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  1. Click and hold the controller for 4 seconds and release. Then wait a min. Your resetting the scripts.
  2. You can’t. If you read the covenant it says that they will not move or remove any landscaping.
  3. try resetting the scripts by clicking and hold down the home controller for 4 seconds and let go until it says you reset it in local. Wait a min after that and then try the controller again and see if you get homes in the menu.
  4. No, you get what there is.
  5. You get them by chance.
  6. had anyone seen any outhouse/shower combos? My husband is looking.
  7. I hope it isn’t going to stay, its putting out a lot of lag for my husband can barely walk around.
  8. The one setting outside the house next to sidewalk
  9. I use curtains from LaQ home decor. They are mod so you can stretch them to to correct size. I couldn’t make them to the floor because they would be two li each, but with some tweaking I was able to make them 1li. Also they have a texture changing hud.
  10. I don’t think we will have any use for a snow roof honestly. I mean you can make snow on your parcel, but it would look out of theme. Right now I have my trees fall, but after I’m going to make them green again before decorating for Christmas.
  11. It also could be the root prim hanging over the edge of the parcel that the deck is getting returned. I have a few items hanging over the edge and as long as the root prim is side the parcel it should stay.
  12. My kitchen came from Consignment. I had the LAQ décor kitchen before this and it was too big and too primmy.
  13. Im going to assume you put that texture on a brown box which would make the colors not match. Change the box to solid white.
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