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  1. Although the net is riding on phone company infrastructure, it appears to be aimed at the big interweb bogeymonster. If You host sites or servers that allow third parties to connect and interact, then they want You to be responsible for anything those third parties do there. Since SL is not actually a game server, it is very likely it falls into the category of being held to account for user activity.
  2. That is irrelevant. LL are liable for any prohibited action by any of it's user base. Ignorance of these actions is not a defence for LL.
  3. First one to start 300 new threads in a row on exactly the same topic wins.
  4. Do what smart sandbox owners have done. Appoint deputies. They have the power to eject and ban avatars and remove objects. They look after the place when you are not there. It's simple and it works.
  5. Long ago when the Lindens conversed with residents weekly, I asked why this was. It goes back to whoever set up mainland in 2003. Sim crossing either worked perfectly then, or they just hoped the Universe would fall into place and sim crossings will sort themselves out. The reason you see sim crossing signs on roads is because years ago, user experiences were listened to by Linden DPW. If things aren't working by now, when rendering is becoming heavier in SL. Don't hold your breath.
  6. Do as you're told. Take the advice that always come from these forums. If anything bad happens, just roll over and die. Close your eyes and accept that's just the way it is. Let them trample all over you, because that's the only way to creating a truly meaningful life.
  7. Years ago there was a song about Second Life.. The lyrics were about opting out and going to get a second life with a sex bed and second life pose balls.
  8. There's another thread for dealing with this. LL obviously thought IRS was pronounced Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act. By the time they got to me it was shortened to Applicable Law. Somewhere in between there it had been IRS. This IRS must be an organization shrouded in great secrecy, because LL wont let on that IRS is behind it all. It should be an easy thread to find.
  9. There is still a web page with the UUIDs of the original sounds. They have uuids like 00000000000015. You wont be seeing any like that again.
  10. Don't give up your real job. Expecting you will make anything more than making a bit of extra safety or play money is delusional. They've just hiked up the fees to process credit, they're making millions from land fees so they'll have some lame excuse about paying somebody to sleep in a chair all day while the system processes your credit. And be sure to have a receipt with your full name and residential address with at least two forms of photo ID. You'll need that for the joy of receiving the automated Email that informs you, they have just seized your money and you must hand all those items over or you'll never see your money again. Then set your alarm for some crazy hour to get hold of chat support, so you can be told to lay on the ground with your arms spread and do as you are instructed! Because you are the criminal here. Then your money will arrive, while you can rest assured that all your personal details are shared with a multitude of third parties, including finding it's way to people that want to find you and saw you up, stuff you in a barrel and bury it under that new bit of highway being built. Welcome to Second Life. "I love my work here......"
  11. "The world declares it double plus good that the ministry of sex is protecting us." Long live big brother! Long live big brother! Long live big brother!
  12. In 2007 it was dance clubs, dance clubs and everywhere else dance clubs, you couldn't move for empty dance clubs. Where did everyone go? They discovered sims were available outside of mainland. The place got so big, you never had to endure the displeasure of coming across anyone else. Second life was a world made by it's users, to the displeasure of Linden Lab. We've had the era of word police and the Zindra segregation. It was ten years of fun with avatars, prims and a few measly dollars made on the way. But the old Lindens have gone. This new generation want rid of me, for reasons only they seem to know. The pioneering spirit has faded. The tendrils of a new darkness are coming for us. It will be second life in name only. At least until it stops making money and they pull the plug.
  13. I have asked what is it they are looking for that will identify me. After all the system, can't identify me from any photo ID. That's the system, they describe in detail as the system. Another day has passed and no reply to the question. It might be of interest that at no time have I been directed toward any sort of W-tax forms, or any forms at all. Homeland security is only ever mentioned in this forum thread. Not in any of my dealings with LL over this matter.
  14. I just got a reply to my larger ID. Obviously the image is now big enough, but their system can't accept it. I just haven't been able to reply to that yet. The score so far: 1 receipt and 2 photo IDs. Final result: They can't identify me. So much for all those fake posts about credit starting to process again after sending in their photo IDs. The line is drawn here. Enough is enough.
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