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  1. i been using nhc for a while now, so i think parcel media..... is there away around that?
  2. so youtube made so much modifications that barley any of theri videos work in second life, and daily motion is mostly ads can anyone reccomend a video site that will work with second besides these 2?
  3. Ladies And Gentlemen Action Packed Wrestling returns with a new look and new feel for 2015 , as we begin our FIRST Collision of 2015 Tonight is a show you won't wanna miss Rumble in the north pole saw new Champions In Scott Hex La Gata Loca And Broly Blackheart and tonight Metaverse Champion Broly Blackheart will Speak, Also we have Syn Rage Taking on Damien Hex Also we have in a non title match Kaylee Carter Taking on APW Woman's Champion La Gata Loca, AND In our Main Event we will have in a non title match Wolfy Kessel Vs APW No Limits Champion Scott Hex, Also APW President Aurora Blackheart will speak for the first time Since her loss to La Gata Loca at APW Breaking Point, come watch the action today as Action Packed Wrestling Presents, Collision at 2 pm Second Life Time....Action Packed Wrestling, Bringing The Action Back To Wrestling. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seawind%20Cove/230/225/30
  4. ok theres a sim i own a peice of property on , its up, but you cant see the sim and theres no sim barrier, it like it was a failed restart or something from the rolling restarts.
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