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  1. I created a texture in Photoshop to be uploaded in secondlife but i wish it to be removed for the SL grid completely. How would I achieve this?
  2. I know with things like Gmail etc there is a page where you can view a list of the IP addresses you have logged in to your account from. I was wondering if csomething similar existed in Second life
  3. I havew SAM Broadcaster and i want to do a movie event using an on line video but want to stream the audio along with the video. Now the shoutcast stream I use has a 30 second delay on it, making synching up the video and audio troublesome, also there is the problem of media beginning from the start for anyone who arrives late, so would also want a way to force them to join the video "in progress". Anyone have any ideas where i might begin on this one? (EDIT) in response to the firat reply.. setting up audio streams isnt an issue, i was more interested in the ability to sync audio and video in world. give a theater or ciema type feel to it so that the radio station i broadcast for could cover a movie event.
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