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  1. NJMike wrote: No Media Plugin was found to handle the "text/html" mime type. Media of this type will be unavailable. I get this error at the SL login screen, and if I click "Ok" on anything in-game, such as Preferences or notifications, and it always has two of them that pop up at the top-right corner. What is this plug-in even for? How can I get it so I can stop getting this error? If it helps, I'm using viewer Singularity 1.5.10 (2). I believe Singularity will ask you once if you want to download that plugin. If you answer no or do not download it at that time, you will continue to get that error message. Delete that version of Singularity and download a fresh copy of that viewer and answer yes to downloading the media plugins you should be able to correct that problem.
  2. To answer your question Strophantus look right here http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Gestures-emotes-and-animation/ta-p/700069#Where_do_I_get_gestures.3F
  3. Although I confess I'm a fan of the True Blood series on HBO. What I liked and what freaked me out about Barlow the vampire from Salem's Lot was he was a throw back from the nosferatu type vampire. He wasn't pretty, he didn't sparkle when sunlight hit him, he was cold and evil. He was a monster the way vampires where intended to be portrayed in movies.
  4. The Vampire from Salem's Lot freaked me out when i first saw it.
  5. Pep wrote: @Raul: Call us when you get it. Pep (won't hold his breath.) PS It wasn't me that called you an idiot. The Godwin's law equivalent of Captain Obvious. I know the comments portion were not your statements. With both of those two, I just consider the source.
  6. Pep wrote: @Lexie: we don't have questions about how the Guidelines themselves are being applied. Pep (we are questioning the way in which the Moderation Team appear to be acting upon unwritten codes of conduct that have not been published and regarding which posters have not been informed of the specifics of transgressions.) Hypocrisy ? Much ? Raul (horselaughs.) Seems I remember seeing this written some place. http://pserendipitydaniels.blogspot.com/2011/08/hypocrisy-much.html#comments
  7. Storm Clarence wrote: As the Mayor of Philadelphia said earlier this morning: "if the water is over your head, it is probably too late." No kidding. : What did you expect from a man who's last name is Nutter.
  8. Wonders if Pep lovingly refers to his progeny as Peptides ? :matte-motes-big-grin:
  9. Is this a new Pep forum persona ? Going from humorous and thought provoking to just plain ridiculous and pathetic ?
  10. This post has more of a feel of the old SL GD forum posts. One of the biggest problems here when this new format was rolled out , even if you were following the ToS the moderators made their own interpretations of those rules. Not just enforcing what was written but by going well beyond what they should have. Perhaps it's gotten better now with them ? Being before this format it was strictly a adult orientated bill of fare. I can understand them wanting to sanitize it to be used by all ages. But in doing so it also killed the ebb and flow in the process.
  11. Pussycat Catnap wrote: Raul Rehnquist wrote: Even though 20L$ is a good price for that thermometer from the Market Place. Why buy one if you can make one for 0L$. Convenience. A freidn recently asked my why I bought a prefab space station for a L$1000 rather than spend 3 1/2 years of my free time carefully making textures in photoshop and uploading them one at a time onto massive prim structures I spent years careully putting into the right configuration and agonizing over. - rephrasing her question like that, the answer becomes self-obvious. I totally agree with you on buying something as big as a space station convenience is the way to go with something like that. But the thermometer is one prim, one texture, and one script. I made one like the one on the market place in less than 5 minutes.
  12. Even though 20L$ is a good price for that thermometer from the Market Place. Why buy one if you can make one for 0L$. It would probably cost 10 L$ to upload a thermometer texture. But that's still half price, you could sell them once your done to re-coup the texture upload cost and maybe score a little profit too.
