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  1. As I said, I know this article is not for everyone. Everyone sees SL differently, it's what we are wanting out of it that forms our reactions to others in it I suppose. I appreciate all those who took and take time to leave their comments and opinions.
  2. and yet you replied LOL But thank you. Everyone's opinion is most certainly valid. and I do agree it's a "done to death" topic but it was one on my mind lately.
  3. I am a real life author so my definition of "briefly" is somewhat longer than most LOL
  4. Thank you for sharing that! I didn't know tinies were called Dinkies. Keeba and the Tinay Maniacs is one of the groups that perform regularly at Higher Ground Music Magazine and she has a few "Dinkies" in her band and they are just the cutest things!! I didn't realize either that the lag was so low that is good to know.
  5. What is Second Life to you? I have no doubt what I have to say will be very unpopular among some of you and then others will appreciate it. I pose the question; What is Second Life to you? Is SL just a game that you log into when you're bored or during free time? Is it a means by which to make a living? Is it a place to connect with friends from all over? Is it a venue to stream your art, writings, music? Who are the people in SL to you? Are they simply avatars you greet and interact with while in world and when you unplug they cease to exist until you log in again? Are they co-workers? Are they friends you met online and now have a real life connection with? Are they real life friends you introduced the game to? Are they fans of your art, writings, music? It's important that you have a solid answer to these questions in my opinion, and that those you interact with have an understanding of how you see SL because it allows them the choice of how much they choose to interact with you and how close they choose to become with you. Because if SL is simply a game to you and those in it are simply avatars, is it fair then to allow others to form an attachment to you? Likewise, if SL is a means by which you also connect with your real world work or activities; those you interact with in world should understand that you take it more seriously than some before they get involved. For instance, if you hire someone to work at your venue and you expect them to conduct themselves as a respectable employee and not show up dressed as a flying monkey; this is something they need to know from the start. How about relationships? How do you see your relationships in Second Life? I know this is a question that is often asked. I don't want to duplicate any previous articles; instead I want to point out that even though Second Life is considered a “game”, it is so much more to many. For some it's their everything. Take for example someone who is bed bound; SL becomes a means for them to have some kind of life because in SL there are no physical limitations. How about the elderly woman who lives alone; perhaps in SL she's young and beautiful again and re-living her life the way she wishes she could in her real life. Maybe there's an aspiring singer/song writer who just can't get that big break in the real world, SL allows them to be a rock star and perform for hundreds every week and even have a manager. All of these interactions form bonds and friendships and romantic interests. What happens when someone decides that SL is no longer for them? This happened to me several years ago. It interfered with my real life and through an interaction with someone in SL I was victim of an abusive relationship. Without going into details; let me just say I decided for my own mental well being, I left to tend to my body and my mind and my life. I was gone for several years. I came back when Covid19 forced many of us to remain indoors and disconnected from those around us. But I came back with caution, I told myself. My intent was to bring my real world publication into SL; which I did. I've hired a staff, created a venue and obtained land. Through all of this I have formed new friendships and connected with old ones. Some of those friendships are carried over into my real life via the connections of Facebook and Discord. Some of those friendships go even further in that we have exchanged phone numbers and even snail mail addys. If I were to leave SL again; I know that those I have created a real life connection with will at least remain in communication. Unfortunately those I only have an SL connection with will literally vanish like turning off the switch of a light. This brings me to the reason for writing this article. For those of you who are able to keep your relationships strictly in SL; why do you do it? More importantly; HOW do you do it? How are you able to disconnect your heart and mind from making a human connection? Some would say this is narcissism. I can think of but a few reasons why someone would want to keep their SL connections strictly in SL. Perhaps, someone's SL life is complete fantasy. And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. It is after all a gaming platform. But, perhaps everything about their SL life is fiction. Perhaps, someone is married in their real life yet having a completely alternate relationship in SL. Perhaps, someone is a real life celebrity just wanting to hang out with regular folks. Yes, it happens. Then there is the person who doesn't have anything to hide, isn't married, isn't famous, they just simply don't care to let anyone in. They keep SL relationships in SL because when they decide to “ghost” them or disappear