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  1. Posting guidelines need to be revamped to allow more than 5 even postings a day . I work for a club doing the postings for events I rely on this job to make lindens to survive here . so I think linden labs should revamp the guidelines on the posting issue . what can i do to do my job efficiently with this 5 posting limit that is in place? signed, Horacio Collins
  2. Hi get this for about the last 6 days ok? my computer time is correct and my internet connection is perfect 40 gig isp.. now can anyone help me with this issue . i use firestorm and i also use SL viewer neither work i get this message . 2017-11-27T23:54:43Z INFO: #LLStartup newview/llstartup.cpp(1710) : idle_startup: Notification: {'ERROR_MESSAGE':'Login failed.\nOften this means that your computer\'s clock is set incorrectly.\nPlease go to Control Panels and make sure the time and date\nare set correctly.\nAlso check that your network and firewall are set up correctly.\nIf you continue
  3. In my opinon child avatars should not be allowed in mature or adult sims or clubs period.. whether they be adult verified .. by linden labs .. it is just wrong that adults would be on sl as children .. to me that means they really have some hidden issue in their life..if they want ot be a child avatar then restrict them to g rated areas only .. thanks fo rallowing me to post this
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