but I'm just curious as to whether or not it's possible to stream the people in the cast live over several streaming locations onto one stream? I've heard there's a way for two people to do this but I'm not sure about maybe 15 people streaming together. If you can help please contact me in-world. Thanks. I don't think you would be able to stream from several locations live. You could however use SL voice or Skpe conference call or something similar and pre record it. Then stream in into SL using one stream. Then have the actors do the movements on stage along to the sound track being streamed into SL. I like your idea though. Let us know when you get it together, I'd love to attend a performance.
  19. Storm Clarence wrote: Raul Rehnquist wrote: Hello Raul, long time no voice. Is it because: Your ISP is throttling or blocking the voice service; failure of the Vivox service; voice issues on the region you are on; voice being throttled by bandwidth set incorrectly; voice hardware (mic, headset) not configured correctly in your operating system settings; voice hardware not configured correctly in the viewer; another application has your voice hardware in use (example, Skype) your anti virus software has “mangled” the voice application; see here or other? Welcome back. Hey whats up Storm. Thanks for the welcome back. But I really never left.
  20. Viewers play a minor part in voice functionality. The bulk of voice support is given by the external application called SLVoice, which is made by the SL voice provider, Vivox. Voice failures are almost always due to one of the following reasons: Your ISP is throttling or blocking the voice service; failure of the Vivox service; voice issues on the region you are on; voice being throttled by bandwidth set incorrectly; voice hardware (mic, headset) not configured correctly in your operating system settings; voice hardware not configured correctly in the viewer; another application has your voice hardware in use (example, Skype) your anti virus software has “mangled” the voice application; see here. You can test voice by going to Voice Echo Canyon. If voice is working correctly for you, anything you say there will be echoed back to you.
  21. Well it's great that we were able to identify this problem and you were able to resolve it. You should pass this information along to the Singularity people. Because if you were having this problem chances are there are others out there experiencing the same thing. In fact Comcast gives the Norton's Security Suite away for free to it's customers and there are a lot of people out there that do use it.
  22. I think it has a lot to do with the way the plugins work. It tricks the antivirus program into thinking its a security risk, when it really isn't. Although it's a PITA look at it this way, your security suite is doing a good job of working to protect your computer.
  23. NJMike wrote: Perhaps, although I use Norton Security Suite, not 360. How can I check, though? OPen up Norton Security Suite, under PC security protected tab > veiw details >virus and spyware scan > click on details > click on security history. That should show you what has been quarantined by the security suite.
  24. I was looking at their website. The only related problem I see like yours NJMike is a conflict with Norton 360 with a warning then quarantines and removes slplugin.exe from Singularity Viewer directory. Might that be a possibility that your antivirus protection has quarantined the slplugin. exe ? If not you can post the problem to their website so the build team can answer it for you.
  25. You're missing files in the viewer itself, maybe they have a patch for that on the download website ? If not a fresh download should cure the problem.
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