or block; the person they've abandoned will have no recourse and no way to connect again. Yes, they could create an alt and I know many do this, but the original relationship is lost forever. This is what I have trouble understanding. Why would anyone want to do this? It's hurtful, it's rude, it's insensitive and it's selfish. If this is your intent, then you have no right to form any kind of bond or relationship that causes the other to care about you because you aren't giving them the choice of allowing themselves to connect or not. So again, I ask you; What is Second Life to YOU? What do you get out of it? What do you put into it? Second Life is unique in that it is nearly entirely user created content. WE; avatar by avatar, create the virtual world we live in and it is as big if not much bigger than the actual world we live in as it is only limited by our imaginations. The places we can go, the things we can do; it's all so wonderful. There are very dark sides to SL as well and to each his own for wanting to explore that. But again, I ask; what is Second Life to YOU? What do you think it is to those you are connected to? Do you think they see it as you do? Have you asked them? What happens when someone unintentionally crosses that boundary you have set up and they go from an SL only acquaintance to a somewhat if not wholly real life friend. How about those who start out as Second Life romantic partners and end up real life married? Still... what about those who's real life marriages end because of a Second Life relationship? It's all so complicated isn't it? Those lines get blurred. Is it ok if they get blurred? If it's not ok, why is it not ok? As I said I was in SL for many years and left and only came back when Covid forced me to shut down my real life business. Will I stay? For how long? What happens to the relationships I've formed when I'm gone? Let's talk briefly about those who pass away. A couple of times this year I received notice of someone I knew passing away. I only knew them by their avatar yet they still impacted my life and their passing impacted my emotions, perhaps not on the same scale; but it still did. I mean no disrespect by what I am about to say, but have you ever wondered how many avatars pass away yet the real life person that was behind them still lives? Maybe they wanted a fresh start and created a new avatar. Maybe like real life their SL became so complicated and busy that they wanted out. It's much easier to “kill off” a fake life than it is a real one. I am not saying the folks I knew did that, nor am I saying everyone does that; but does it ever cross your mind that it happens? That maybe, just MAYBE the person you hear of that passed away that never had any real life contact with anyone; that just maybe they never really died and yet here you are having a whole memorial for them and they may be standing in your midst observing it all. Morbid to think of, I realize; but I bet it happens. What about those who really die? The only connection YOU had with them was through SL? So you can only grieve in world and not with their real life family and friends because to those folks you probably don't exist. Yet, you experience a real loss. Real or not, when an avatar passes away you experience loss. Their presence in your world real and imaginary is no longer. You log in, you can no longer see them online. Their IM's go unanswered. Their notices forever capped. You no longer see them dancing at events or hanging out in the clubs or favorite hot spots. Real or not their presence is definitely missed, no matter how you think of Second Life. Each avatar has a real live human behind it. Whether you want to admit that or not, whether that's something you accept or not. Each avatar has a real live human being with a heart beat creating all the interactions that you have with them in world. Our avatars have brains now and I swear they look as though they breathe. My hope is that this reminds you that although you may be looking at a cartoon version of someone or a completely fictional creation, the one controlling it is very real. Your actions, your words have a real impact on everyone that you touch in SL whether you like it or not. If you are not mature enough to accept that and the responsibility that comes with that; then you should not allow yourself to connect with anyone in a game as complicated and immersed as Second Life. Through Second Life we have the ability to touch the lives of people we may never meet in real life, folks from all walks of life and from far away. It's amazing, but it's also an awesome responsibility that I think too many take far too lightly. At the very least, choose your words and your interactions with caution and with kindness. You truly never know who it is that you are really interacting with. Perhaps you are befriending a true celebrity or maybe it's just a girl/guy from your own neighborhood. It shouldn't matter. Be kind. Don't intentionally set out to do harm and never ever demean someone's existence by thinking of them as “just an avatar”.
  6. Fly Kugin is an amazing violinist who streams into Second Life. She will leave you absolutely spell bound and she is one of the most endearing folks I have had the pleasure of knowing. HGMM had the pleasure of interview FLY recently... Here is that interview You can also read Fly's interview in print form by purchasing the Fall edition of HGMM on Amazon:
  7. Higher Ground Music Magazine caught up with the one and only Skye Galaxy and he was kind enough to allow us to conduct an interview. Go here to read it!
