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  1. It looks as if those U.S. citizens who submit the 1099, LL does not withhold taxes and it's up to you to legally prepare your taxes. That's not really a new concept in and of itself. I would guess, and the above should be remembered about consulting a tax attorney and or CPA, what is reported are US dollar transactions only. Linden cashed out to dollars.
  2. I've had this happen as well and gone through the tips posted above. If all else is failing, I just copy the object instead of going through an export and import process and have been able to then bake AO, Pamela.
  3. As others have said, create what you enjoy and are passionate about. There's a lot of clothiers, hair, or furniture makers, but there's always room for another good one.
  4. My pleasure, Jacki ,and thank you.
  5. Thanks again, Drongle. Jacki: I have found this series of tutorials very beneficial for learning about unwrapping, laying out a UV design and scaling textures.
  6. Thank you, Drongle. I have gotten both errors it seems. I need to look into the materials issue, If I may ask another question. What is the best method for going about constructing your LOD levels? I have recently seen reference to using layers in Blender. I know how to duplicate, use M to move and select a new layer so the model is essentially pasted on another layer in the same location. I assume this also copies the correct material issue. Do people then simple start removing edges and faces for the model on the new layer, and so on? If you have one Blender file in Blender 2.63 with five layers ,one for each LOD and the physcis shape, can you save each level individually and also export them individually? Thanks.
  7. Hi Chosen: Is it essential to assign materials and UV wrap each level before trying to upload? I have made my high LOD version of an object and been able to upload it. It looks good. I have not yet assigned materials or done any UV work. I started a medium LOD version by deleting some edge loops, but I also deleted some faces, making a cube door with some detail work, essentially into a plane that would be textured from the outside to look right. When I went to upload a the high LOD and added the medium LOD I received an error - "Level of Details Have a Different Level of Texturable Faces." I have done some research on this and it seems instead of there being an issue with me deleting faces on the door, this really may be a materials issue. Do you have any words of wisdom for me?
  8. You can choose what you want to be the root prim. If you select one box, hold shift, then select the next box and link, the last box you selected will be the root prim. So, in your case you want to link the rocks to the box and not the other way around. Select the rocks, hold shift while left clicking on the prim box and link. Now when you select it all, the box should appear yellow and the rocks should appear blue. You should then be able to move the rocks out.
  9. Hi Vigur As suggested, a script that reads the UUID texture is a great solution and if you want to contact me inworld, I can give you the name of a great scripter - well I will let everyone know - Maya Spore has done excellent work for me. Also, don't be afraid to contact the makers of textures and explain what you intend. They understand how textures can be used in products and will sometimes grant you a license to pass on textures to customers with certain permissions. I have done this and have a nice little folder with notecards memorilaizing conversations where such licenses were granted.
  10. I offer mine as updates. Porky, I have hit some of the best sellers, not all of my houses. I may not do all of the houses and instead retire some to implement new products.
  11. Sorry for the double post, but that's exactly what I have done with my link sets, Porky.
  12. I have been dealing with the same issues and for the houses I sell that I have been able to change to take advantage of the new prim accounting, I let the customers know how many prims they need to rezz the house, what the land impact will be, and emphasize they have to read the instructions to be sure they get the prim LI I intend and advertise. I have also blogged about the issue for my customers and have embedded notecards in my informational notecards about LI versus prim count to educate customers before they become homeowners. There is only so much you can do to educate people about products and, just like a customer who cannot get security to work on group owned land because they have not read my instructions, I know some customers will need to be educated why the house is showing as 450 prims instead of a LI of 285. It's part of the gig and you will find you have grateful customers if you educate them with a smile even if you are silently wishing they had read your instructions.
  13. Thanks, Pamela Can you upload the parts separately? I guess the question is relevant if you use Blender 2.61 since I have already been told you can do so in 2.49. I know I am not presented with the same options when exporting to Collada in 2.61 that I am in 2.49.
  14. I work in Blender and am reading this thread with great interest. I have learned how to join meshes within Blender, but have found if I go to upload my creation any object in my scene gets uploaded even if they are not joined within Blender and unwrapped on the same UV. For example, I have a table and a lamp. Is there a way to work on the table with the lamp in the scene but only export the table without the lamp? I bring this up because of the examples given about separating builds which I am also working on. Can I have a scene with two house parts and upload them separately? Maybe I am thinking about this wrong and, while the scene would be uploaded together, the objects are already separate. For example, can my table in the above example have 8 materials as well as the lamp or am I limited to 8 materials for the scene which included the table and lamp? I hope this makes sense.
  15. This is a great thread. Thanks for sharing this information.
  16. I have been using viewer 2 and 3 almost exclusively since last August and have not experienced crashes or losses in performance either. This is just my personal experience. I am friends with some other creators who also use the official viewer. I think with any new feature like this there are going to be bugs. My own opinion is that the wise course is to overcome them and learn from them in this instance because I do believe mesh will be worth it. Good points were raised about the deformer and mesh clothing. I am not sure where things stand with regard to correcting that, but am under the impression LL is working with Qarl on that. Again I am not sure but it would be nice for clothes to work more easily. I agree
  17. These stats are great and confirm the trends I have been seeing as well. I feel like a noob sometimes learning to build differently, but I believe it is well worth it.
  18. It may seem inefficient if you wish to pack this for customers, but consider two link sets - one with your low impact prims and another for sculpts and items that need scripts etc.
  19. Happy New Year, Porky. Yep, still ticking. Coming up on my 5th anniversary in operation, yet not one of the models I made early and still sell are in the same form they were when they were released. Adapt or die. You are not entitled to your place in the market and have to keep at it. I realized that even before I made it big here and have never forgotten it. I think that is one of the reasons I am getting ready to head into year six frankly. Keep at it and I hope it is still fun for you. Rob
  20. It's always hard for me to balance the requirements of real life with that of the business I love operating here in SL and this year will be no different. I am going to try to find more balance and release more items this year. I started working with mesh like others here and find I enjoy it. Just waiting for the right time myself.
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