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  1. Interested as well! Happy to copywrite
  2. Hi everyone, I'm really new to SL but have been voraciously exploring the sims. Had the good fortune of having someone there in the first 3 days in SL that opened my eyes to the joy of exploring various functions of SL (RLV, hello!), wandering around sims and taking in the sights / people-watching with someone I could banter and chat with. Now am looking for someone who's an old hand in SL to explore places with - a travel partner if you will. Interested in sims related to sci-fi, cyberpunk, soundscapes, nature, adult/hardcore stuff, anime, sex, kink, live music. Was introduced to Fantasy
  3. Very new to SL, willing to learn. Spend my leisure time in SL exploring the sims and enjoying music. What follows will be the strangest kind of write-up I've had to do for a job 🙂 RL skills: Basic reporting w/ photos, texting, copywriting, poetry, prose, project management, yoga practitioner for around eight years Interests: Tech, philosophy, advertising, literature, reading, writing, I love to eaaaaaaaat D/s leanings: Submission, capture, abduction, consensual non-consent, high protocol, DDLG, voyeurism, recently intrigued by furry-isms
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