  8. * SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY ** I realize this is Second Life; however, HGMM is a RL blog. We promote RL musicians who play RL and those who stream into SL. We are seeking individuals who will take this job seriously. That means showing up for your shift. We are also seeking responsible individuals who will love HGMM as much as we do and will keep it's lands free from drama. For whatever reason some folks exist simply to cause drama or trouble for others. We do not want this at HGMM. We want all of our guests and residents to feel safe and have a fun, peaceful experience. HGMM hosts events on various locations throughout the property, whether up in the main venue or down on one of the beach areas; we want everyone to have fun. From time to time you may get griefers, or someone who's been banned attempting to re-enter simply to make trouble. So what are we looking for in security personnel? 1. You need to have experience in SL. You need to know your way around the various viewers and how to use the "About Land" tab. You need to know how to send notices. In short, you need to be at least 2 years old and have done some working in SL and know the ins and outs. 2. Knowledge of the Sim Panel - What it does and what can be done with it. 3. We are looking for people from both the US and the UK so all shifts can be covered. 4. Griefer Handling - Can you deal with annoying griefers? Sounds, particles, objects, ect? 5. Level-Headed - Someone who can keep their cool in stressful situations and handle them like an adult, not someone on a power trip. We do require references. These need to be from people who will vouch for your character. If you have worked security in SL before we want to speak with your former or current employer. We WILL do a thorough check since you must be given certain permissions in order to do your job. The pay is L$25 an hour plus a bonus of L$50 linden for every 5 hours. Payday is on Fridays. A uniform will be purchased for you (We will need to know your avie size). We realize this will at most times be a boring job; and we hope it is. We hope things run smoothly all the time. That means you are doing your job. The land is a beautiful scenic beach with 2 sections and plenty to check out so while at work we encourage you to enjoy yourself while being vigilant. There is a also a main venue located at 3,000 meters and employee residences to keep safe as well. One of the perks of this job is that you get a free place to live. A platform or skybox will be rezzed for you with prim allotment If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, we'd love to hear from you. Drop a notecard to Dreams Riler to receive an application. We look forward to hearing from you. Dreams Riler Owner Higher Ground Music Magazine http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vectra/187/41/3192
  9. Da Bluez Preacher aka Ray Confer is a live musician who has been playing in SL since 2006. He blends a setlist of blues, funk, gospel and rock, using a technique called live looping where he creates the song on the fly. His shows are family-friendly and very high energy, always interacting with the audience. His motto is no black, no white, just bluez! Read the full interview here
  10. Dexter Lee Moore is a singer, song writer, performer, engineer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist, conceptualist, and singed to Fervor Records USA in 2017. He has been dubbed "The Funckalicious One" by his endearing fans. "Amazing Virtuosity" - London Times Read the entire article here
  11. Higher Ground Music Magazine is seeking two positions: 1. Assistant/manager for the HGMM in world venue. Duties include putting together open mic nights and over seeing the operation of those events, assisting with hosting and notices during regular HGMM shows and basic assistant type duties. This is a paid position depending on experience. 2. Music Journalist. This position would venture around SL seeking talented SL musicians to interview and write articles about for the HGMM blog as well as major musical events. I.E. Relay for Life and anything that promotes live music in SL. We seek out only the best. If you are interested in either of these positions please get in touch with Dreams Riler in world. For both positions you must be at least 2 SL years old with experience in sending notices. You must be people friendly. In both cases you represent HGMM and must dress appropriately around the grid.
  12. That is an interesting resume as you say 🙂 I have been seeking someone who's been in SL for at least 2 years. I am seeking two different employees. I have a blog at https://highergroundmusicmagazine.blogspot.com/ and am looking for someone to go around an interview and write articles about live performers in SL as well as major events etc. The other is as an assistant/manager to my own venue to in-cooperate and run an open mic night as well as some other duties such as notice sending etc. Basic assistant stuff. If you are interested in either of these positions please get in touch with me in world. Thanks!
  13. Kris Angelis is a beautifully talented singer/song writer who grew up on a farm in Florida. Awarded Best Female Album of 2013 by the LA Music Critics Awards for "The Left Atrium" Kris is a success in her own right having the video for her song "Not Your Fault" exclusively premiered on RyanSeacrest.com. Her musical presence is widespread. All you have to do is Google her name and you are showered with a plethora of photos and information about shows and releases. In 2019 Kris completed a tour of all 50 states. She has won several competitions that have put her on the billboards in Chicago and New York City. Read the rest of the article here.
