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  1. Ok, now this is ridiculous. I didn't write "**bleep**"; I wrote the actually word. Seriously, Linden Research, this is pretty shameful and prudish to the the extreme, and frankly, it's insulting.
  2. My vase of **bleep** willows is triggering an automatic Adult listing on the Marketplace. I never knew that the catkins of the Salix discolor were so pornographic! Needless to say I'm thankful that Linden Research protects me from ever seeing such lewdness.
  3. Before I create a JIRA entry on this issue, I was curious to know if anyone else has noticed the following: Anti-Aliasing levels x8 & x16 have disappeared as graphics options. No idea if this is a local issue affecting my system, or affecting Macs, or everyone, or if LL has just decided to eliminate these levels. thanks
  4. I observed the following unexpected behavior when incorporating mega size sculpted prims and mesh prims in a regular prim building: Specifics: 15x18M building. Walls, floors and ceilings made with regular prims. Mesh windows, door frames and moldings. Unlinked: 77Prims. Linked: 36Prims. Introduced three sculpted beams with bounding box measuring 20 x 5 x 0.300M for each. Three sculpted beams = 3 Prims. Linking these 3 sculpted prims to the buildings causes the PE cost to jump from 36 to 80! As a test I scaled down each set of beams to 4 x 5 x 0.300M and relinked these to the building. PE cost jumped from 36 to 40 as expected. I then started scaling up the sculpted prims and once they passed 10M, the PE costs again began to skyrocket. I'm wondering if this is officially documented and now-to-be expected behavior from sculpted prims? In the past, prior to mesh, 3 sculpted prims would have equaled 3 prims regardless of size. Are we now being penalized for using mega sized sculpties? Thanks, and regards - Van
  5. As an aside, I read through the posts and have not seen this mentioned: with Viewer Uploading a unique physics file/"calculate weights & fees" works as expected on Aditi. On Agni "Calculate weights & fees" grays out and upload becomes inoperable. Not that this helps. I just find it interesting.
  6. I actually seemed to have resolved the issue after scouring the minefield that is the JIRA bugger tracker. Seems to be related to a DNS issue. By adding two backup google DNS entries [ &] I was able to launch and run 3.0 without any apparent issues, although I will continue to monitor the result. Thanks everyone!
  7. LOL. I found your JIRA entry shortly after posting. But I'm still at a loss, mostly because the techincal nature of the issue is over my head, and I'm also not connected to a router. The repercussions are very similar because my very real concern is that this will very soon begin to affect my inworld business, not to mention my inworld social life, which isn't all that sparkly, but still...... Is LL actively looking into the issue and solutions........
  8. Have encountered a major setback with Viewer 3.0 and would like to know if anyone has faced the following issue described below. I've spoken with Live Chat and was unable to resolve the problem but was asked to submit a ticket, which I did, but - sigh - I could not adequately describe the issue in less than 1000 words. I've also scoured the JIRA to no avail and would report the issue there, but I'm not even sure what's going on to present the best information when submitting to the bug tracker. Downloaded 3.0. Removed all previous SL files including manual removal of caches, etc. Restart system. Install 3.0. After log-in, encounter the following behavior: All Groups are missing. Friends list is present but only profile photos. Names show as constantly "loading." Cannot open profiles, that of my Avatar or any other Resident. Cannot initiate IMs. Able to receive and respond to IMs but Sender appears as "Name...loading." Residents can tp to my avatar, which suggests that I am showing as "online." Items offered are automatically accepted without any Notification given that an Item was shared or received. Cannot teleport anywhere. Attempting to teleport results in being logged out with no error message reported. Can only see the region where I am logged into. All adjacent regions are missing - where there would be two or more sims touching there is only water. (Bringing up World Map displays grid as expected but unable to tp to any locations via World Map.) Avatars appear as green dots on Mini Map but do not register on "Nearby" in the "People" tab. Examing Parcel/Region Details returns blank information. Examing "Place Profile" shows as "loading..." Inworld Search does work. Linden balance displays accurately. Inventory fully accounted for. Issues persist both in Basic and Advanced modes. Issues persist as described using Kirtsten's Viewer. Firestorm viewer does work. Ran the following test: wiped all SL files from system and performed clean install of Firestorm; launched Firestorm and SL behaved as expected. Wiped all files and performed clean install again of Viewer 3.0 and issues were again present. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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