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  1. Posting guidelines need to be revamped to allow more than 5 even postings a day . I work for a club doing the postings for events I rely on this job to make lindens to survive here . so I think linden labs should revamp the guidelines on the posting issue . what can i do to do my job efficiently with this 5 posting limit that is in place? signed, Horacio Collins
  2. Hi get this for about the last 6 days ok? my computer time is correct and my internet connection is perfect 40 gig isp.. now can anyone help me with this issue . i use firestorm and i also use SL viewer neither work i get this message . 2017-11-27T23:54:43Z INFO: #LLStartup newview/llstartup.cpp(1710) : idle_startup: Notification: {'ERROR_MESSAGE':'Login failed.\nOften this means that your computer\'s clock is set incorrectly.\nPlease go to Control Panels and make sure the time and date\nare set correctly.\nAlso check that your network and firewall are set up correctly.\nIf you continue
  3. then tell me as to why we had to agree to this then if linden labs is so against bullying and threats and stuff ok? here is a copy of linden labs so called no no rules 6.1 You will not post or transmit prohibited Content, including any Content that is illegal, harassing or violates any person's rights. You agree that you will not: (i) Post, display, or transmit Content that violates any law or the rights of any third party, including without limitation Intellectual Property Rights. We reserve the right to request at any time proof of permissions in a form acceptable to us. Fail
  4. QUESTION IS .. WHEN A PERSON ABUSES AND EVEN THREATENS AND COPIES CHATS AND POSTS THEM OUT SIDE OF SL LIKE ON FACE BOOK MY QUESTIONIS WHY DOES IT TAKE LINDEN LABS SO LONG TO BAN A PERSON THAT TOTALY VIOLATES LINDEN LABS RULES? excuse the caps .. my partner has been threatened and some of my closet friends also been threaten by this individual .. he threatens them that he will post chats on face book and on skype .. he wants them to give him lindens and if not he threatens them . so come on linden my friends and i have sent in numerous abuse reports .. why haven't you done a thing about this
  5. About Greifers.. My friends on SL have been plagued by greifers it si causin gthem to lose money .. and SL can deal with them in short order .. by making it illegal to own griefingh tools and a;sp make it i;;ega; to design such tools.. Alos when someone list them tools on market place then they should remove such tools from being purchased. Greifing is getting to be such a pain and it not only takes the fun out of the game vut aslso causes loss of revenue. This constant issue has to be dealt with for as one i am getting board with greifers and their ways .. I had a club one time was greifed so
  6. In my opinon child avatars should not be allowed in mature or adult sims or clubs period.. whether they be adult verified .. by linden labs .. it is just wrong that adults would be on sl as children .. to me that means they really have some hidden issue in their life..if they want ot be a child avatar then restrict them to g rated areas only .. thanks fo rallowing me to post this
  7. No It is impoosible to show yourself as not online.. even if you uncheck your friends in the game to show you no on .. all they got to do is go to there second life account and it will show yo uas on line as far as the area.. it will not tell them where but it does show you on Game .. so then they can im you .. to see if you on .. but best thing to do is ignore the im.. It is a shame that Second life does not make it so yo ucan just be on game and not be shown you on line on their website. After all if i want to be seen then that is my choice.. lol it's like second life realyl gets into your
  8. How does one make his or her avatar lie flat on a bed or the ground ..like when you click sleep in your bed or sleep when out on a picnick?
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