  13. Ceka Cianci wrote: wow thats cheap..i'm startin to see the perks with this Magical M now.. hey is this just a one time ting or do all of us very special people with teh magical M get it every day? Yes it is a every day special. As long as you go to your local 7-11 or WAWA convenience stores ( limited to one small cup per day). Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts do not honor this special privilege though. You see rank does have it's privileges. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  14. With the M ranking and $ 1.59 you get a coffee at your local convenience store. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  15. Here's a thermometer script from the wiki. You can make your own to find out the SL temp. http://lslwiki.net/lslwiki/wakka.php?wakka=LibraryThermometer
  16. REAPER Firehawk wrote: I encountered this dude in one of the sandboxes named Talby; didn't catch his last name, but he joined in May; he immediatly tried to order me off a ship of a friends then hit me with a IM griefer and has managed to crash my SL about 10 times currently. Can someone in Linder Labs get OFF their duff and DO something about people doing crap like this? Or maybe investigating 10 consequietive client crashes in a row? You probably don't want to report him to Linder Labs for obvious reasons. :-) The others gave you good advice. I can leave a list of other sandboxes to use. Sandbox List
  17. I don't know why you'd need weeks of CTUG meetings to determine this fact. Many of us had told them this would happen from the very opening of the Lithium forums. Common sense will tell you, you need a GD forum to act as a catch all for topics that don't fit into predetermined categories. When you have this many people posting not all of it is going to be strictly on just SL topics either. Events are going to happen in the real world that people are going to want to express their opinions about, regardless of what the forum subject matter may pertain to. But I personally think it goes beyond just cleaning up the forum itself. This forum has lost a lot of the useful content created by knowledgeable people who don't post here anymore. There was almost as many questions asked and answered in the old GD forum as there is in SL answers section now.
  18. One has to wonder why GD was brought back now. After the residents have asked why it was excluded first of all, and asked (pleaded) for this to be created from the beginning of the new Lithium forum. That request had fallen on deaf ears and was fought tooth and nail by the powers that be. Perhaps the decrease in posting and interest in this forum was the deciding factor ? Just as it was before, it usually takes months before they give the people what they want. Time will tell if it is a day late and a dollar short of a resurrection to revive this forum to it's former glory. If it does I'm pretty sure the heavy handed moderation will kill it off as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
  19. llSetTexture(message, ALL_SIDES) change ALL_SIDE to this, face 2 llSetTexture(message, 2);
  20. GM 03-09-2011 05:24 PM The recent spammers have been taken care of. Thanks! You're doing a wonderful job of taking care of it. Thanks!
  21. Joshooah Lovenkraft wrote: Raul Rehnquist wrote: These are spam bots. The easiest way to deal with them is to add captcha to the SL registration screen. Spam bots can't read the captcha field, therefore they can't complete the registration. SL registration already uses CAPTCHA when registering. The spammers are likely using xrumer which can defeat a lot of the simple security mechanisms like CAPTCHA, email activation etc etc. It's been a while since I registered, so I don't really remember if they had captcha at that time. But anyway, how about word filtering and flood control ? Here is a quaint notion, how about a real live moderator to ban them and zap it as it's posted. Perhaps filing a complaint with the spammers ISP for good measure.
  22. Flutterby Haystack wrote: Hello, I have been using SL for some time. Suddenly, when I log in, my avatar appears as a puff of smoke and remains that way. Other people can apparently see me OK, its just on my own monitor that I do not rezz. I have tried clearing cache, no better. I have allowed plenty of time to download clothing etc. I have not changed or modified my pc or graphics card. My Internet connection seems OK. I have an alter ego in SL who can still log in and rezzes normally. help & advice please ? Thanks FH *edited for solicitation*
  23. These are spam bots. The easiest way to deal with them is to add captcha to the SL registration screen. Spam bots can't read the captcha field, therefore they can't complete the registration.
  24. Venus Petrov wrote: Ishtara wrote: *Edited for adult content* /me laughs +3 kudos Really Mike ? How about getting rid of the spam that is here again all over the forum ? Have you guys ever thought about using captcha security during the registration process ?
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