  14. While the covid19 has the majority of the WORLD stuck at home, musicians from all over are doing more LIVE Facebook shows to lift our spirits. Among the SL performers I've seen go live this past week alone are TerryLynn Melody, Wolfie Moonshadow, Beth Odets, Ren Enberg, David Csiszer, and Eric Steffensen. I'm sure there are others that I haven't seen. I give all of these lovely musicians and performers a standing ovation. These are tough times and we are far from over this, doing live shows like this help keep moral up. Read the entire article here.
  15. My neighbor in SL messaged me the other day about renting his land as he is having to downsize right now. Of course I had to decline as I've just closed my own business temporarily. Not sure how long I can hold onto to my own land. Might have to pick everything up and start again when this over.
  16. BIIIIIIIG NEWS!! Veteran Second Life "Rock Star" Seth Regan a.k.a. Mankind Tracer is planning a return to his Second Life shows... and in a big way! On Sunday, March 29, 2020 at 2PM SLT, Seth is planning a big 4 sim live concert event backed by Linden Lab. Read the entire article here
  17. I started a conversation here. Instead of posting an interview this week, I wanted to further discuss the impacts of Covid19 on the SL community, particularly, the live music. Read that article here and join in on the conversation.
  18. I agree. I thought I had heard where some schools do plan to go online. I know some schools are already thinking it's done for the year 😞 Kids see it as a vacation but they don't understand how behind it will make them. Good luck with your land. I'm going to hold onto to mine as long as I can but in the big scope of things... I'm not making money from it so... if it has to go for now, it will have to go.
  19. It's a surreal experience for sure. Life is going to be very different for a long time. As you said, when it's all said and done; we will rebuild our lives. Been thinking about that where my daycare is concerned. If I end up having to close and in that time parents find some other means that just works out for them; I will just start again.
  20. Hi all, normally at Higher Ground Music Magazine, I focus on interviews with musicians/venue owners etc. I plan on speaking to some venue owners and musicians about this as well, but I wanted to find out in general how everyone is feeling and what you believe the outlook is given the coronavirus crisis. Some countries are already on total lockdown, and it's looking more and more every day like that could happen in the US. I'm curious. When it comes to priorities, how are you dealing with land tier? I pay about $100 a month I guess in tier and then there's $100 a month for musicians as I only have shows once a month. That's roughly $200 a month give or take not including my premium membership and anything I purchase in SL. I don't know about you, but I have to seriously consider that it's possible I may have to give up my land until the crisis is over. If I am forced to shut down my daycare business in RL there won't be any income and certainly nothing extra to spend on a virtual world. So, I'm curious... in places where lockdown has already occurred. Have you given up your in world land? If it happens where you live, are you prepared to give up your in world land? Will land owners be kind and allow us to keep our land and pay when things get better? Will LL let land owners keep their land free of charge until money is flowing again? These are all things I am very curious about. What say you?
  21. AMForte is a staple in SL music. If you have been in SL for any length of time you have likely heard her name, seen in the events listings or even luckier, been to one of her shows. She is witty, extremely cooperative with venue owners. She will work hard to promote the venue and it's agenda as much as she does her own. I haven't met a venue owner yet who hasn't loved working with her. After getting back into SL she was one of the first musicians I decided to book and schedule on a monthly basis. She's been around SL for awhile so I wanted to bring her to you so that her fans could get to know a little bit more about this beautiful person inside and out. Read the entire article here
  22. This group contacted me via my Facebook page. I looked around their sites and listened to their music and decided to write up an article to share them with all of you... You can read the entire entire article here. HGMM: Tell us about the name "Peace Theory". What is the origin of the name? Is this the band's first name or has it gone through changes? RON PALOS (bassist and vocalist): The original name of the project (when it started as an acoustic duo!) was Palos Pescados, a play on the last name my brother and I have. When we found our current drummer, we changed the name to Terra Nullius, which means “Land of No One” in Latin. After discovering a European band on YouTube with the same name, we changed it to Peace Theory! The names were roughly inspired by the readings I did in my Humanitarian classes in college as well as the concept of “circular healing” as it applied to social/community issues.
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