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  1. As you can see there are some amazing things to see in the waters of Bellisseira. The underwater community loves finding these kinds of things. We just wish for possibly a gathering place, or a few more things to make the long swim from one side of belli to the other, a little more interesting to the eyes. The bike, car, horse, train views are beautiful, it could be the same underwater. *smiles* hopefully
  2. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Laroux/102/139/22 Come on over for a visit!! Its open to all. It's also the Bellisseira Merfolk Group HQ.!
  3. I was lucky enough to get a houseboat. and most of my living space is under water, but i do have some seating inside and up on the upper deck. I totally LOVEmy houseboat and the only way I would give it up would be for underwater living........or a houseboat with deeper water
  4. It is probably in theory the same amount of non mer people who also live and r/p on other regions. They use the linden home as their linden home and still function on their role play sims. Many people (non-mers) have linden homes in Bellisseria and have homes on the mainland, different regions or even own thier own homeseads and/or regions. The Mer coummunity of Second Life is a very old and faithful community. So I still have to agree with Pussycat Catnip that making the homes accessable to both Underwater creaturs and air breathers is an excellent idea. It is definitally true that the air-breathing population is larger than the Underwater community. That is the wonderful thing about these forms, so many other ideas could come up to improve upon the initial suggestions: Mer houses, mer/human houses, underwater hangout areas, underwater landscaping. Who know what the future will hold but we can always suggest and look forward to something new.
  5. That is a great idea. The land could be sunken down to possibley 20, 30, 40 or 50 meters even, to allow greater distance between land and the top of the surface level
  6. Tala and Hello Patch, Lindens, Moles. First I want to say how appreciative we Mers are for all of the things that you, the Lindens & the Moles have put under the water in for us to view, swim through and explore. I know that the plans are already set for how the rest of Bellisseria is going to be built, but we would like to offer up a couple of suggestions. The first is, we were wondering if it will be possible to have underwater Linden homes? I know obtaining a linden home is based upon basically a lottery system but it would still be nice if that could be brought to the table sometime in the future. A potentially possible theme that the underwater creatures could use and enjoy life in Bellisseria. The current homes are beautiful, and we will need to come out of our tails, shells, fins or whatever to be able to live in them. If there were an underwater living environment, we could stay in our true forms. The added benefit of underwater homes, is that it also could allow additional free space for flying above beautiful underwater scenery. The other request is this. We enjoy doing things in and around Bellisseria, but most of the times we have to be out of the water to enjoy them. The events at the fairground have been amazing and in talking with many Mers, other underwater creatures and humans, it has been mentioned that it would be awesome if we could have an underwater type fairground. It could be run like the above water fairground, if someone wants to use it then will just need to be put on the 'list' and what not, or however the process works. A potential name could be be Belli-Atlantis. (That name was offered up in a chat) It could serve as a multi-purpose place, depending upon the size. Campwich for example is a great "hang out" place for many land walkers to go. As Mer's we do not have a centralized location. Belli-Atlantas could be where the underwater community of Bellissera has a place to gather, hold events, and possible a general hangout place. There is another advantage of having an underwater area. Not only will it serve the needs of the underwater Bellisseria community but it can serve the needs for the land walkers also. There could be be a platform/deck/scuba shack-hut type building above it. It can have a water rezz zone like the dock at the fairground, so then boats will be able to sail from that spot to wherever they desire. Also there could possibly be scuba equipment that humans can rezz and wear to dive down and participate in whatever Mer event is going on, or explore Belli-Atlantis. This would also help other groups in Bellisseria such as the diving & fishing groups. Persu Em - Thank you very much Signed: Bev Dymond (BeverlyDynamic Resident), Mahogany Dejavu, Roary McGillivary, Sweet Rebel Tee (Teetah Beck), Bellisseria Mermaids
  7. This party was well heck IS amazing. I just wanted to sanp a quick video of the festivities. I dont know how to edit, but wanted to share the enjoyment LOL. Have fun and Lusa Em!
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