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  1. It also could be the root prim hanging over the edge of the parcel that the deck is getting returned. I have a few items hanging over the edge and as long as the root prim is side the parcel it should stay.
  2. My kitchen came from Consignment. I had the LAQ décor kitchen before this and it was too big and too primmy.
  3. Im going to assume you put that texture on a brown box which would make the colors not match. Change the box to solid white.
  4. I just put a small piece of baseboard on the end, like a cap, to cover the transparent area.
  5. I saw that too. Your reading the time capsule on when they first launched the new linden homes.
  6. Are you looking at the land options or are you checking the owner of the houses? The houses are all owned by a Mole because the homes are included with the land and doesn’t count on land Impact. The land options will tell you if the land is owned by an individual person.
  7. I would say no since it’s making money.
  8. You can’t. It’s there to stay. I have hedges around my house. I would love to have front hedges removed, but in the covenant it says that they won’t move or remove any landscaping.
  9. I agree with you, I like my house. It’s quiet on my end for the most part. I would just remove the hedges in the front so my front yard would look more open and I can add a carport.
  10. They are already out, but they are all full at this time that is why your seeing the old ones.
  11. Love the screen room. I wouldn’t mind a screened porch for my Adams.
  12. they wont. It says in the covenant.
  13. I was using the Continental and decided to switch to the Adams. I am very happy with the results.
  14. on the instruction notecard it says that you shouldn't have to put your own name on it if its your device.
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