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  1. I do not understand, I do not hazard but rather some earned then understand how to earn some money.
  2. Both in terms of purchase Premium account holders that I know that this land is 512m 117 prim count. But it's also a bit useless because it is actually the house and I need a lot of trade is not for the house. A hook even if I wanted the premium account can not have it because they do not know how to buy it because I Slovak + I have even a bank account. If so he would be in, for example, get 100L$ skybox?
  3. Hello I hope that I write in the correct section, specifically I needed advice where I could buy some land area 512 m and the price 100L$ for a week when so than 120L$ per week. And minimum 100 prim count. Thank you in advance for your advice.
  4. Hello, I would need some good advice please and free Vendor Script and accurately so that you set the price for all free because I meet with it that you can just enter the price you want but I want it for just one price. Thank you in advance for your advice.
  5. Hello, I need to advise a place where a slot machine to play for 1L$ a win will suffice to 5L$, why hunger is so cheap that you need to make and then later play the more expensive. Thank you in advance for your help.
  6. Is that distinct from the checkbox on https://secondlife.com/my/account/contact.php? ? THX, please lock
  7. It was enough to write in English otherwise I can not please somehow through the web SecondLife? because I do not go anymore on SL so I have not installed it (Slovak: Stačilo to napísať anglicky inak nejde to prosím nejak cez web secondlifu? lebo nechodím už na SL takže ani ho nemám nainštalovaný )
  8. Hello, I hope I have included this topic in the correct category, I knew not where to put it so include it here. So the topic I have a problem that I would like to prohibit me walked emails from SecondLife because I logged into enough groups in SL but I normally use email but it can not be because I have a lot of emails a day and then I have no overview. Thank you in advance for your reply and apology was for my translation it through google translate because I do not speak Slovak and English well :(
  9. Thank you how much I look so powerful computer must have only the most graphic
  10. Hello how are the least whether the minimum requirements for playing secondlife? because I'd like to know because nowhere on the main site to see in advance thanks for the answer.
  11. I do not know but just so good looking through search that is and yet it also so I do not know English, and only Slovak and power Slovaks not to SL so I ask how fun is happy but I also work, so do something like that but if I have to money: (
  12. Hello I have such a minor issue in the last very well on SL'm bored and I do not really know or do not know any job where simy entertain or so talking something please because I'm bored awful: (
  13. Hello learn me or someone you know how to play slots in SL because I do not see how I play and I need Utomo FREE score and 70000 both can be?
  14. I would be glad if you were my friend, you can write me IM JacobSteven PS: Thank you
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